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How to Create and Edit a Page in WordPress – Ep 3 Workin' with WordPress

When thinking about a Website, Pages are one of the most important types of content there is. The built-in Page Editor makes it simple for you to create and edit pages for your site, and Josh is here to show you how.

In this episode, Josh builds out the ‘About’ page of his site, joshmakestutorials.com. He will show you some of the new features that come with WordPress’s intuitive block editor.

In this episode you will learn:

The Pages Section

The Pages section is where you will moderate all of the pages for your WordPress site. Here you will learn how to edit, delete, and create new pages, plus much more.

Pages vs. Posts

Learn the difference between two types of content that, at first glance, might look quite similar.

How to Create a Page in WordPress

Your website can have many different pages for many different reasons. Portfolio pages, product pages, and gallery pages just to name a few. Here you will learn how to get started and create your first new page.

The WP Block Editor

One of our favorite features of WordPress has to be the Block Editor. It is incredibly versatile, and once you get the hand of the different blocks and styles, you will be able to really make your website shine.

Publishing your Page

Josh walks you through how to save, post, or schedule the launch of your new page.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – The Pages Section
00:55 – Pages vs. Posts
01:25 – The Pages Section Cont.
02:23 – Adding a New Page
02:32 – WP Block Editor/Customizing your Page
07:40 – Publishing your Page
08:20 – Wrap Up

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  1. Awesome!! Thank you sir 👏🏾 very Helpful

  2. nice, clear instructions. speed of speech is a bit quick, but better than drawing things out!

  3. my wordpress looks nothing like your man

  4. I really love that you gave more than I expected. Great control of the material and I look forward to more of tutorials by you.

  5. thanks you are the only who really teaches. thank you bro.

  6. Love the videos Josh does. Need to get Josh back to makeing videos on making a website, he is very good at it. He has not made any new ones. Thank you Josh Great videos.

  7. Just what I needed.

  8. Whenever you have to..& choose to..rewatch..that means your a good teacher..& that's a valuable attribute🤪😶🎟️📘💙

  9. Nice short and to the point. Easy to follow!

  10. Thank you so much!!!! This is by far the best explanation I have seen. I was about to give up. I have no experience. LOL. Thank you!!

  11. Hello Josh! I have an issue I create a page, added it to the menu, I published it but still not visible. can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  12. thank you very much!

  13. Can you talk little FASTER please.

  14. I've looked for a WordPress tutorial that is easy to follow, groups the material covered into digestible chunks, moves at a pace that gets right to the subjects, and speaks to me without making me feel inferior or a sales customer. You are definitely a good teacher. Glad I found you. Thanks

  15. Thanks a lot this is so helpful

  16. is it just me or the video is too fast

  17. Love your style of teaching and expressing yourself…especially for people like me who might bit be extremely computer literate but are trying to manage a website!

  18. When I want to edit the page I get a page full of code, how can you switch back to the normal page view in edit mode, with the images and normal text ?

  19. looking for the tutorial on how to change change page format. specifically the # of pics across and the # of pics on a page. using the wordpress system and the Vapester templates. BTW no a tech savvy dude…lol

  20. OMG. I did a great About page following your clear instruictions, then I changed themes and now I have 1 of the 2 column pics at the top of the page too. I thought I would be able to find and delete this in Featured Images on the right menu, but it is not there; it is empty! Making me crazy. Please help.

  21. Enjoyed it. Short abs sweet. I’m learning to add new content to my website. Thank you.

  22. Great info, just what I needed, If it's too fast for your followers just pause and go back and don't forget to take notes.

  23. Dude this is not rap competition speak slowly x.25.
    your speed is abnormal.

  24. very nice information bro

  25. dude you are way too fast! Obviously it's edited to appear faster but I had pause and rewind so many times my mouse hand is cramping up.

  26. Thank you Redbeard argh!!

  27. There is no control of positing text freely over an image (other than those presets)? WordPress is not super easy to edit as some say….

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