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How to Get Webcomic Readers and Build an Audience

Building an audience is a lot of hard work. Here are my tips from my expirence on how to get people to read your work.

(Thanks For Watching!)~(^・ω・^✿)

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38 Bình luận

  1. Im horrible at networking my anxiety goes through the roof at making new friends 😿 My art is pretty decent and i just posted my prologue but now im a little sad because I don't know if I have the energy i have an art page on insta and have just joined webtoon groups in facebook but I think that's the best I can do for now

  2. Idk but you sound like bbh

  3. Please read my webtoon called The neglected by gounji a good rating and subscription will make my day thank you 😍

  4. I’m stupidly antisocial. So this will be very difficult.

  5. Where can we upload our webcomic?

  6. Thanks for the advices! I sure they will help me a lot! But I have a problem that it's really hard for me to be active on social media. I feel like the people follow me on Instagram just because they know me and they aren't even interested in my drawings that I upload. So it's really hard for me to be active, and my anxiety really don't help me. But once I will overcome my fears, I'm sure the advice you gave will help me, so thanks again. 🙃

  7. I'm lost. Can you make a format in your explaining video? Like putting numbers?

  8. I would say what works best is consistency, even if you post once a month keep doing that once a minth.

  9. that was really helpful thanks a lot and good luck with your work

  10. Finally, beefy and specific advice! I've heard the first few general points you listed EVERYWHERE, but the elaborations you went on are exactly what I've been trying to find. Will apply it to my animation thusly. Really appreciate it!

  11. I feel like I’m stupid but I really don’t know what a decent amount of this means

  12. 7:05 wow that rhymed

  13. This is really good advice!! Thumbs up big time. You are really widing the perspective here.

  14. question: in my webcomic there are two gay prominent side characters ( they're like mentors) can i put the lgbt tag on it

  15. I watched the whole vid but I can't even draw anymore.

  16. why everything is networking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. Finding what content is easy for me to put out daily is such an incredibly useful advice. It's unique, I never heard that little vital piece of info before, but I think it's going to help me a lot, so thank you!

  18. how do you get into lgbt comics listing?

  19. So just gonna put it out there I have a Tapas novel I’m working on, its called Stupid I hate advertising like this but I don’t know what else to do, I’m currently doing what’s on the video

  20. The friends part was kinda hard since I’m the only one in my friend group that’s like the one who’s quiet but will talk if I have something to say… the one who always reads books and tech savvy… RIP

  21. Is it just me, or does this guy talk like Nate from the office?

  22. ive just started a webtoon and i am very excited

  23. Could you possibly make a video on social media presence? I have severe social anxiety, even social phobia, and my gut wrenches just thinking about interacting with others on social media. I feel depressed on social media too. I get this is just an issue that only I can improve (I'm in therapy and medicated) but I really want to get an internet following for my art. I just don't know how I could possibly do it when I feel like this. If anyone has any tips or is going through a similar thing, please reply…

  24. How do you avoid getting exiled from the Kingdom of Instagram algorithm priority Heaven if you don't post every day? I go a few days without posting and my next post won't get half the attention!

  25. When you say to get onto "listings and groups", where do you mean? I've mostly just used social media to keep in touch with friends, so I feel a bit out of touch when it comes to other ways to utilize it.

  26. It is really difficult for me to determine if my marketing is bad or my webcomic is bad. I tell whoever I know in this sphere and I play a little bit with the social networks. But after all I am an artist, not a marketing manager.

  27. simply post things with "LGBT+" , you'll get a huge amount of audience

  28. I'm a nooby getting started with new things…umm..Can you tell me which app did you use to do that?

  29. Hi! Thanks for the tips and insight, good sir! We've started our comics (we are a team) about several months ago, called 'Tickle Fickle' , and we are facing some struggles to building a fan base/readers. I can't say it is adequate yet, but I'm very grateful we are still exist in some platforms. Hopefully with your video, we could apply some insights and grow more and more. And yeah consistency is quite hard sometimes, we're working on it! Thank you once again! (PS: Oh yeah, if you guys want to read our comics, it's available on Tapas, Webtoon, Graphite and instagram, just type : Tickle Fickle.)

  30. My friends don't even care if I send them the picture of my art unless it's them

  31. Thanks for the great tips! I started posting my webtoon TENACITY at the beginning of the month and this is incredibly helpful information I will definitely try to apply.

  32. I'm planning on starting my own webtoon this year! These are rlly gud tips UwU

  33. I came here because I didn’t want to annoyingly ask if anyone wanted to read my webtoon

  34. Also self promo discord for webtoon.

  35. this is such good advice honestly ur great

  36. I make a web comic and it doesn't have many fans but I really want to network with other people even just for fun but I have a problem finding other people who aren't like… terrible or just want to be freinds so I'll make art for them so do you have any tips for that because I'm kinda lost in that regard

  37. Thanks for the advice. I’ve been working on a webcomic for the past year and finally got around to posting it and the thought that my webcomic will get forgotten into oblivion seriously makes me so sad.. OTL

  38. I started my webcomic about a year ago and I may try these to help get my audience up. I always thought that maybe I wasnt either a good artist or storyteller but then again I am a beginner.

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