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How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website | STEP-BY-STEP 2020

Wanna make some moolah from your website or blog? In this video I’ll show you STEP-BY-STEP How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website!

Sign Up for Google AdSense:

Google AdSense allows you to display Google ads on your website/blog and every time a viewer clicks on an ad, YOU GET PAID!

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to:
1. Sign Up For Google AdSense
2. Create a New Ad Unit
3. Display Ads On Your Blog Posts & Sidebar
4. Automate Ads for Your Posts



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How to Install Google Analytics:

What is Google Analytics?:


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46 Bình luận

  1. This is nice, Keep these quality contents coming.

  2. Exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you!

  3. What if you don’t have a website? I’m referring to a YouTube channel. I’ve been payed a few times but now it says I need a website which I don’t have one

  4. Thank you Dale. Really helpful 🙂

  5. great vid thnx

  6. Hello, may you please advise if this works for free version of WordPress or paid plans ? Please 🙏

  7. Is it free?

  8. Happy to see this video

  9. Very helpful! Question though. What plan do you have with WordPress? I have tried to put Google Adsense on my site for years, but they say they won't allow plugins unless I have a Premium, E Commerce, Business Plan. The html on my WordPress site has always blocked me pasting Google Adsense into it. Also, they have made a new "block editor" that effects the old way of accessing your widgets. Does this change the way you have showed how to place ads with Google? Any way around this new block editor?

  10. I am unable to find this plugin. Can you please recommend new plugin?

  11. Hi dale, why does my elementor website break when i try to use google adsense?

  12. Do you have to make your own website

  13. Do you have to get accepted from YouTube studio first

  14. can I put my free website url in google adsense which is free domain name?

  15. Great video ☺️

  16. Love this
    But you would have zoom it to show clear

  17. Hello. I did everything on this video to get Google adsense on my wordpress website. The n after completing all steps I get a gray square box with frowning face. What did I do wrong please? Thank you for great video.

  18. It isnt that frikin easy ! your website or blog has to be damn near perfect or they wont approve you. I had one broken link on a 98 page blog and was denied

  19. The WP Quads plugin in not showing when I tried to add it (((

  20. thank you bro

  21. Subscribed

  22. Helpful, thanks for sharing

  23. Hey, I am not finding the Adsense plugin wp quad, is it possible for you to assist? Not sure if it was upgraded to another name

  24. Hello i didn't see Custom HTML option in my widgets, any help?

  25. Thank you sir

  26. I can't fine those option in my wedges, what shout i do?

  27. Thanks so much for this great information

  28. When I go “appearance” > “widget” , my screen doesn’t look like yours , it takes me to the customizer

  29. That google Adsense code is making my website slow, pls help

  30. okay I dont have wordpress premium thanks.

  31. awesome sir

  32. So helpful

  33. I can't seem to find the right plug in on my word press site. Has the logo changed since this video?

  34. Bro can you plz do a video on how to add google adsense to elementor. Many of us out here are stuck and there is no proper video explaining this properly. Please bro

  35. They say we need business account to add Google plugin?

  36. Does this work with free WordPress site?

  37. I used your method but it says code cannot be found or is missing.And i don't get it.So i need help to that.

  38. Thanks for information sir

  39. hi. does it mean that google adsense will always determine the adds that they want to show? or can you create ads with adsense, but show what you want? for example, let's say a have a deal with the specific company to show their ads..how do i do this?

  40. This video was awesome! I was a bit confused by a new interface in WP Quads, but you can switch back to the classic theme and I was able to follow everything in your video step-by step!
    Thanks! 😉

  41. I think you forgot the very first step…. how connect your site with adsense 🙁 I'm having trouble because I have a special theme

  42. I don't Understand This, In Blogger I have to apply to adsense To Get Approval To Show ads on my site, this method is different, Please tell me if i follow all these steps, Will adsense show ads on my site or what? or i should apply first, Idk this is complicated.

  43. Superb! Thank you.

  44. Thank you so much for this!!! I have been trying to figure out why my ads weren't posting. I wish more people were this helpful. You are amazing!!!! Thank you again.

  45. Thank You 🧡!

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