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How To Create a Custom Calculator In WordPress – Perfect Sales Booster

In this WordPress tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a custom calculator in WordPress which can be used as a powerful sales tool.

For the tutorial, we will be using Fluent Forms and there is a 20% off coupon below for it. It’s already the most affordable form builder on the market.

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22 Bình luận

  1. can you display result on separate page?

  2. Your thumbnail misguided.

  3. Any suggestions about good CRMs to receive submissions from these forms? I am using forminator but i am unable to find any good tool to receive all the submissions including the calculated data at one platform.

  4. they have a hide css class to hide any element as well to hide the button etc.

  5. Great content as always, Adam. Thank you!!

  6. Great tutorial! Any idea how we can calculate average with fluent form just like we do on excel and google sheets?

  7. how to make calculation based on quantity if you order 100 price is 50usd if you 500 about 30 USD

  8. I have a question can this be integrated into the Google maps API to calculate fairs for cab drivers

  9. Can this be tied into a calendar?

  10. Nice video, I love it. But I have a question; if I buy this plugin, can I make a calculator for the products. I want curtain calculater. This is my problem and problem's formule:
    First, customer should select curtain's style with images (just 3 images) = {selectable_images}

    Second, customer should select curtain's design. It can be checkbox or something doesn't matter = {checkbox}

    Third, customer should write curtain's height and weight. It can be like your example in the video = {input1} + {input2}

    And fourth, customer should see total price. I think the total price easier than other things = {total_price}

    Can I do this? Best regards <3

  11. Thank you for your video, as always very clear. I was wondering if you knew a way to add a "user history page" for en membership site. That is to say, a way where a registered user can see the pages (and idealy le custom post type) he/she had read with a date to jump on it or see what he/she prefered. Thanks a lot.

  12. Have a client that owns a fencing company. He wants a calculator that people can use. He has 12+ different fence types. Will Fluent Forms show a photo of the fence that the client is getting the estimate on? Also, when it gives the total, I need it to show 2 totals. One for straight forward credit card purchase and a total for cash (9% discount) Using conditional logic, do you think that this could be created?

  13. Adam, so how does your horizontal calculator show on a smartphone? Does it stack?

  14. Hey what about a Package Delivery Calculator? I am getting confused on how to calculate based on the dropoff location. For instance, I choose a Shipped from location and state, then Dropoff location and state, enter the package type (Box/Bag), Shipping Mode (Urban/Rural/Extended) areas, product weight and item value. When all the information is entered the SHIPPING ESTIMATION fields would appear. Eg: Delivery Fee, COD Surcharge etc

  15. Been looking for this the last days. Can I also get a checkbox with a value that’s being calculated at the bottom? Want to show a product with options to choose (via checkbox) and have it show the total at the bottom and then send all the data via the form.

    Thanks for another great video Adam 👌

  16. holy crap! this is great to make a mortgage calculator or capitalization for investments purposes!!

  17. Can it calculate air travel flight time from point A to point B? For example, Miami to NY?

  18. Hi sir I am from India and I want to contact with you because I want to make a quiz website can you help me.

  19. how to remove download option button from my account page However I sell physical product

  20. Thank you for this awesome trick, it’s what I’ve been looking for!

  21. Can I use Bunny Net as the storage location fir my WordPress media files?

    I have a website where I need to store hundreds of thousands of images. If you deal with WordPress hosting for very long you discover there are limits on your storage even when you have "unlimited" storage with your account. Your storage us unlimited in size … but you are restricted by the NUMBER of files you can store. This has to do with system performance… especially related to doing daily backups.

    Accordingly I need a way to host my media files for my WordPress website on a third party platform. Would Bunny Net be a workable solution for this?

  22. Great content! Would be amazing if you could also make a video about the next step when you integrate a comparing calculation between the different cdns.

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