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How To Make A Website 2022 (Full WordPress Tutorial for Beginners)

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Whether you are working at a large company, small business, or for yourself, we are excited to share our weekly 5-Point Marketing Monday with you! This includes our favorite gear, tips, experts, quotes, questions, and thoughts for this week to get your week started on a successful week. Enjoy!

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0:00 A Full Tutorial For Beginners
2:30 Getting a host
10:00 WordPress dashboard
15:00 Getting a Theme & Template
20:00 Fundamental Settings
23:15 Posts & Pages
24:00 Building a Page
37:00 Anchors
40:00 Reverse engineering a page
45:00 Showing/hiding on mobile vs desktop
47:50 SEO
49:30 Posts
53:00 Plugins

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  1. START HERE: https://santrelmedia.com/hostinger
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  2. Hi how are you
    What is condition for making a new website

  3. Thank you so much for all of these "lessons," Priceless!!! 🌟

  4. nice video

  5. Thank you, Santrel Media

  6. It does not make sense to me to use Astra and Elementor! 😉

  7. I have links on my page that came with the theme, I want those links to take me to a different page on my site but every time I click on the link it just reloads the home page. can you help me correct this issue?

  8. Thank you so much, I honestly was looking around so long for a tutorial that can actually help me and is up to date, this was amazing!

  9. stop fucking switching from one url to another, geeee !!!!!

  10. Great tutorial for beginner easy to understand.

  11. You talk way to fast and you explain these things for someone that already has an idea about how to build a website. You are not thorough in your explanations about what things do. God this is frustrating.

  12. So, which option is best for a personal branding website? price wise

  13. Great video, but it such a bummer that we cant change the footer and I tried to go back to your video and didnt find any solution there.

  14. If you fall for this bullshit ……
    You deserve what you get. Just ask yourself is it typical human nature to share with everyone how you make money. NO…selling you something makes him money. As far as Mrs. Renee….well known SCAM all over the internet.

  15. Mrs Renee bitcoin trade is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  16. Hostinger is Crap. I can't believe you are recommending them.

  17. The trouble with WordPress is that one downloads all these templates, themes, plugins etc, etc. But they don't tell you that to get the full features you have to pay for it. So I stick with HTML. I play around with WordPress now and again on my home server, but I doubt I'll ever build a website with it unless everything is free. I give enough of my time so I want a free product.

  18. Pl speak slowly

  19. Why is the menu not visible at the top?

  20. Great video, although I do think WordPress is overkill for beginners who simply want a website for their business. WP is technical, open to a barrage of security issues, plugins that break other plugins (and even your site). Plus it's extremely fiddly to simply post a blog. On top of this you need to navigate a hosting provider's control panel, and much more.

    WordPress is highly popular because it's used by organisations but there are other far easier plug and play solutions out there for beginners to use. Ones that leave you with time to build your business rather than fight technical issues with your theme, plugin, hosting provider etc . While wordpress is free, you will certainly pay with your time .

    I'm not bashing the content, but I think it should be fair and transparent. Is WordPress really the best solution for a beginnner? Why not compare it to other beginner friendly options?

    Also, while the intro states you are not selling courses, or making money from this video…The promotion of Hostinger in the video leads people to your affiliate link in the description where you will make money (surely there are other hosting providers that could have been mentioned/ compared?) .

    Let's just be transparent to those out there who are looking to people on YouTube for fair, appropriate and unbiased info.

  21. Omg. Best tutorial I have EVER seen on WordPress. Great job. Thank you

  22. 11:15 didnt work for me, it keeps giving me a 404 error

  23. I was sooooo close to transfer my domain to Hostinger but could not see "Live chat" for customer support. I connected with them thru my gmail as asked and looked for support. I could see Chat icon but it was OFF and written there as "Live specialist are busy at the moment and recommend to send email" to support team. Makes no sense if they keep their Chat off for hours and hours and no phone contact and you have to depend on their mercy for email support.

  24. Sir .this is necessary to first setup hosting and domain before creating website ?

  25. You confused me as a beginner. You talk about so many things that are for advanced people. I found it difficult on what to listen to and what is for the advanced user.

  26. Nai befok dit help ma se kind! Dankie

  27. Your video was great and I was very excited to hear about Elementor! I'm an old fogey and I first got my feet wet with any kind of web development on the ancient Microsoft Front Page around 1999. When I recently saw WordPress and especially Elementor, it made me a very happy person! I'm wanting to get into web development. But I'm also an extreme newby to the new ways web pages are made and I have an extreme newby question (it's OK if you laugh, but please answer the question) :^) To start out learning WordPress/Elementor I just got a minimum hosting site for my sandbox to try out things and learn and one day I may make it my portfolio page. But when you are making websites for other people/companies how does that work generally? Is the first thing you do is have them buy a domain and host and you make it for them? Or do you, for yourself have a hosting place that allows more than one webpage and then somehow you manage their pages from your hosting site? I'm trying to fit all pieces together in my mind on how it works when you actually start making web sites for others (freelancing). Thank you.

  28. Hi there
    I have a question that i hope you can/will anwser… I wanted to follow ur great tutorial, but when i was on wordpress and wanted to install plugins, it said that i have go upgrade wordpress to a business account which is 25 dollars a month… Im asking because I wanted to use the elementor plugin, but because of the paywall i am unable to… Can you help me out here?

  29. While doing my static bike exercise, I watching this video and wow, I learnt a lot ! Oh, I still have to watch until the end. Thank You !

  30. Thank you for sharing this information with us, it is very kind of you. But maybe you could talk a little less fast..? Some people, like me, are a little slower than the rest (but not less bright). Thank you so much 🙂

  31. It's great and I built the site beautiful so thank you! Problem – I cannot seem to figure out how to remove "Outdoor Adventure" from the very top -it's not addressed in the video – thank you so much

  32. Great video but how do you take off the Take Action tab at the top and the Sample address at the bottom footer??? ugh!!! 🙂

  33. Thanks for the video. I fail to see "Install Importer Pluggins" inside Astra Options. It's getting frustrating.

  34. Thanks

  35. Assuming margin and padding behaves the same like it does in code (CSS) you mixed up padding and margin. Margin = outside, padding = inside..

  36. Thanks for the great info. Very helpful. I made a purchase via your link and I chose a template that I don't want anymore and I wanted to switch. But I am not able to select another template. No matter what I did, it is still going to the initial one I chose. I will appreciate any help with this.

  37. Your tutorial is interesting but you are talking way too fast for a beginner to follow you. I am not a beginner but still sometimes I could not follow you because you were jumpimg right and lefr giving no time to realize what you were doing, also I lost interest and focus because of this which is a shame because I am sure you are a talented young guy and I was able to learn a couple of things anyway. Thank you.

  38. I have a question. I created by “about me page” but there is a generic photo that came with the theme that I cannot for the life of me remove. How do I remove the generic photos that is included in the pages on my theme? I haven’t started writing a post yet. Please help. It’s driving me crazy

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