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How to Install WordPress Manually on any Web Host

In today’s video we take a look at how to install WordPress manually on any web host.

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  1. fast, simple and efficient

  2. Thankyou nice video

  3. Information presented short and sweet. Great vid!

  4. So how do we start the wordpress installer? This is no real help here. You say uplad and then what?

  5. Upload all the files…but not folders because you can't? Why did you skip over this step??

  6. Thanks .very helpful video

  7. fast no bs all info tutorial thanks !

  8. This is very helpful! So can I assume that once this is done, I can edit and post blogs from wordpress.com dashboard, and I don't need to do anything FTP wise on my hosting site?

  9. how to make sure that we are in the webroot directory

  10. but why should I keep localhost in the database host panel?
    (as it is done for a client should I add the hosting he provided me instead of localhost!?)

  11. Excellent content. Simplified and cuts to the chase.

  12. Absolute legends. Thank you for the quickest, most informative instructional video I've found on youtube.

  13. how to fix error table prefix ?

  14. your introduction is really like shit. too fast for beginer!

  15. To download WordPress themes for free

    Educational community for WordPress

  16. installing wp on live server Database Host : ?

  17. Love these videos!

  18. Right now I'm using Concrete 5 for several of my web sites. I'm thinking of trying out WordPress because I think there will be better community support for it.
    What I like about Concrete 5 is how easy it is to add pages and page content by whomever I give the needed permission to. What I don't like is finding third party additions for the features I want that don't use the page theme I have on the site.
    My questions are:
    1. Will Elegant Themes work well with other peoples plugins to WordPress?
    2. Do you have a list of plugins that you certify will work well with all your products?
    3. Do you know of a good forum plugin that works will Elegant Themes products?
    4. Will Elegant Themes work with WordPress hosted on WordPress.com?
    5. What's the best way to get specific answers to more questions like this?

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