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How to Customize Your WordPress Theme with Elementor Theme Style

Instead of having to edit CSS code, or struggle with different theme customizers, you can now customize your WordPress theme by changing different global style settings straight from the Elementor panel.

In this video, you’ll learn how to set default:
✓ Backgrounds
✓ Body text, Headings, and Links
✓ Form Fields
✓ Buttons
✓ Images
✓ And much more!

This is not just for theme styles, but for plugin styles as well. Set your Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and other WordPress plugins.

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22 Bình luận

  1. LoL it dont change everything

  2. Curious – did the name of this feature change, or is it only a PRO feature? I currently am not using PRO, and I have a "Theme Builder" menu, but no "Theme Style"

  3. Anyone know if you can change the opacity of an image used as the Theme Style. The image section was jumped over in the video…..thanks

  4. Hi, thanks for this tutorial…Question: Do I need to have ELEMENTOR PRO to be able to launch my website with WOO COMMERCE STORE? Thanks!

  5. I've been having issues with this theme style. I disable defaults, and reenabled. Nothing seems to work. It caused my custom font to not work, and now it seems that even if I choose a font when editing the page it doesn't work anymore.

  6. I also very much hope that you soon will extend the functionality to be more complete. For example: In Theme Style for Images also include settings for Caption (including spacing), Link, Lightbox etc. As it is now it is a little half-bakes, but of course a great step forward.

  7. This seems to be a HUGE step forward that will greatly increase the value and usability of Elementor.

  8. This is a long-awaited feature for me.

  9. omg finally! this is epic!

  10. Please make a long video on how to edit Rehub theme for affiliate marketing. I need this.

  11. @elementor – topography line hight is not updating from the global theme style? any idears

  12. Hi, I need to know how can we move "Elementor Widget Panel" from left side to right side or just detach from that left side… As we having navigation tab. Please let me know.. Thank you so much

  13. I have the latest version of Elementor, but mine does NOT have the THEME STYLE option?

  14. Great addition, well done.

  15. these tutorials are gold. TIP for everyone.. instead of pausing and skipping back and forth when following a tutorial, slow the speed down in settings to about x0.75 of the speed and its easy to keep up with tutorials in real time! saves play / pausing all the time! 🙂

  16. A fantastic addition to such a great tool! — I have been testing this new feature out, and so far everything is silky smooth that I've tested, except one issue. I have noticed the border-radius on buttons doesn't seem to translate. No matter what I set the Theme Button radius at, new buttons and any default styled buttons' radius are not being affected, only the Theme Styling from colors and typography seems to work.

  17. HI, awesome service, but it doesn't change font size for headers in smarphone or tablet mode 🙁

  18. Nice Work.
    How can i set the focus on form without going in theme style ?
    I like very much that effect but in the form widget there is not that option ( or i not found it )

  19. This is the seal of themes era! Love you Elementor team.

  20. What will happen if I have a red background section which has a red button color in global? can I still change the button color independently?

  21. Excellent walkthrough of the new styling features. One thing you need to clarify is HOW you remove the global styling once you have setup options and published them. The only way I have found to do this is to change the save option to draft… but it is sooooo easy to accidentally click on publish again and poof the styling is back.

    It would be HUGE if you had the option to enable or disable the styling options on an individual page … or to add the same conditions options like in the theme builder to specify which pages the styling should apply to. It would also be extremely useful to be able to name and save style sets and be able to import them into new websites so you don't have to go through setting it all for each site you design.

    Additionally, you really need to give us the option to define more than one set of global settings for buttons. Your example where you had two different types of buttons on your sample page demonstrated why you need this. In many website designs we use different style buttons for different purposes. Having the ability to globally style only one of these button options globally makes it even more frustrating when you are repetitively editing the buttons for the other style buttons on the site as you add them to different pages.

    You also need to expand the design options on heading settings too. ALL the options to style a heading with the widget should be available at a global level. Again it is frustrating to have to go through the web pages to add in design features that could not be set in the global settings.

    Finally, you need to give us more control over section and column padding and spacing at a global level to make this a true global design system. Again, it would be important for us to be able to define various sets of design options for sections and columns. For example on your sample page you had one section with a different background. Using a different background for different sections to provide accent is an extremely common design technique. Having the option to set up several section and column settings would give a powerful additional global control over the look of the entire site that would not require going through and changing settings on a widget by widget basis everytime you want to update a site.

    You have done a wonderful job with the introduction of global style settings. I hope soon we will see many of the features I've discussed here. With a few small changes, along with the theme builder in Elementor Pro, you are well on your way to totally eliminating the need for most designers to purchase a theme…. and creating a new business for designers creating Elementor themes.

  22. is this available in the free version

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