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How To Increase Website Speed 3x In 15 Mins ~ 2022 ~ A WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial

This WordPress speed optimization video for beginners shows you how to increase website speed and speed up WordPress in Just 15 minutes time. To speed up WordPress website with no technical skills is our goal. We will cover how to speed up WordPress website, how to improve GTmetrix WordPress optimization performance scores, explain WordPress optimization terms, and how to make WordPress website faster over all.

Plus, with our WordPress website backup instructions, you can optimize your WordPress website without fear of losing your website. Main points covered in this video include how to speed up website in three easy steps that make WordPress fast loading. We will first speed up your WordPress site by upgrading PHP, then learn how to speed up your website using a cache plugin, and finally learn how to make website load faster by optimizing graphics. It could not be easier to improve your site speed, and this how to make WordPress site faster tutorial comes with free professional support, simple leave questions and comments below the video and I will gladly help you at no cost to you.


00:00:00 Step 1 – Introduction
00:01:03 Step 2 – What We Will Learn
00:01:18 Step 3 – Load Time Defined
00:01:25 Step 4 – Bounce Rate Defined
00:01:32 Step 5 – Why Load Time Matters
00:01:40 Step 6 – Optimal Load Time
00:02:17 Step 7 – Measure Website Load Time
00:02:51 Step 8 – GTmetrix Performance Scores
00:03:02 Step 9 – Pagespeed Score
00:03:24 Step 10 – YSlow Score
00:04:03 Step 11 – Typical Performance Scores
00:04:47 Step 12 – Page Details
00:05:02 Step 13 – GTmetrix Examples
00:05:30 Step 14 – A100% A100%? NO!
00:05:49 Step 15 – A/B Scores with 3 sec Load Time
00:06:18 Step 16 – How To Improve Loadtime
00:06:42 Step 17 – PHP Optimization
00:07:21 Step 18 – WordPress Optimization
00:09:05 Step 19 – Image Optimization
00:10:21 Step 20 – Optimize Your Website
00:10:45 Step 21 – Optimize Your PHP
00:12:39 Step 22 – Purchase WP Rocket Plugin
00:14:20 Step 23 – Initial Website Speed Test
00:15:31 Step 24 – Backup Your Website
00:17:02 Step 25 – Disable Any Cache Plugins
00:17:46 Step 26 – Install WP Rocket Plugin
00:18:10 Step 27 – Adjust WP Rocket Settings
00:21:15 Step 28 – Install Imagify Plugin
00:23:11 Step 29 – Adjust Imagify Settings
00:25:32 Step 30 – Final Website Speed Test
00:26:21 Step 31 – You Finished, Well Done!

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    I have been struggling with the speed of my website for a while, and I think your video will help me restore it. I loved all the tips you shared in this video, and I will be implementing them in my process very soon. I think these tips will definitely help a lot of people boost the speed of their website. It was a great watch, and I really look forward to implementing your tips and boosting its speed. Thanks a lot for sharing this, it was a very helpful watch!

  6. Hi Yoda, I'm a new subscriber. 🙂

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  8. Honestly mate you are the best. 45 minutes after starting this clip, my site went from a D rating on gt to an A on desktop and mobile. You are a LEGEND!

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  18. Hey can you suggest any free alternatives to WP Rocket..?

  19. thank you from the bottom of my heart, these steps helped me getting as fast website as I need, thank you again.

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  21. Can I do this on top of using cloudflair? Would it be recommended? I guess if you can get to A with this, with both it would be killer fast. Right?

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  24. Great Video- I want to knoww does Shared hosting makes a website very slow.

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  27. Some useful advice.
    Shame about the fake comments though.

  28. Does also work when you have woocommerce installed , does this will give problems ?

  29. Hey Mr. Yoda, what would u pick as best free plugin alternative to "WP Rocket"? I already have enough of these yearly paid plans… I won't got for another one.

  30. Curious, what web hosting service/company are you using?

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  32. Hey, I enjoyed your video. But I have problem. As soon as i instal WP Rocket, GT Metrix says (Error generating Lighthouse report). I dont know whats wrong. Can you help me???

  33. Do you recommend some image optimization tools please like Autoretouch? And need your suggestion, which one should I use.

  34. Hi WebYoda, can you please explain more about Step 25 Cache Plugin. What is it and why do we need to purge it and turn it off?

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  39. Great Video. For image optimization I am suggesting a plugin name "autoretouch". Their AI is really helping lot for removing background, image manipulation, retouch and may more. User doesn't need to have photoshop skill to do critical image processing.

  40. there is an old version of GTmetrix

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  42. Great job! Thank you for this video an a thumb up. There seem to be different statistics by Google out there in the ratio of load time to bounce rate. Can you provide a link to your statistic? Many thanks in advance.

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