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How to Make a Webtoon Comic: Size Your Comic for Webtoon

How to make a Webtoon comic.

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This method is outdated. But I have new and improved methods using Photoshop or Gimp. The video is also much shorter and shows the Webtoon upload process.

Super easy process:
New process using Photoshop:
New process using Gimp:

Want to know how to split your infinite canvas into small bite size chunks so you can upload them to Webtoon? Well look no further.

This video will show you how to take a large file and splice them into small files that can be used for Webtoon requirements regarding resolution and height in pixels.

If you need any other help, please comment below. Or you can watch me on Twitch at and ask for live help. I love helping cause it sucks to be stuck.

I also created another Webtoon video that shows my creation process from thumbnails to lettering. Watch it here

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My WEBTOON comic:


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Walter Ostlie

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  1. YO!!!! Watch this way easier method now. So easy. https://youtu.be/8eMBWVrwDqg

  2. Man… This all seems so complicated :/ I wanted to start making my own comics but, all the numbers and steps is hard for me to follow.

  3. I have a question…..can we use different hights of canvas…i mean…i draw some pages in 800×1280 and some in 800×2560…so tell me that…!!….i am really scared now…! Reply me ASAP!

  4. Omg 70000 px . Wow. Mine is only 16640. Is it ok to post it smaller like mine ?

  5. So I have a question for anyone who can answer. If I want to draw traditionally, and then scan that page for color, letters, etc., what size should I use to format for webtoon? It wouldn't need to be a comic page (11×17). Trying to figure out what printer to get.

  6. Bro u r the only guy who make me understand how they upload this long eps. Thanks m truly Gladful

  7. Would any photoshop program do? or do i have to download Photoshop Cs4.

  8. Thanks. I'll message you here for now on. Going from oldschool comic creation to electronics is tough.

  9. So when you make your comic it’s 800 by whatever thousands, then you separate it by 800 x 1280 and post all of those sections onto WEBTOON??

  10. camilo uuuu xd

  11. 1,000th like😌✊🏾

  12. The problem I have is that my brushes get all pixelated when I zoom into the big panel to draw (For comic I was going to use 800×1280)
    I have it on 350dpi but the brushes only work fine on a bigger canvas like 1080×1080… I was rly looking forward to start my comic and now I have no idea how to fix this??

  13. Umm I’m making a WEBTOON I’m a beginner and I have 3 people working with me but like we don’t know how to make like backgrounds!!! Can you make a video of it please bc we are planning to publish the comic in last of august !!


  15. Whoa. I just now realized. I bought your comic book Shiver Beaureau at a small comic con in Florida! Been interested in doing a webtoon for a while, saw your tutorial and thought it was a funny coincidence! Great stuff!

  16. where's the file splitter. none of the ones im finding are like the ones in the tutorial

  17. The canvas size must be 800×1280, but I was wondering what size does the panel need to be? When I test this out before uploading my comic, I noticed that the panels are VERY huge when I preview them, they takes up the whole page and parts of the drawing got cut off. Is there a specific size for the panels?

  18. Is IbisPaint okay for WEBTOON?

  19. tttttthhhhhhhaaaaaannnnnnkkkkkk yyyyyooooouuuuu!

  20. You just don't know how much your video has helped me. Thank you so much!!

  21. Say 'photoshop' again…. no really please don't…. but then you did.

  22. I find it frustarting that programs like clip studio aren't available for android tablet devices. I do not own a computer, so the clip studio that I do have is just sitting there. I own a samsung tablet A with s pen, and just wish that I can use these programs. The free ones that are available just don't work as good, or have limited/simplified options.. Ive tried getting a virtual box into my tablet but didnt work… Uuuuuiiighhhh

  23. your a life saver!!!!

  24. This is… so complicated.

  25. Ok so, 1470×20000 is just too short for me… Since Medibang can't go higher. I want my comic to be longer and continuos, but Medibang has a limitation. I was thinking about making a new canvas with the same size which is 1470×20000 and split them together, but it's so unnatural to me. Help?

  26. what is the page size for webtoon Length and width

  27. I went to image splitter, but it took me to a different site. I'd like to talk with you someday to help me get my process done cause it's a huge pain in the butt.

  28. I have a webtoon…and plan on making another one, though I was always curious on how other artists get a canvas or do that…I always have to split it in images and spaces between!

  29. Haxor is really awesome

  30. How wide are your files? 1000? I upload to tapastic but been thinking about reformatting for webtoons….I’m not sure if I should build differently moving forward to format for webtoons or keep going traditional and reformat.

  31. THANK YOU SO MUCH for these vids – I'm entirely new to webtoons and had to go on hiatus until i could get better programs to work with. Now that I have photoshop finally, there's so much to learn. It's fun though~ ^_______^ I'm glad there's such a cool community here and on webtoons. GO ARTIST PPLZ!

  32. 0 likes. Great! Because I love this vid 😀

  33. I’m really excited to try this

  34. This method doesn't work anymore, check out my new videos which use Photoshop or Gimp. PS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY1u43UCHWo Gimp – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKYmAmvxwHE

  35. Can i do it in Ibis paint x?

  36. Cool! Does image splitter at all affect the appearance of the images, as in colors or values?

  37. I'm used to drawing basic doujinshi and have been wanting to start a Webtoon for a long time… I didnt know how to size my art for Webtoon until now and I have been looking everywhere for the numbers for awhile! Thank you!!!!

  38. you man bad news. they just updated image splitter so you can only cut images into squares for instagram.

  39. You. Are. A Saint!

  40. Is it possible to make a comic on a smart phone? Or tablet?

  41. Hey I need help, it won’t let me upload my comic bc it keeps saying “it is invalid file format. Only jpg is allowed” and my file type is jpeg please help me with this 😭


  43. Anyone wanna make a webtoon together??

  44. Wait what type of thing do you use to create your webtoons mine is MediBangPaint Pro but it just doesn't let me add the picture because it is not ".jpg" I changed the name and everything it still doesn't work what other paint for a imac should I use instead of MediBangPaint Pro?

  45. OMG thanksss I was literally really happy when i saw this video :3

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