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How to Create Online Course, LMS, Educational Website like Udemy with WordPress 2020 – eduma Theme

How to Create an Online Course, LMS, Educational Website for Online School, College & Universities like Udemy & SkillShare with WordPress 2020 – eduma Theme Tutorial
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00:00 Introduction and Demo website Tour
09:48 Best & Fastest Hosting
23:41 GoDaddy to SiteGround
25:10 Installing FREE SSL
25:54 Installing WordPress
26:50 Basic WordPress Settings
32:12 Installing Theme & Plugins
40:46 WooCommerce Setup
43:30 Creating Course
53:45 Creating Lessons
01:02:53 Creating Quizzes
01:06:09 Payment Gateways
01:12:12 WooCommerce Payment Setup
01:15:36 Creating Home Page
01:17:48 Slider Revolution slide for Home Page
01:21:01 Designing Home with Elementor
01:45:51 Creating Blog, About & Contact Pages
01:53:19 Creating Become a Teacher Page
01:54:30 Header & Footer
02:03:21 Basic Theme Customization
02:07:05 Sidebars
02:10:45 Demo Purchase
02:13:50 How Instructor will Create Course
02:21:17 Creating Certificates

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Nayyar Shaikh

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  1. **NOTE: SiteGround is now NOT available in most Countries so Select NameHero and follow the same steps

    NameHero — https://bloggdude.com/nh

  2. How to make group in LMS with group import CSV?. i have been done but nothing result with CSV file

  3. I have not watched full video can anybody tell me the resources used for making this websites are totally free or I have to purchase??

  4. Amazing bhaii jaan

  5. HI, Can you guide me how to create competition also along with courses in this theme?

  6. Great tutorial. Thank you

  7. Hi,Nayyar Sir,Can I Download this theme freely?

  8. When I am trying to buy course on my website ,. It says payment method not available ..

  9. Hi, I have tried to import your pages, but it keeps on saying an error occurred and then installation failed. I have also deleted the file and downloaded it again and extract it, but the error always stays the same. Please Advise.

  10. Bro , please suggest which web hosting is best and economical for India based customers

  11. Nayyar bhai…i want to make a affiliate blog website and I want to run it in USA… please guide

  12. Could you please tell me top hosting site? those are safe secure and fast?
    Many thanks
    Excellent presentation! respect and love for this video. Many thanks. Thanks a ton…♥️♥️💜😍💞

  13. Thanks bro for your great tutorial

  14. Hey man, thanks for the tutorial it was great learning.
    Can you update this tutorial with the latest version of Eduma theme. Seems quite a lot have been changed and with the latest version this tutorial doesn’t match. Would be great if you can update.

  15. Does it support leaderboard feature

  16. Thanks a lot my friend. I was looking some guidelines for my wordpress site. Greetings from Ecuador !

  17. This guy is a genius. Great teacher. Thank you so much.

  18. Your tutorials are just too fantastic AND very organised. thank you very much for your turorial.
    Unfortunately the link for the page template. it is not working
    it says — an error occurred, please try again.

    your response attention much appreciated

  19. ♥️♥️

  20. Hindi me videos

  21. You are my hero…. 🥰

  22. you are amazing bro i love to see your teaching videos very professional and easy way .god bless you bro.

  23. amazing job Nayyar. Learned so much from you. So clear and clean you explain and show everything, without any nonsense. I can't thank you enough for this tutorial and many others which have come in handy!!

  24. please ek video banoo how to make website like astrotalk in WordPress

  25. thanks whole heartedly

  26. Can you add a video to play on your website from YouTube link ? let's say have YouTube videos courses and I want them to appear on my WordPress course page is that possible ?

  27. How do you set the number of students to make a class full?

  28. That was too good

  29. how to make register page

  30. A question please.. i need a sign up page like yours in 2:14:38 but i can't
    is there a blugin to do it or what?

  31. Instant 🔥 Download 🔥 GPL WordPress Theme

  32. I setup this, but the website did not show THE price of COURSE. PLEASE HELP ME buddy!!!

  33. Hi, I was wondering if I have to work directly on the site or I could work locally and after migrating to the real domain and platform, my client already has a site that works. Thank you!

  34. hello bro i did a website using that theme but the website is mutiplying its selft three time .if i put an image it goes there three times

  35. So I have to pay first to have access ya ?

  36. Hello dear brother! Please tell me if we can create a multi purpose website, like LMS, MATRIMONY, Ecommerce in a single site?? Like if I make a LMS website, can I sell different products over there? Also is it possible to add a matrimonial math making feature?? Plz guide

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