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How to Make a Webtoon Canvas Tutorial: Layout – Vertical Comic Tutorial using Clip Studio Paint

How to make a Webtoon look great by creating smooth layouts and planning using Clip Studio Paint. This is a vertical comic tutorial that shows you how to make a comic in the Webtoon format. I hope this Webtoon Tutorial is helpful!

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New video for the Make a Webtoon From Start to Finish series. The series is going to cover writing, thumbnails, penciling, inking, flatting, coloring, lettering, and uploading.

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We’re doing layouts in Clip Studio, but the techniques are easily applied using other programs.

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Walter Ostlie

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  1. Dude I hope you're ok, I really like your videos and find them really useful, so I hope more are on the way! you deserve a lot more views! I hope you blow out this 2022

  2. Good tips. Thanks for the video!

  3. Would it be too visually busy to do a hybrid comic? In other words, instead of having one panel on screen, have two side by side, so that the reader still goes left to right before scrolling down. I want to make comics readable online, but I personally find the constant scrolling of webtoons to be annoying… yet I know that's the way comics are going in the future. I've already tried tripling the canvas width, drawing in high def, font at size 45, then shrinking the finished image to 800px wide (for Webtoon) and it isn't difficult to read on my small smartphone, but I also worry I could lose detail.

  4. Hey, going through the series, it have been extremely helpful so far. But you lost me on one bit towards the end.
    You said with the cropping website that it takes our width from 900 pixels to 800 pixels. Do we lose stuff on the sides, does it make the art more narrow? What happens to the lost hundred pixel width?

  5. all that work to get it split up by another website?

  6. I did like 50 800x 500 panels at first but it didn't work for the vertical format so i just did a huge 800x 30k pixel version lol that allowed me to get those sweeping backgrounds i wanted with smaller panels. But this helps a lot

  7. YOU ARE SUCH A LIFESAVER!! I couldn't understand how to do these steps in the process with CSP but watching you show us step by step literally gives me huge relief! Thanks🤧🙏

  8. I'm using Medibang Paint which has features that help you organize pages in order, so I am not doing the long panel thumbnail thing unless I want a special panel. I was wondering, is that why people make their chapters one extremely long panel like this, because it's easier to separate the panel by pages afterward, as opposed to making a different art file per page from the start and maybe making mistakes? I am just interested in what other benefits there could possibly be.

  9. Hello! I was wondering what resolution I should set it? I use 350 dpi but it ends up blurry when I slice the long canvas QwQ Thank you in advance! <33

  10. Wait so is WEBTOON an actual comic maker or just somewhere to post comics

  11. This is actually remarkably similar to my Procreate process. My 'chunks' are a bit squatter, to accommodate the Procreate layer limit, but I have a similar process of pulling those flattened chunks into a longer format in order to blend the seams and add transitional detail where necessary. It's a bit more tedious due to Procreate's limitations, but it works.

  12. Unordinary just stacks boxes (most of the time) and it's one of the best webcomics I've ever read

  13. wow Im super late to this video but this was extremely useful!

  14. Do you have to lay it out like that

  15. Thanks a lot man. 👍🏻✊🏻✊🏻🔥

  16. I have come back to this video SOOO MANY TIMES

  17. So working right at 800px – 900px width is okay? I was thinking that some who might want to print will make their file size larger but then that might lag Clip Studio. What do you think?

  18. I loved seeing this on webtoon, please add more to the series- also, I'd love to see you make a video for how to draw better… I can barely draw a sun 😂

  19. Very helpful video, thank you!
    Here's a link to Croppy for anyone who had trouble making it out from the video like I did


  21. you need to buy it though……… man lifes hard……..any apps similar?? im under 18 so thats why

  22. Thank you so much! I am a legally blind comic illustrator and was told to really give WEBTOONS a try. It was really stressing me out because I didn't understand why the majority of search results I got told me to do a size of 800 x 1200 and it just didn't seem right. Doing it your way is a lot easier to understand the way you walked everyone through it in your video. Thanks a ton! 😀

  23. Is it necesary for a webtoon to be in color? Can't it be done in black-n-white and/or gray scales?

  24. please make a photoshop tutorial too

  25. I noticed clip already has a long virtual webtoon preset is that not a good size?

  26. How long does it take to make one vertical scrolling chapter if you're working by yourself?
    I mean, I see so many webtoon originals uploading a new comic every week and I'm wondering how they do that ( I don't think all of them have a team).

  27. i'm the 1Keth liker
    I mean i'm the 1000th liker

  28. You just blew my mind with that croppy site!

  29. Had to come back here cuz I haven't made webcomics for a while and I somehow forgot things xD

  30. Is this possible to do in procreate? I haven't seen anything about that but I know some webtoon artists use procreate

  31. How would I know if the story and characters are interesting enough? I feel like I've got the hang of it but my brain keeps adding stuff up, thinking "what if it's not good enough?"

  32. VERY helpful, Walter! Maybe you mentioned this in a previous video, but how does Webtoon position this on the user's screen? Is there white around the purple bkgd, or does it depend on the res of the reader's computer? On a very small monitor, or if a user increases magnification in his browser, might it be that the purple of your bkgd stretches all the way across the screen?

  33. Can we use a manga format for webtoon

  34. Um i may be at to ask this, but I draw in a longer panel with less wide like you you do, but i do it on ibis x paint. The problem occurs when I try to crop and merge them later when I'm uploading them to WEBTOON, the quality just appears so low! Please help 🙁

  35. hey does it matter which country u are from to publish webtoon

  36. Thank you so much for all your vids – they helped us so much for our webtoon contest submission 'We Know What You Owe!' Got one more episode to go before the deadline though…. ><

  37. im a beginner in digital art im using medibang and i still dont get it 🥺😭

  38. Could you make a webtoon on ibis paint x?

  39. When you move the folders around, does it lower the quality of the image? ie. make the lines less sharp? Because it does that for me (I use MediBang though) so does it not lower the sharpness in csp?

  40. how did he do the stacking. im so stuck.its like after I do my Finnished results how do I separate them and know which slide I'm n. Ya know?

  41. What if you have even more files, would you just create another big file and then combine the two big files for WEBTOON ?

  42. Thank you so much. This is my first time on web toon i'm very confused with the vertical format. Your video is very informative & helpful! TQ!

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