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How to Make a Webtoon Using Krita – Tutorial for Canvas and Originals

Here’s how to make a Webtoon using Krita. This Krita tutorial is the simplest and quickest way to use Krita to create your Webtoon. Storyboards, sketching, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, through how to upload to Webtoon. Krita is a great free way to make your Webtoon Short Story contest submission.

Please read my webtoon Ghost Bats

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I take you through the entire process of using Krita to make your very own Webtoon comic.

Someone commented that I template file is 1000px wide, not 900px as I stated in the video. So when you copy over to the tall file 13:51, make the file 1000 px wide. When you use croppy, it will make the file 800px for you. so keep it at the higher res of 1000px for the tall file.

0:00:30 – File stuff
0:00:59 – My template
0:01:46 – Thumbnails / Storyboards
0:02:06 – Brushes
0:02:53 – Pencink – penciling and inking
0:05:10 – Coloring
0:08:27 – Shadows
0:09:52 – Lettering
0:11:25 – Balloons
0:13:53 – Layout ad Webtoon Prep
0:15:44 – Split comic using Croppy

My template file – My current template –
Croppy for splitting your comic –
This is my current font from blambot.com

My coloring tutorials –

My thumbnail storyboard tutorials-


My WEBTOON comic:


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Walter Ostlie

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  1. Someone commented that I template file is 1000px wide, not 900px as I stated in the video. So when you copy over to the tall file 13:51, make the file 1000 px wide. When you use croppy, it will make the file 800px for you. so keep it at the higher res of 1000px for the tall file.

  2. Cara, te amo <3

  3. I’m trying to download Walter’s template thing, but I can’t open it, it says Keira doesn’t support this file format. Is there anything I can do? Or any other thing I can use to have that template??

  4. Doesn't it fail when drawing it at 1000 to 30000 pixels?

  5. I like 400 width with double the height. It gives you more.

  6. It's not a mistake, IT'S A ✨MASTERPIECE✨

  7. Omgggg you're amazinnnng, I was looking for videos like this, you helped me a lot, thanks!!! 😍😍😍😍

  8. Wow. His artwork's pretty great. It's trashy here, but check out his webtoon comic Ghost Bats (in description).
    His comic book actually displays his talent. It's super good looking. I'm definitely saving this to watch later.

  9. how did you rotate the canvas?

  10. VERY, VERY IMPRSSIVE. AWESOME. So much work and good job in this video BRO. Thanks

  11. Hey, Walter, I really live your videos!
    Can you make some vídeos on how to do webtoon with Infinity Painter for android?
    I can't afford a PC right now but I have a Samsung Tab A and I really wanna make my webtoon come real

  12. thank you so much for this! i'm planning to make a webtoon on krita but wasn't sure about the template and sizes and this was very helpful!

  13. Ugh thank God, someone else uses Krita, I’ll be subscribing, hopefully I learn some stuff from your channel, thank you

  14. if someone were to post their comic to Webtoon using an indie license font from blambot, would that fall into the category of mainstream publisher and therefore require you to purchase a basic desktop license for the comic?

  15. Hi! I tried using the template and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of all the text in order for it to be blank and ready to use. Could you possibly tell me how to make a blank template the way you used it for this video? Like just if you can tell me how wide and long in px to make it and how to make the pink columns, that would be great.

  16. hi why does everytime i see my artwork through my phone it looks so thin and low quality??? but not on my pc

  17. You video helped me so much!!!

  18. Anybody knows how to do fading colour effect??? thanks !!!

  19. Thank you so much! Your video helped me make my own webtoon! 😀

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  21. thank u bro

  22. me when i am thinking about making a webtoon:
    Step 1. Overthink if its worth it
    step 2. find someone that explains how to make a webtoon.
    step 3. Think about a story and characters. (either zomby apocalypse or smth Minecraft related probably XD)

  23. i was hoping to do a manga but i think webtoon will be perfect for me, i draw anime and manga style anyway. i practice drawing with a manga artists style i follow.

  24. Alguien me dice como puso eso de las rayas rojas? x'D

  25. thank you so much i had no idea how to import the files i had into webtoon but thanks to you i can finally actually upload it

  26. Hi Walter, do you have a template for procreate?

  27. why cant i make a balloon tail though?

  28. how do i get the template :(( sorry im new

  29. This was incredibly helpful! I've been using Krita for a long time now so I was wondering how to create webtoons using it! Very good and helpful video!

  30. This was so helpful. I have been having the hardest time with lettering (especially with word bubbles) XD

  31. your template it says it's a clip file and it wont let me open it thru krita, so im not sure how im supposed to open it :/

  32. when i try to add the tails it makes huge blobs far bigger than what I had traced…

  33. Not sure if you're gonna see this but i'm still a bit confused aboust the bleeding space thing. What is it for?

  34. Just fyi, in the template you have linked, the columns are not 800 pixels, they are 1000 pixels wide without the bleed area

  35. this is such a helpful video like everything was so clear and detailed but the only problem i am having is the font i cant download it for free and if ya i dont know how? so like if anyone followed that could anyone tell me. i would crazy appricitate it!

  36. ive been wanting to do this forever and finally got a new computer that's compatible with my drawing tablet

  37. hey what's sup. just wonder what's a good size to use the template on?

  38. He made this seem so simple meanwhile I'm stuck on how I'm going to draw the first box…LOL!

  39. Heyy thank you for this video I was wasting a lot of time and energy because I didn't know a lot of these tips! I'm really grateful :')) sending some love your way !

  40. Your channel is super helpful! Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge for free with us ❤️

  41. Sam is zero percent ready. I'm Sam, everyday….

  42. Awesome tutorial. Noob question tho, how do you mask the panels so you can laso and shadow outside the panel and it won't affect? i missed that part

  43. Not gonna lie, I thought it was Mike Shinoda in the thumbnail, lol

  44. I downloaded your template and I thought my laptop was about to explode. It's such a big file and make my krita super laggy.


  46. What is the use of the rest of the space in the right in the templates??

  47. hey dumb question but how do i use/ access the template in Krita ?

  48. Hey the new file you used to like transfer the work you did on the old file can't we just draw on the new file or can you like give a specific custom document that falls under the max size for webtoon upload so you can just draw on the new file and not transferring???? I hope the question is not confusing 😅

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