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How To Build A Website in 20 Minutes (WordPress Tutorial 2021)

Start your site with Hostgator:

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how to build a website in 20 minutes.

Elementor Tutorial:


0:45 – Hosting your website
7:30 – Installing WordPress
10:09 – Launching Site
11:40 – Adding a theme
12:52 – Adding pages
15:17 – Installing Plugins
16:42 – Customize pages
19:20 – Using Elementor page builder

Elementor page builder:


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  1. Check out our WordPress recommendations (best hosting, plug-ins, etc.) https://santrelmedia.com/wordpress
    For more on elementor, check out the full elementor tutorial: https://youtu.be/A4MZ4RAaPF0

  2. really , thank you

  3. I inherited a WordPress website. I have NO idea how to access a page and edit?

  4. Thank you very much! I'll make my website tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. I just want to build a website. The instructions for this are not clear.

  6. When you’re installing, does it download onto your computer?

  7. I tried to download the elementor on WordPress but it seems I have to upgrade my plan. I'm on the free plan with WordPress. anyone else had that problem.

  8. How lame! Nothing more than tutorial for a website builder.

  9. Thank you for the post neighbor

  10. Very helpful!

  11. Wow,good teacher,can I have a PDf tutorial of this class

  12. I run a non profit and I have my own page also so wondering if I need two websites? Ones for animals the other I do ministry work.

  13. Easiest video around. Others are a waste of time

  14. I hated when you spent the first 20 minutes of my time selling garbage, then I lost the appetite to watch the rest of the video. So that's why you got my thump DOWN! First, do the video with a good conscience and later or halfway in the video do the plug-in and make your two cents.

  15. A punchy, clear, and very helpful video, Nate. I'm a beginner and found this extremely easy to understand. Thank you for such great value!

  16. love from Bangladesh!

  17. Very good Tutor

  18. Hello from the UK. And, can you help me? I have a WordPress website for a sustainability event for businesses. Last year an error occurred and I've not been able to rectify it and it has an effect on how the site looks. Basically, it's the main toolbar and it's disappeared. Where I can increase font size, where I can add a fine line, colour etc. etc. Any advice? Thank you so much. Lynda

  19. You kinda sound like Paul Reiser. New Yorker? Good video by the way. Thanks.

  20. thanks – this was so easy to understand!

  21. Bruh 80$ is not the price for a big Mac or whooper 😂

  22. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

  23. My G, finally someone that moves at the needed speed, happy new year!

  24. Awesome video. Thank you so much! You definitely moved the unknowing out of the way and moved me forward. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  25. other tutorial takes forever to watch .. but yours was awesome.. thanks…

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this video, very easy to follow!

  27. Good tutorial video. I can't use the free plug-ins because it's asking me to upgrade to the business pro package which is almost $300 a year

  28. Half this video was just a host gator advertisement

  29. Nate, I love your videos but 7 minutes in and just getting into the account was a drag. Thank you so much for all the value you bring your viewers 💯

  30. will ur username (in this case nateo) pop up in ur posts? Or only u can see that?

  31. This video made me realise that I don't want to learn all this just to build a website for my brand. I'll just find someone who can build it for me

  32. Oh man Thank you so much! Really concise your explanation.. in 30 minutes.. I could start building a professional website just looking your videos/recommendation about plugins.. you have a new subscriber and my like forever! Thanks!!!

  33. Thanks man. I got my site up and running.

  34. I thought is free? thnx

  35. Way too fast. And you don't explain anything like what is a domain. Newbies like me know NOTHING. I'm 5 minutes in, and not once have you mentioned WordPress. Bye!

  36. Nate you are THE MAN!!!! Thanks

  37. Clutch🥷🏾💪

  38. I'm not sure exactly when this became outdated but it didn't take long. I followed this video step by step. When it was time to install WordPress, the screens and process were completely different and I could not get the application to sync with the website.

  39. Awesome video! Very very helpful. I like that you speak fast. Get straight to the point!

  40. great tutorial, i think your audio is slightly to right ear possibly make it mono? just a thought maybe its a problem on my end, thanks

  41. pls attend

  42. WordPress charges $300 per year (you have to upgrade to their Business Plan) to install plugins like Elementor…just FYI.

  43. hey buddy did you pay for business plan, because for me there is no option to add a plugin without business plan thanks

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