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How To Install Avada via WordPress

This video shows you how to install Avada via WordPress.
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Purchase The Avada Website Builder –

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  1. I want to give it to my developer I don't have access to computer this is hell. You should be able to download this theme without logging into your purchase whatever because I need to give my developers access I don't build this stuff it's just too much of a headache oh my God

  2. Avada is compatible with elementor

  3. Does avada theme have or support RTL ?? Right to left languages ? Is there anyway to have this theme and have all the website content in Arabic for exemple ? (RTL language) ? Thanks

  4. Hello, I have a problem with the topic. I install everything in wordpress and when placing the activation code it tells me the following "The purchase code is already being used on another domain." and I have not activated it in any other domain. Envado doesn't answer me.

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