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  2. how can i comfirm email when user register

  3. thank you a lot!! you help me now so much!!

  4. Is this free plugin ?

  5. hello I thank you so much for this video God will bless you more, but please sir how can I create a rental apartment Application form

  6. sir thanks for sharing good information. sir pls tell me witch plugin is helpful that a paid member can post a post included video. i am waiting for your kindness, best regards

  7. Thank

  8. How to redirect this login and registration page to woocommerce default registration pages,? And other thing how to show user name after login or registration at the same place on login and registration buttons?

  9. Nice video

  10. hello sir about the approval of UM, after I install wpschoolpress there's a error wherein the users after registering in the website there's no approval even though I activated all in the email after they register they can login. And there's error in registration too where the username is always invalid and the not used email are invalid too and the password there's an error too. Can you help me with it

  11. in my case is not creating automaticlly the pages. please help

  12. How to put registration page In beginning of the website, like if they access it's locked for everything, only after login they can access it .

  13. this is very fantastic vedio way of tell everything is so good he explain everything in zero level it is very helpful at any stage of learning i love this vedio i want to jsut sat thank you for helping me thaks a lot 😊😍❤

  14. Fantastic

  15. Great tutorials

  16. hello, i want to ask if i want to add something such as vendor but i want do a website that can register the dropship and agent under it. Can you show the tutorial 🥺

  17. As soon as I restrict any page. My website shows "Restricted Page" in the menu instead of the page name. How can I resolve this? Please help.

  18. Hello great video helped a lot. I only have a question if you could help me. On mobile when i tap login or register on the menu it doesn’t show me anything and when i scroll or tap the screen it appears normally. What could be the issue?

  19. Kindly reduce your speaking speed

  20. Thanks. This is really a helpful video.

  21. Hello, how can I send reminders or specific info? and messages to subscribers or registered users individually. thank you very much

  22. Bro automatically pages are not created why please help me

  23. very nice explanation thanks so much 🙂

  24. All things u always guide is really neta clean n amazing but my question is what if I want to set condition on registration page, like ..after registration a user should get email activation link n den redirect to login page . So how to do that?? Need asap reply

  25. This is hands down one of the best WordPress tutorials online. Thank you very much. I wish to know. Is this the free version of the plugin, or would you require the paid one to do all the things you demonstrated?

  26. Bro pls can u make a video on community website like buddypress plugin.. Bro pls… I have a project in my office.. And iam stuck on it.. Pls help

  27. Is it possible to add a payment field in registration form?

  28. I have set all the user profiles and limitations but everytime I register it registers my account as an Administrator not a Subscriber. I cannot figure out why it doesn't register me as a Subscriber. Please help!

  29. Man, I love your energy

  30. can i be able to do all this with other plugin like profile buider

  31. hey ! how can i directed to home page after login. where can i set url.please any one can help. because in normaly after login i can't access home page in wordpress

  32. man you're so awesome bless you!

  33. How to avoid that the user gets automaticaly an admin instead of a different role after he registered in the website?

  34. Thank u so much sir🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. How can user login if they forget their passwords?

    Can we can use phone number and email OTP verification in this?

  36. When i checked for restrict access to this post for any page , than the name of that page changes to restricted content for logged out person. The original name of the page is not shown to logged out user. Please do reply..

  37. I am grateful I came across this video. Everything was clear at first glance. Your explanations and illustrations are superb. Great job. Please keep it up.

  38. Please make a video on how to do it for google sites

  39. Great 👌

  40. The way you explain is very clear and easy to follow.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  41. Forgot password page is showing login page only though url is reset password link. Can I communicate with you personally?

  42. great tutorial but I run into an issues. How did you get the email in your inbox? After I registered a user, I have no email in my inbox after enable both New User Notification and Account Approved email. Is there another step that I missed? Thanks.

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