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How To Make A Living As A Manga Or Comic Creator (Make Money Selling Your Books!)

Hi all! Today I am talking about one of my most commonly asked questions. “How do I make money as a manga or comic writer or artist?” Of course, for any author, being able to make money off your stories is the ultimate dream. Any writer would love to be able to create something every day, and earn a living off it. So today, I want to answer this question, and talk about ways that you can ultimately earn a steady finance off manga and comic creation! 😊
First of all, I talk about the three main methods of manga and comic publishing, and how to earn money from each of those methods. I talk about online publishing (webcomic style), self publishing, and traditional publishing. From there, I talk about ways you can combine different methods, in order to become a mangaka or comic creator full time.
I talk about ways you can promote to get your book out there in front of readers, how to make it appealing to a potential buyer, and how to market to your target audience. With these tips, you’ll soon be on your way to being a successful manga or comic author!!
1:23 – Online Publishing (Uploading as Webcomic)
4:40 – Self Publishing
8:50 – Print On Demand Services (How to use them)
10:22 – Traditional Publishing (Publishing in a company)
12:07 – Combining Methods To Make A Living

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Midnight X Cross

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  1. I just finished my first volume of my manga !! Lilith! I just finished it and is now for sale on Amazon!!! And I can put a memory in all your recommendations♥️ now is about making part 2 and go on!!

  2. I want to write dark fantasy action like Hellboy and Trese, even though I can't draw people at all. But I've always wanted to work for Dark Horse. I think they also make manga, but I at least own the I.P. Also compared to DC and Marvel Dark Horse sounds great.

  3. Anyone here intrested in making manga? Im currently looking for an artist to draw my story .. let me know if you're interested

  4. Can you tell me what will happen when some one copy paste my work how do I patent it ??

  5. This is great advice, thank you!

  6. SmackJeeves was shut down in December 2020, and a lot of web comics are lost. However there are still archives online, which is how I found an old web comic from 2006 that I was drawing, inking, colouring, and lettering for a then-friend. I managed to download the archived pages/images, and now looking for a new place that accepts standard comic book format to re-upload my work.

  7. You really opened my eyes. I saw a video about the "dark truth of manga artists" and almost gave up. But then I searched "how to make a living from manga" and you showed up.
    What I see is that Patreon is a great plataform for us artists get our money and interact with the fans.
    Thank you so much!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous white woman

  9. Umm Ik its been a year, but I emailed you, on this question, whats a good print on demand company? Like that will print it and ship it

  10. Is this also for novel or light novel

  11. Sounds so cool!
    I’m in the art field and during the Covid I was able to gather some ideas.
    Thanks a bunch Midnight X!

  12. I am only just starting to create my own Web comics on webtoon but I want to make a living out of it someday thanks this video was so helpful

  13. I am going to start a manga and then the anime because my cousin works at bandai and i love to draw

  14. Reaching adults by advertising in MAGAZINES? Er….

  15. thx for the advice…. im writting a webtoon named apocalypse

  16. Thanks for this! Now I feel more educated and hopeful about making a comic!

  17. Thank you this video really helped me. Im halfway way there getting my volume 1 done for my comic book called Chroniclez Journeyz digitally copy rights of Sava-Nation Designs . I would love for you to check it out when done.

  18. Btw, Junji Ito is still alive!
    I was concerned at first, that he died… judging from how you talked about him XD

  19. I want to write and publish my manga but at the moment I’m trying to go to law school. Is it still possible to publish my manga and still have a second job?

  20. Thanks for the tips, I can finally know how to publish it in a batter way

  21. gosh how are you so cuuuuuuuute!!!!!

  22. Loved these tips and positive message.

  23. شكراً 😩❤❤

  24. Great content, thanks for putting your advice online 🙂

  25. i see, i think online would be the way to go for me since i a m indeed a begginer, thanks for the tips and all

  26. Does this apply to light novels as well?

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