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How To Make A Directory Listing Website With WordPress and ListingPro Theme 2022 (Like Yelp)

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Download Directory Theme:
How To Market Directory Website:

Learn how to create a directory website with WordPress step by step! With a directory website, you can allow business’s to come to your website, register their business, and than they can allow others to leave a review about your business.

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High Ranking Blog Post:
Google Adsense:
Elementor Tutorial:

Timestamps for the directory website tutorial:

Intro 00:00
Web Hosting 03:45
Hosting Dashboard 07:37
Install WordPress 09:21
Install WordPress Theme 13:50
Import Demo Content 17:09
How To Design Website 20:40
Create Pages 30:07
Create A Menu 34:03
How To Use Directory Website 35:20
How To Create A Listing 37:20
Add Locations 43:05
Get A Logo 50:50
Design Listing 59:53
Search Results 01:06:14
Theme Options 01:09:44
Additional Settings 01:36:00
Create Events 01:58:10
Create Bookings 02:06:50
Create Users 02:12:49
Signup Form 02:14:52
Customer Dashboard 02:16:51
Create Events 02:19:36
Creating Coupons 02:22:04
Creating A Menu 02:24:23
Creating AD Campaign 02:28:46
Pricing Plan & Payment Gateways 02:33:30
Integrating Payment Gateways 02:44:03
Test Transaction 02:48:18
Google Maps API 02:55:41
Marketing 03:03:40

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Darrel Wilson

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  1. Hey Everyone! Thanks for watching! I put together this tutorial on how to make a directory website and im sure it will help you create your directory website with wordpress. Make sure to like the video and let me know if you any questions in the comments below!

  2. Nice

  3. Sir, I am facing a problem while Activating my Free Trial and after providing my Debit Card details, INR 2 is deducting from my Bank . But the Error Message is showing…as [ This action couldn't be completed. Try again later. [OR-BSBBF-103], which i have tried 4 to 5 times. and getting the same message. Sir , Please help me to avtive my Google Cloud Map API key .

  4. nice

  5. Thank you for creating this explanatory video. I bought listing pro 7 months ago, and I didn't know how to use it. But now I will give it another try, and the fun part is that I can't find my ThemeForest credentials and I will have to buy it again. :))

  6. thank you

  7. Hi Darrel, another follow up question – you showed a website with animated homepage banner text, can you please share some resources on that.

  8. Hi Darrel. Thanks for the video and it was great learning in depth -like a masterclass! I am building directory website for businesses , I want to change the menu option in dashboard to product category, so that it is more relevant to businesses involving products than just food menu. Please, help me out.

  9. This is happening now..https://youtu.be/d7Pi4VdTTw8

  10. amazing video

  11. Greetings

  12. Greetings from BKK, thanks for the great in depth video, this is the best I have seen on Listingpro. Do you know how a listing/directory website would rank in a google search. Is there any point in creating a business directory if the listed businesses do not rank on google?

  13. cool

  14. nice

  15. nice

  16. Keep on shooting

  17. In the last few years such directory websites increased in my country .

  18. @ 1:11:00 they did this for quick access. I get your complaint of duplication but I also see why they did this for ease of access. Just a heads up…

  19. Nice

  20. محنوى رائع واصل وقناة تستحق التشجيعنتذ ن

  21. They should have formatted the events more like a drop down calendar etc.

  22. Your video work is amazing I like it very much and I want to do business with you too Can you talk to us in depth

  23. you are awesome! thanks for this video

  24. i cant get demo one click why i cant edit the website with elementor

  25. very nice

  26. Hello Darrel

    Can you please help me for two things, I am crating a NGO listing website
    1. Home page, Header I want to be white color
    2. I do not want to use money, so in submit listing add on , how can I remove price porting.
    3. Currently I do not want maps to be integrated to is there a way to add city name globally?

  27. Hi. Darrel, could I have your WhatsApp?or anything I can consult you for this theme?

  28. Hi 👋 Wilson great video my question is what theme can I use for a design agency

  29. still no way to customize Headers which is a drag….

  30. Hi darrel , thanks for the video
    Does it support RTL , arabic language for theme and listings if not is there any way or recommendation another theme rtl arabic language with 2checkout gateway
    Thanks again

  31. Please help create a video to show how to set up mobile app with classified website brother.

  32. This has been super helpful. Thanks a lot.

  33. Hi Darrel. Pls share a video on how to make a CRM site on wordpress. Please.

  34. Thanks Darrel, great tutorial!

  35. Good

  36. Sir thanks for offering such a great tutorials for free.Really help Alot in ojr journey.

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