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  1. Armyyyyyy💜💕

  2. Another question! Can you buy gems with like one of those visa gift cards?! Because the gift cards say debit on them. Just curious!!

  3. Hello I hope some can answer this question please but is there a way for me change the card that I use to buy the gems. I bought gems for $0.99 just to see how it is and I really want to change the card so I can buy more. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find an answer to my problem please help <3

  4. whaaat load

  5. how much load are needed if you use smart communications?

  6. So my I have to pay my load in gcash or PayPal?

  7. Can I convert my coin into gems?

  8. Hey can you hack ? I really want a gem but my parents won't allow me. Im broke right now coz of fucking foods. And the new story once more, I waited for that new story since 2018 but now it's released I can't read it because I need gem. Can you tell me how to earn a gem. Please

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