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  1. Table of contents:
    Step 1: Go to your Business Settings 0:26

    Step 2: Create a new Pixel and install it 1:32

    Step 3: Create Custom Audiences 3:27

  2. there is no link on the description

  3. You said theres a link, well i see no link zzz 2:27

  4. Γενική Διεύθυνση Υγείας και Κοινωνικής Μέριμνας

    I would like to see what to do in second option: "Manually add pixel code to website (WordPress)"

  5. where is the link of facebook pixel plugin?

  6. where is link?

  7. unuseful

  8. You forgot to leave the link to the pixel download

  9. What is the plugin name ?

  10. I got trouble to add the pixel to my website. there is ads account can be found or can be selected

  11. how could I track landings from my optin page and thank you page?

  12. where is there link to the Facebook Plugin?

  13. Q: Website has three pages (same content in three different languages). How to install FB Pixel on each page separately?

  14. The link is not in the description???

  15. There's no download link anywhere for the pixel zip folder.

  16. 2:29 Link is not in description box

  17. where is the link to download facebook pixel?

  18. where's the link ?

  19. What about add to carts, purchase events? This plugin doesn't allow for it

  20. Robert I successfully set everything watching along and many thanks!

  21. Obrigada pelo vídeo. Thanks !

  22. Good, concise tutorial. Beyond grateful!

  23. Straight to the point. Just created one successfully.

  24. Thank you

  25. Unclear how the pixel differentiates landings on the optin page and thankyou page. A true conversion is only after the lead hits the thankyou page but the plugin seems to be inserting the pixel sitewide. How will give accurate tracking?

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