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How to Add Navigation Menu in WordPress

Are you wanting to add a navigation menu to your WordPress site? WordPress has a drag and drop interface that you can use to create a header menu, menu with dropdown options, and more. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily add a navigation menu in WordPress.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Create a menu
3:00 How to test your new menu
3:10 How to adjust the look and location to your menu items
3:26 How to nest your menu items
3:36 How to edit the menu text
4:13 How to delete unwanted menu items
4:48 How to add custom menu to your sidebar area

For creating a menu you would want to go under Appearance, Menus in your WordPress admin dashboard. While you may have one already, we will be creating a new one for this specific tutorial.

There are many built-in options for the menu such as pages, published posts, custom links, or categories as options. The list of what you’ve added will be a top to bottom list but the display of the menu depends on your specific theme.

If you would like to create a dropdown menu you would drag the menu item beneath the menu item you would like it beneath and it should appear indented beneath the menu item.

Categories added in the menu area will list the posts in that specific category the same as if it was on your posts/blog page.

Custom menu items are normally for linking to your social media profiles but there are other options available depending on what you would like in your menu.

Finally, if you’re interested in making a more complex menu you would want to take a look at our guide on creating a mega menu.

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  1. Hey, nice video!
    I'd like to know how to add a search button to my nav bar, can you explain please?

  2. Why don't I have "Menu" in my "Appearance" drop-down-menu?

  3. The one main problem with WordPress is you are limited by the theme you use. Also if you don't pay for the full version you are restricted even more. Better to learn HTML & CSS and create your own menus or use a free template. When I started learning WordPress about 3 weeks ago, I thought it was all open source like Linux. But it isn't.

  4. Hello I use Ohio theme with elementor pro and whatever I do menu does not appear, can anyone please help me?

  5. I need buissnes plan to add this nonsense???????? I don't want a theme ….I paid 50 bucks for personal for absoluty nothing >:(

  6. still Perfect tutorial , thank you

  7. Thanks for the tutorial. Do I create the page and save it in order to add that page as a menu?

  8. nothing about color?

  9. Amazing Good Work Keep it up!

  10. When doing this, the "Pages" shows up empty for me, do my pages have to be public first in order to upload them into the menu? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

  11. thank you so much 🙏🙏 you guys are amazing 😀

  12. Very clear voice and comprehension explanations.

  13. Which theme you are using? Name please

  14. Great info – Thanks!

  15. Same old problem… content shown on this Add Menu screen has all changed, does NOT show same info

  16. This is great! Will try this on the website that I just created (https://altabvaservices.wordpress.com/). Thank you for this! 😀

  17. So all these tutorials tell you how to design a menu, but not one shows how to actually link anything. I don't get it. How do you get a menu item to link to X or Y??

  18. from WP dashboard how to appear the navigation menu in top line (see the background black with text/logo wp, home, welcome, +, n,ew, etc). In my own WP, it was disappeared..

  19. i love your voice and videos as well…GREAT LADY

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  21. What happens if you don't see the menu at all even though you create and save the menu?

  22. Very nice video mam. Can you help me out on how to put the navigation menu in one line

  23. Hi you have the checkbox option to have a mobile menu, however in mine I do not have this option, would you know what the solution would be?

  24. Your videos are great. Can you do a video to remove links on wordpress admin menu on top of the screen? Sometimes, plugins just automatically created a link there and it gets really messy,

  25. I want "Fitness" to not have a link but only be a title that leads me to the dropdown sub items with links of their own. How would I do this? It seems that WordPress will only let me to add a menu item if it is its own page with its own URL…Help! Thank you.

  26. How we can add yt subscribe button like your site below the video in WordPress

  27. Thanks for the tutorial. Looking forward to mega menu tut!

  28. Always love your tutorials! Kudos 👍👍

  29. Is the fitness menu is clicked on, would it take me to a page despite the drop down menu beneath? If yes, how can that be prevented?

  30. How to add BlogMenu and then under it categories?

  31. video quality is strenuous to the eyes, do HD…

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