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How To Create A WordPress Website in 2022 ~ A Free WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

This How to Make a WordPress Website for Free 2022 course covers all the website design and website development techniques needed to build your own WordPress website from start to finish. The course explains why HostGator is the right web host for you and covers purchasing web hosting, getting free domain name, installing WordPress for free, installing your theme and plug-ins for your Website for free, and creating your own video intro and professional logo for free. It provides a very detailed and complete step-by-step walk-through of everything you’ll need to know how to create your own professional website from start to finish using the super easy (and free) Elementor page building plug-in. Below you will also find super discount options, lots of free resources, and timestamps to access specific lessons within this tutorial.


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00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:07 Website Project Overview

00:06:10 Choose A Web Host
00:08:18 ​Purchase Web Hosting
00:13:10 Name Server Settings
00:13:45 Log In To Your Control Panel
00:14:12 Email Forward Setup
00:14:57 Find WordPress Installer
00:15:26 Fix WordPress Install Errors
00:16:31 Install WordPress

00:19:55 Login To WordPress Admin
00:21:26 Access Course Script
00:21:25 Download Course Content
00:22:45 Helpful Tips For This Course
00:25:50 Skip Making A Website?
00:26:03 Delete Pages & Plugins
00:27:15 Download Astra Theme
00:28:18 Download Plugins
00:30:29 Install Astra Theme
00:30:53 Update Theme
00:31:13 Install Plugins
00:33:58 Deleting WordPress Ads
00:34:11 Update Plugins
00:34:28 Install Astra Starter Site
00:37:42 Disable Shopping Cart
00:39:33 Fix Murphy’s Law Errors
00:40:19 Backup Your Website
00:41:21 Organize Header Menu
00:42:02 Add/Replace Menu Logo
00:46:17 Make A Free Logo
00:46:32 Choose A Menu Font
00:47:31 Set Website Default Colors
00:49:01 Permalinks Settings
00:49:46 Build Website Home Page
00:50:14 Elementor Overview
00:52:42 Change Background Image
00:53:39 Free Stock Photos
00:54:18 Edit Fonts/Sizes/Colors
00:57:26 Add Website Intro Video
00:59:05 Animate Website Content
01:00:39 Make An Intro Video
01:02:38 Adding Widgets To Website
01:03:22 Adding Images To Website
01:04:23 Duplicate & Move Widgets
01:05:19 Duplicate Columns & Sections
01:06:29 Copy/Paste Content Style
01:10:54 Edit Photos Free Online
01:11:17 Remove Image Background
01:13:30 Animate Transparent Image
01:15:11 Add Section Divider Effects
01:18:05 Add Image Carousel
01:26:36 Insert New Section
01:30:02 Save Section As Template
01:38:04 Add Join Email Form
01:39:22 Build Website Footer
01:41:07 Import Section Template
01:42:26 Mobile Device Optimization
01:49:12 Create About Us Page
01:55:52 Wrap Text Around An Image
01:59:08 Create Duplicate Pages
02:00:32 Add/Edit Menu Bar Items
02:01:41 Create Services Page
02:02:43 Create Gallery Page
02:05:29 Create Fancy Gallery Page
02:06:59 Create Website Blog
02:07:19 Posts Header & Blog Header
02:09:58 Remove Old Posts
02:10:19 Creating Your Posts
02:14:20 Set Profile Picture & Pen Name
02:16:33 Add Blog Post Side Bar
02:19:13 Blog Post Style Settings
02:20:39 Create Basic Blog Page
02:22:14 Create Pro Blog Page
02:25:02 Create Contact Us Page
02:31:12 Edit WP Forms Settings
02:36:40 Turn On Website Secure Pages
02:39:45 Add A Shopping Cart
02:39:59 Search Engine Optimization 101
02:42:36 You Finished, Well Done!

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Beta Tester – Dave Capamagian

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  7. Wonderful video tutorial. This was incredibly helpful and easy to follow. I would not have been successful were it not for your instructions. This is by far the best free WordPress training video.

  8. Thanks a lot, man! Everything is step-by-step, very clar, but I have one quetion. I can`t upload the theme and plugins because it requiers purchased Business plan. Is there any optoin to avoid paying for that? Or probably it's because I didn't buy a hosting, I just wanna practice at first and then buy a hosting. So, what do you think about Business plan on WordPress?

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  15. Hello, I've been facing the "there was an error cropping your image" in regards to my favicon for two hours now. I already went through the rigamarole of using the XAMPP control panel to change the php.ini to edit the gd entry, to no luck. I've restarted my computer and used a different browser. Is it because I'm hosting this as a subdomain of my main site that already has a site icon? Is this connected to the inability to import a footer template?

  16. Hello Yoda, how are you? I just want to ask if I get a Professional email, how many emails do I get and how much the storage capacity on it. thank you

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  18. yoda thank you. It is clearly high quality but still super easy to follow. I really admire your work and appreciate your efforts with this tutorial!

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  25. Hi David, I love the tutorial, thank you so much! Whenever I try to upload one of the JSON files you provided to Elementor, I get an error (It just says "An error occurred, please try again". Do you know how I could solve this issue?

  26. Student with his hand raised – Pick me! Pick me! Making a lot of progress and its looking good. It may be Murphy's Law… The Home page is good. I worked through the About page and made it into my own. I decided to duplicate the page since the others will be very similar. Followed on to do the primary menu steps. After I saved/refreshed all, two of the three additional (About) pages have lost the image in the header portion and background image in the main body, while one looks correct. When I look at each in Elementor, they all look and appear proper and the same. Tomorrow I'll take a closer look to see if I lost some attributes on the two misbehaving pages. I might try to duplicate the one that looks proper and see what happens. It appears the same in two different browsers. All in all, it is so good to make such progress thanks to your dedication to help by make this great lesson.

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  30. youve been so helpful everything you've sent me so far or I've learned from your videos has worked. I'm a solo party doing voice over, on the contact forum after you send a message the automated message pops up saying thank you for contacting us… my question is can you edit the automated message?

  31. Just finished your video, it is impossible for me to thank you enough. I tried using the Go Daddy tutorials, but all that happened is I think I invented new forms of profanity. For me this was not easy, but without doubt this is the best video out there. Just a note, I tried the contact forms and nothing seemed to be sent, it went to my spam so people should be aware of that. I've hear you can have the emails populate a form or set up automatic responses, how does that work – do you have a video on that? Now onto your Woo Commerce video! Wish me luck!

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  35. Thanks for your encouragement! a couple questions of many – I think.

    1) When inserting social icons, the mail icon displays "Email" when you hover (not the title as I changed it). The others don't display anything. Is there a way to customize them so they display the title or hand-entered code when you hover over. I see that I can display the icon title continually, but that clutters it up.

    2) Also, some social media icons allow for an url, some expect specific actions, such as telephone numbers. But it appears we can use them only once (except for email which has 2). I can edit the title and use a different icon. But, as an example, I'd like to have an icon for "Online Giving" and the url that goes to our online giving service. Is there a 'generic' icon that can be modified and used again? Or is there a way I can modify the associated html code to meet my needs? Thanks, Carl

  36. I can't use HostGator for ".ca" domains. My question is, all the rest that you are doing such as downloading the extensions, will that work if I'm with a different host? I love your videos and I really want to follow along but I'm afraid i might not be able to with a different host. Thanks in advance

  37. Great video, even better tutorial. I never dreamed that I (with your help) could build such an amazing site. Thank you. Just one question though. Can we put multiple blog pages on one site and point the posts at at the different blog pages? I have several services on one web site and would like to have each service have it own blog page with it's own blog posts. Let me know what you think.

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