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I really hope my little ramble talk about using references or 3D models for those who struggle with drawing like I do, I legit can’t draw a bike or my own hand off the top of my head but its okay because that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still draw~ Other’s might not like it but I still like it and I’m okay with that for now~

While Clip Studio Paint EX is a great program to use and I’ve used it for over a decade back when it was known as Manga Studio, there are still other free programs and apps out there that you can use that are just as good!
I also wrote a blog post covering my top 5 supplies for beginners learning how to start a webtoon:

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Are you feeling unconfident about starting your webtoon because you feel like you don’t have any talent? No worries cause I have a Webtoon for Beginners Guidebook where I share all of my knowledge and experience making a webtoon even though I lacked talent and skills creating one since Webtoon comic format was super new to me too~


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  1. Daz3D has a lot of really nice models too, I highly recommend it.

  2. Great stuff, thank you for sharing it. God bless😊

  3. Hi! How did you get your backgrounds not to show through your characters? I try and do mine and the characters look like they are transparent and like I just drew them on a photo or something..I've been trying to understand for hours 😭.

  4. How about copyright issue? Comipo is so strict, not worth the money.

  5. Ok so I cant Draw in digital but I can draw on like Paper that's the problem

  6. Wdym you cant draw? 1. You have a lot of talent 2. I can't even draw a stick figure T-T

  7. Do u have a class? Or ecourse?

  8. That’s genius

  9. What if you have crippled hands and you can't trace over.

  10. I suspect every web comic artist does this, you're just one of the few to be real enough to admit it. Thank you for this video. It's really encouraging.

  11. What app are you using in this video for drawing??

  12. Even the old masters used references. Most artists can't draw from imagination unless they've drawn that specific thing many many times before. I'm glad the haters aren't putting you down, but you shouldn't agree with their opinions that you can't draw. You draw very well; your linework is clean, colors look great, and expressions too!

  13. I really really want to draw 😭 but I can't ..

  14. Can you tell me which app or web is this please!

  15. You are amazing. I can't thank you enough❤❤❤

  16. what's this apps name?

  17. Which 3D software u using?

  18. I'm still not that great at drawing poses so using the models has really helped me; I used them for the first time to draw a complicated pose and it turned out great. I was having an issue with resizing them to make them fit into the small scene; would you make a video on that please? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  19. honestly though, idk if there are artists that write webtoons without reference

  20. youre an inspiration

  21. Omfg.. You have no idea how happy I feel knowing I ain't the only one that can't draw for a webtoon 😭😭😭 like every time I search videos for tutorials on this I feel like such a cheater and like my art is really not my art but knowing other people do this and it's an actual thing makes me so happy you have no idea thank you so much

  22. when I was searching this title like how to publish a comic on webtoon when u don't know how to draw, I thought youtube will show an error. thanks to your video, I like writing and always liked the comic style to describe stories but since my drawings are so so I didn't know what to do, but now I think I can give it a shot. doesn't matter I can publish on webtoon or not I will be happy that I have done something that I always wanted to do. so thank you so much.

  23. What apps or websites did you use for making webtoon?

  24. You have motivated me a lot. Thank you so much.

  25. Thank u ❤️

  26. I can barely see the objects, like all I see is white stuff on the screen and it’s annoying.

  27. For someone who can’t draw, your art came out really great on your Webtoon. Your coloring is well-done, and you created some excellent backgrounds too that look detailed and professional. I’m curious to know more about how you made it all happen. I’d love to see more videos on how people who can’t really draw may use Clip Studio and other programs to create webcomics.

  28. Even photo-bashing takes some talent. The other day I tried putting a photo of some industrial image (pipes,valves, and ducts) through some color adjustments on GIMP. The values, hue, and saturation. Not to mention contrast and brightness. It became impressive when I ran that result through a filter that could "posterize" an image. I was surprised how the final image looked like a background for a comic. I will try other images to see what happens. With so much source material out there, the shortcuts could add up. Hey, anything for the story, huh?

  29. thank you for this video! I feel like I can't draw after I stopped for three years. and trying to relearn on my laptop has been hard so I feel way better now. Also I love the way your art looks. keep it up.

  30. Who can’t draw?? Girl, please😅 You obviously have talent. Don’t listen to haters. They know not of what they speak. I enjoy your style and read Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! a while ago. It was one of the first webtoons I really liked and it was mainly due to the art (love the story, too😊).

    All you’re doing is using the resources CELSYS has provided to work more efficiently. Real mangaka not only use 3D models and photos for backgrounds, but also assistants to help them crank out their work on a timely basis. So, if it’s good enough for a professional manga artist in Japan, it’s certainly good enough for us😌

    Btw: great tip about using that Home Design app! I’m going to check that out👍🏾

  31. You're just making use of all the great resources out there! That's something that a lot of artists still don't learn!! Including myself 😂😭 you're wiser than all of us! And that's for another fun video! I love them keep it up! 💖✨

  32. Modesty is the highest elegance 😉

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