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How To Make a Website With WordPress – 2021 (Beginners Tutorial)

Learn every step to make a WordPress website in this beginner’s course. No coding necessary! You will learn how to get a domain name and hosting, install WordPress, use a theme, customize the exact website you want, and more.

✏️ This course was developed by Beau Carnes.

🎉 Hostinger provided a grant that made this course possible.
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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (0:00:54) What is WordPress?
⌨️ (0:02:14) Getting a domain name and hosting from Hostinger
⌨️ (0:06:40) Using a domain from a different company with Hostinger
⌨️ (0:08:56) Understanding hosting dashboard
⌨️ (0:10:47) Installing WordPress
⌨️ (0:10:47) Logging into WordPress admin dashboard
⌨️ (0:13:47) Uninstalling default plugins
⌨️ (0:14:48) Dashboard overview
⌨️ (0:15:13) Updating WordPress
⌨️ (0:15:47) Adding and modifying users
⌨️ (0:16:40) Updating Permalinks
⌨️ (0:17:40) Installing a WordPress theme (OceanWP)
⌨️ (0:20:05) Installing plugins
⌨️ (0:22:31) Installing a demo template
⌨️ (0:27:09) Backing up WordPress website
⌨️ (0:29:20) Begin customizing website
⌨️ (0:30:54) Creating custom logo
⌨️ (0:35:12) Update website general colors
⌨️ (0:36:39) Adding favicon
⌨️ (0:38:12) Begin editing website content
⌨️ (0:39:34) Adding custom element with Elementor
⌨️ (0:40:18) Editing text on website
⌨️ (0:43:50) Updating links
⌨️ (0:44:47) Change colors of individual elements
⌨️ (0:46:48) Adding pictures
⌨️ (0:50:15) Updating layout and look
⌨️ (0:55:08) Adding new sections to page
⌨️ (1:00:20) Updating pages
⌨️ (1:03:24) Updating menus
⌨️ (1:05:19) Creating new page
⌨️ (1:12:01) Setting homepage to be a blog
⌨️ (1:13:35) Updating blog entries page
⌨️ (1:17:43) Creating new blog post
⌨️ (1:21:42) Edit blog post display settings
⌨️ (1:23:28) Removing sample articles
⌨️ (1:24:39) Turn off comments
⌨️ (1:25:37) Begin editing contact page
⌨️ (1:26:30) Adding custom contact form
⌨️ (1:30:50) Updating website header
⌨️ (1:31:49) Updating social links
⌨️ (1:33:58) Updating website footer
⌨️ (1:43:09) Updating custom CSS
⌨️ (1:44:36) Updating scroll to top button
⌨️ (1:45:15) Conclusion

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  1. Hi, I'm trying to make a site for someone else using hostinger and WordPress, and also want to do more future freelance work in the future. Of course I don't want to pay for my clients domain name or hosting so if I allowed them to pay through my account would this cause issues elsewhere or is there a better practice? This is my first time doing freelance work in this area and it may be an obvious answer but at the moment I'm uncertain and don't want to cause avoidable issues. any help is appreciated 🙂

  2. That's awesome thanks ❤️👍🏻

  3. I'm a Wp designer, Just came to binge on this tonight and it was indeed a good refresher ! Great Job. Wish I could join your team

  4. My question is, my website theme is child envolve and in my website missing theme file from theme file editor so how will be back it ??

  5. Could you make tutorial about how to make free 11ty site with cms and admin panel for easy content control?

  6. so this is what mouse developers use to build their awful and slow websites.
    now after watching this video I can compete with them in freelancers websites.

  7. This is a great tutorial but halfway through Elementor really seemed to have changed and is not working for my website. Thus, I haven't been able to make the website properly. Elementor isn't as easy as it is shown here or is it just me? Can somebody help out? 🙁

  8. It's is great lesson. ☺️
    Thank you sir…

  9. i cannot bear too many advertisement popping up, am i here for learning or what?

  10. Thank you!!

  11. নাইচ

  12. Instant FREE🔥 WordPress premium GPL Theme & Plugin download

  13. android google sign in android appauth openid

  14. Good morning Sir Thank you for sharing on how to make a Website with WordPress that is the greatest Tutorial and can help our Channel good , for my self Sir I m going to Learn first before I apply it ,but your tutorial is best , I like the way to change Logo , and the image , changing the color , the Lay out using the Robots Review ,using this Program I like it very much and appreciated using this . Especially the editing of different status like for example the Lay-outer, background , color , picture and others, editing the comments is great and good and more fun and can make video more excitement and more attraction to the audience that is great and very interesting good information thank you so much for the very informative tutorial I learn a lot , I love to apply it . Sir i am fully watching your video tutorial but it takes time to study first and learn all command thank you so much

  15. Great tutorial. I learned WordPress a while ago, then switched to code based design, now I'm revisiting it. This was a really helpful refresher. WordPress feels kind of awkward to me, but this tutorial makes it easier to get used to. Much different than coding, but kind of more fun imo. Not as much control, but you can get a cool site faster and learn a lot just by playing around with the interface.

  16. "making a website" actually starts at minute 30, for those not having all day

  17. If you could just speak less and say more…

  18. 37:27

  19. This WordPress tutorial was very easy and very helpful for beginner.🙂

  20. Everything was explained properly, thank you very much!

  21. these are all over youtube mostly like plugin managers like heroes are dropping such stuff. give me something better buddy: show me how to create your own useful and productive plugin for elementor? i want to send SMS while people will register as well as they will log in. during the login process also they must confirm the mobile number with OTP. if the OTP is correct then they will land on their owner's account pages.

  22. found this extremely helpful in figuring out my way around the wordpress dashboard. Easy to understand and a charming voice can go a long way. Thanks!

  23. Its 2022 but this tutorial is still very relevent …… and its the best one out there

  24. Yes. Thank you very much 😊 Good afternoon

  25. Helped a ton! Thank you!

  26. Thank You for the interesting presentation! It is very usefull. However, I have a problem with elementor and I would like to ask if anybody has any ideas about the solution. I cannot add any features with elementor (pictures etc). Moreover, how can I edit the size of the images with elementor?

  27. thank you for this great video !

  28. Yes. Thank you very much 😊

  29. Great tutorial. I'm using Blocksy theme and have Elementor.
    1) Am I able to add menu items or have to stick with the four default choices "HOME ABOUT BLOG CONTACT"?
    2) Can I change the name of the menu items such as change BLOG to SERVICES?

  30. How do I show a “coming soon” page while I’m building everything? Thank you!

  31. it was so helpful and easier, but at start i didn't understand it clearly….Otherwise i was going to stop watching so early but then i really i don't know this was kind of interesting video. thank you so much !!!

  32. Hi, I am new to this field.. though this video help me a lot, but I still don't know how to add review section with the help of a plugin.. kindly suggest a good tutorial video about this.. thank you.

  33. Excellent step by step learning WordPress

  34. اللھم صلی علی سیدنا و مولانا محمد وعلی آلہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیما کثیرا کثیرا۔
    Wishing you and your family best of luck. Your way of teaching is amazing, lots of thanks for your time.

  35. You guys put in so much time for this content with sincere thanks.

  36. ocean extra wp doesnt work

  37. 36:53 Dont mind this, it's jus a reminder for me where i left off

  38. very very helpful, thank you very much.

  39. https://www.youtube.com/channel

  40. I so much love your video sir, please can you send me the theme and plugging you use for the practical please help me with it.

  41. Great video. What do you think about the Blocksy theme?

  42. I love you and this channel for making this!!!!! You all are a gift <3

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    Created as much as possible
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    And dropping my knowledge

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