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How to Create a Simple WordPress Plugin | 2021 WordPress Tutorial

If you have a WordPress project, where you need to add some custom code or a WordPress snippet for custom functionality, you defo do NOT want to add that to your Theme’s functions.php file!

Yes, you could add a Child Theme and add the code there or you could install a plugin that allows you to add custom code to your project but why not create your own plugin?

This WordPress tutorial shows my preferred choice, and that’s creating my own “project-specific” plugin so I can add all the custom code in one place without the need for a child theme, hurrah!

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  1. OMG this is hacker stuffz

  2. Good video but i wish you explained how that function works

  3. Great video man 🔥👌🏼

  4. So simple!!!

  5. Helped me a lot, exactly what I was looking for.

  6. Thank you very much! You gave me a path to be a developer!

  7. Great video, straight to the point and completely understandable for a newbie like me!

  8. Great tutorial. Thank you! Quick question… What happens if you want to keep working on the plugin after you upload it? Do I have to edit it locally, zip, upload, or is there a better/easier way to do that? Thank you!

  9. I have shouted because I was on earphones thank you dude so easy you have my sub now

  10. What fonts are used in the website being used as demo here?

  11. really amazing, thank you sir for this video.

  12. Amazing

  13. I would like to Develop a Bank Transact Plugin can you assist love the tutorial great start up.

  14. Thanks i just looking for that simple words.

  15. Thank you so much Jakson. It demistifies things.

    But I wonder how as admin, I could insert parameters, if the JS code I'm using needs some parameters?

  16. If I make a plugin to go on 10 of my websites. Is there a way I can mass update all 10? Without needing to upload them and replace each time? Great video.

  17. great video sir thank you

  18. What’s the best place to hire developer to build a plug-in for all WordPress sites, not just mine… and how do we support it if a developer leaves for some other opportunities.

  19. Wonderful…. Straightforward

  20. WOWZER. I'm no programmer, BUT this opens all permutations and possibilities when and if you can't find a solution, if it's a complicated plug-in you can always sell it or offer it as a marketing freebie. Nice Vid [SALE] = Subbed And Liked Enjoy

  21. Great job sir!

  22. Great👍

  23. This was a very short and undetailed explanation. But It can be a start.

  24. That was simple, thank you for showing us how to do that

  25. This was a very useful plugin for me thanks!

  26. Do you have to put it in a zip file even it's just 1 file?

  27. Amazing! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  28. Straight to the point, exactly what I look for in a tutorial, thanks mate!

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