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How to get more readers on WEBTOON for your webcomic

Here are four tips for growing your webcomic audience and increasing your subscriber count on LINE Webtoon (or “Webtoons” as most of us call it). This focuses on the Webtoon Canvas section.


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This is my first attempt at this kind of instructional video. I hope you like it. I learned a lot in the process and I hope to address things like the too-many jump-cuts and not looking directly at the camera. Like webcomics, the next one is always better. 🙂

Thanks again for watching – and for reading this stuff! 🙂

— Steve

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Steve Conley

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  1. I thought this was webtoon channel's lmao because of the editing design of the video , great job !

  2. Find the best time to post.
    Use a great cover image.
    Select 2 genres.
    Post often.

  3. My comic is slowly gaining traction despite only posting biweekly. I dont have the time to make enough pages to post weekly due to my job. But I don't mind the trade off

  4. I haven't uploaded my webcomic yet, but this is great advice for things I didn't think about.

  5. Hey I'm still 14 but I still want to post comics

  6. I guess the same applies to Youtube.
    Step 1 & 2, yeah pretty much.
    Step 3, it depends on what you 'want' to do and how much time it takes you to actually finish it.
    Step 4, it's debatable, some people don't like having too many videos on their feed, but others do and then, it's dependent on step 3.

    Youtube is so finicky, my goodness. (But, these are good steps for webtoon, most specifically step 1 & 4. Since step 2 is based if you have an "interesting" story whereas step 3 is if you want a challenge.)

  7. Thanks man, just started with my own webtoon, my hands are shivering rn. Do u think I can do it? It's the first time I m making a webcomic. Thanks a lot for the information man.

  8. Show this webtoon some love and support 💛😄 : https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/lurenaties/list?title_no=668084

  9. Thank you for the tips, it's really helpful.

    i'm currently reading a comic on webtoon which title is no is NO. I talked with the illustrator(her psuedo is KuruLife) and she said that people were intentionally rating her comic one star and sending her racial slurs because she's black. Please go support her and give her a higher rating, she is talented and deserves to know it !

  10. Thank you, that was really helpful

  11. Fantastic simple advice !

  12. that part about posting at a good time is realllyyy important

  13. Hi Steve I'm also trying these to gain more subscribers on my webtoons CONventure. A comedy fantasy about a fictional anime convention.

  14. laughs in end of the month updates due to school and work

    i've been doing this stuff for a year and I'm pretty unlucky but I am taking this advice asap!

  15. Very informative

  16. I have a comic on webtoon called Elemental Adventure. Problem I was facing is time and how I'll run the story. Luckily I have an idea's for the story and the right time thansk to this video

  17. Hey! I have a question about what time we should post
    I live in Europe and it's really confusing to me because I think about the other time zones…In which time zone is better to stick with?

  18. I made 3 webtoons SOULLESS, psychopathic, and the things I hate, SOULLESS is new psychopathic has 1,218 views and 30 subscribers right now please check them out. And this video helped me alot thank you. 😊

  19. Hi!!! Thank you for the advices and you're sweet :((

    I hope you'll have more subscribers and readers! And stay safe as well!!

  20. I was wondering about genre switching, thanks !

  21. Afro Ninja approved 🥷🏾🤙🏾

  22. Thank you for the tips!! I started a while ago I am still new at digital art and my genre is comedy so it is harder to get any attention. I will definitely try these. Btw my webtoon is called Life Of A teenager if anyone is interested.

  23. out of topic but i love your energy

  24. Hey, you're friends with my Dad, Chris Flick! I found this video really helpful, I actually started my first ever Webtoon Canvas, Cat Girl!

  25. Solid advice! I've haven't really tapped into the webtoon algorithm so this was really informative. Thank you!

  26. Really good advicess!!

  27. Aaaaaa, I just started making my own webtoon 3 days ago and this is really helpful! Thank you so much!

    If you want to check my webtoon out, it’s entitled: Meraki! Anw thank you in advance!

  28. Thanks so much for the advice! I'll be sure to try out the different times method to see if anything changes. I've always had it set on the same time, but seeing how you mention that can change the statistics overtime, I gotta plan better. My comic's name is "Noir the Bloodborne" by MiniMichi, if there's anyone who wants to take a look. It's fantasy/drama with perhaps a hint of action but we don't have an option to apply a 3rd genre.

  29. Hello,I have launched my own webcomics on WEBTOON.
    Please check the below link.

    If you like my comics then Please LIKE ,SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE on that website.Also share your valuable thoughts and ideas in the comment box.


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