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hey guys! some of you might not know this, but it was actually through my webcomic that I started to gain traction on Youtube, not the other way around. so I thought today I would talk about all that I’ve learned drawing these 170+ pages of Unfamiliar, things I wished I knew from the start and how I tackle the endless grind of making a long story page by page on the internet.

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  1. Currently re-watching this while tryna colour my first real comic lmao

  2. “Write your own font”

    laughs in bad hand writing

  3. I really loved you comic lavender❤️

  4. I started planning what is now my own graphic novel back in 2010. I realized in about 2011 that I wanted it to be a graphic novel, I went to art school (unrelated) in 2012, had to drop out in 2015, I kept experimenting with media until about 2019 when I finally settled on traditional linework and pixel art for the color work. I've been chipping away at it seriously since late, late 2020. With work, it's going to take absolutely yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrs, but being even more motivated into the second year feels great.

    Reach for the stars! There can probably never be enough graphic novels and comic books!

  5. Writing is rewarding, but difficult. DRAWING what you've written feels like all manners of hell. I like drawing, but it's hard for me to get proportions right, let alone avoid the anxiety and fear of failure that i get from drawing/painting.

    Any tips for a helpless person who desperately wants to make her story into a legitimately decent looking comic?

  6. Me going through the whole video to find out what she posts the comics on
    Sees thumbnail: oh

  7. I have a different question…. how do you know where to place the sound affects??? I tried before but it just looked weird…

  8. Omg I didn’t know yay comic was yours! I love that comic and your channel!!

  9. What canvas of the page do you have to use

  10. I've been on the fence about my comic becoming a reality for a long time, this video was really helpful for teaching me what to expect ❤️

  11. I’ve had a big fat idea for something..
    this might sound a bit dumb but how do you type things in procreate?
    even if you said it in the video i didn’t notice-

  12. My hand writing sucks on paper lmfao. Think of my drawing tablet or MOUSE.

  13. Thanks for making this. I recently started a webcomic and after 2 weeks had 18 views so I wanted to build an audience.

  14. Ove been wanting to make a comic for about a year now and I've just recently came up with my characters and story and now I've started drawing my first page

  15. Faster way to make comics is start with 1 panel story and then go till is 5

  16. My main story is so close to being capable of becoming an official comic, it needs more things planned out.
    I already have the characters, plot and ending planned out, I just need to plan out the beginning before the plot starts developing and I wanna make sure its enjoyable and interesting.

  17. to get your comic noticed you need to first have a target audience, second Is you need to figure out how big that audience is, third is you need to make the comic catered to that audience and don't betray their trust by changing the theme or the established tone.

  18. “You shouldn’t wait a whole year”


    ive been waiting for 10 years hahaha..
    * cries *

  19. Wow I want to make a handmade FONT that looks cool 🥺

  20. When I get ant to make a webtoon but I can’t draw

  21. One thing I think is worth mentioning is that on the most popular webcomic platforms (tapas, webtoon) traditional page-after-page comic format (emulating how you'd do it in printed magazines) are actually not the preferred format.

    Unfamiliar is quite "against the fashion" in that it isn't in the so-called "long strip format" but in the aforementioned traditional ready-to-print page format. Not that you shouldn't make it so if you want to, but it's worth keeping in mind that webtoon/naver style long strip comics can be faster to make (you don't need to care as much about panel size or placement) and be more popular, especially among mobile device users.

    This is actually a possible video idea, heh ("long strip comic vs traditional comic"?)

  22. I dont agree whit you Unholly Blood have 108.9M views and 1,7M like on weebtons and true beauty have more than 806M views and 6.6M likes and lore olympus have more than 900M views if your story IS good and your art IS beautiful people will support you on weebton

  23. Font Idea: Imagine using the font to show some of the characters' personality, it can also make the speech bubble easier to know who it's coming from

  24. I use ibispaint x

  25. Show this webtoon some love and support 💛😄 : https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/lurenaties/list?title_no=668084

  26. this helped me a lot, but calligraphr was a struggle for me could you maybe do a tut on that please? I would really love if you did

  27. I wanna make a webcomic but I suck at drawing 😭

  28. i really want to make a webcomic. i already have a solid storyline and set of characters planned out but my problem is that i dont have a computer or ipad to draw digital on and i dont know how to make panels on my phone :/

  29. I LavenderTowne is adorable

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