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How To Make a WordPress Website – 2022

Make a website in 1 hour. Everything you need to know, from getting your website name to choosing your design and creating your website.

Learn step by step with no step skipped.

You can download the files needed for this design here:

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00:00:00 Make Any Design
00:01:00 Setup Overview
00:02:08 Domain Name & Hosting
00:06:17 Get Big Hosting Discount

Use coupon code UNLOCK for the biggest possible discount. I will also get a commission from Hostgator (at no additional cost to you) that allows me to make these in-depth tutorials for free, thank you!

00:06:54 Install WordPress
00:09:03 Login & Dashboard
00:09:56 Delete Plugins, Posts & Pages
00:11:52 Choose Your Design
00:15:12 Change Title and Tagline

00:16:05 Homepage Design
00:17:09 Text
00:20:21 Buttons
00:23:08 Undo / Redo
00:23:58 Sections
00:26:41 Images
00:29:25 Backgrounds
00:32:32 Spacing

00:35:47 About Page
00:36:02 Video
00:37:26 Super Cool Thing

00:40:37 Services Page
00:41:01 Change Icons
00:41:57 Mobile Friendly (Responsiveness)

00:45:14 Contact Page
00:45:34 Add Google Map
00:46:02 Contact Form

00:47:28 Add New Page
00:48:00 Import a Page
00:48:40 Import a Block
00:49:39 Transparent Header
00:50:17 Copy a Design
00:51:27 Design From Scratch
00:52:25 Add Page To Menu

00:54:00 Make Logo & Site Icon
00:56:34 Insert Logo & Edit Header
00:58:49 Insert Site Icon
00:59:15 Edit Footer
01:00:49 Final Design

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If you have any question or get stuck anywhere at all, just ask in a new comment below. No question is a bad question, and we answer each and every one!

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Tyler Moore

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  1. Once again awesome stuff. I want to add your videos were instrumental in me landing my first clients a few years back. I know the videos are focused on DIY but many small businesses simply don't have the time, patience etc and are willing to shell out $ for someone to do it for them (just like me when I need home repairs ); your videos helped me launch a nice side hustle that I'm passionate about. Thanks!

  2. I’ve upgraded to the pro version, and trying to sort out how my site looks on a tablet or phone, I can see “responsive mode” at the bottom of the screen, I tap on it but don’t see the option at the top like in your video… I must add that I’m editing on an iPad Pro (maybe this has something to with it?)

    I would really appreciate any advice 😃

  3. I'm very new to website developing but I already tried and have a WordPress website which I found really hard to navigate. I created some content with my limited knowledge (around 20 posts). Now, watching your video I was wondering how I can transfer it to starter template. Will I lose my posts?

  4. Sir, is there a way to delete or disable mu-plugins folder? Is it a default folder? I tried removing & reinstalling wordpress, but the folder remains there.

  5. Hi Tyler
    Thanks very much for your fantastic presentation and video which I could follow.
    I have created my first web page and having logged out of WordPress for the day.
    However, on the next day when I log in again, I could not find the tab 'edit with elementor' and thus I could not find my webpage anymore.

    The second thing is that under admin account, I would like to change the Admin User name….is this possible ?

    You have a very wonderful video education and I very much would like to continue to learn and be successful in launching my own website. But I need to sort out these two issues that I have now.

    Thanks in advance and hope you could advise me what to do next. Thank you !

  6. Having issues …. When I get the front page looking like I want it, then go check it on my phone, everything looks different! Kinda shifted around and text different sizes etc

  7. I want to say a Big THANK YOU… For what you are offering… You just made me more enhanced in my website design ability

  8. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Great work man. This is the best tutorial

  10. I really appreciate your easy steps. I will look at the ecommerce video

  11. Absolute top tier tutorial. Thanks a ton mate

  12. You are amazing!! Thank you so much for this incredible tutorial. Couldn't have completed my site it without you!

  13. I might have missed it, do you show how to edit the slug in Elementor?

  14. Virgil sent me here R.I.P Virgil abloh

  15. Awesome. Really precise and clear on how to design a webpage. Download a copy so you can watch all the steps and complete them. Thank You!

  16. This tutorial was amazing! Thank you for taking the time to create it. I’ve hired out for other websites but have never been very happy with the results (partially because we never paid an arm and a leg for the work). I’ve finally decided to hunker down and start working on them myself. I’ve learned a lot in this tutorial alone and look forward to watching your other videos and applying the knowledge you share. Thank you again for breaking things down into easy and actionable steps!! Great pace and entertaining as well. I actually had to slow down the playback at times (vs. the 2x playback speed necessary for most YouTube videos in this genre)

  17. I created my site, I thought your tutorial is fantastic. Then get to my last page…the contact page with form….just changing one more thing…and the whole thing goes wonky. I cannot bring edit, on the left the elements do not match my page. No individual blocks anymore, etc….oversized items or super small. Out of control. I reinstalled all plugins. redid the page after deleting it twice. nothing, nada. Now even importing a page, will not show at all. I called 24/7 gator chat, they said I need wordpress support, been waiting since 3 days with 3 repeated check ins with gator. Tried direct wordpress support…costs $49 at least for them to look at it. Another quote after they heard the issue was $70. I am bummed. Site is corrupt. Now what????????????????????????? Help!!!!!!!

  18. nc

  19. Nice

  20. like your presentation. good work

  21. Can you do the buying of URL and hosting after creation? Asking as I want to trial WordPress out but don't want to put anything live as such.

  22. Hi Tyler, awsome video, supper creative delivery 👍

  23. Hello sir, I descovered a lot of money has to go into the creation of a WordPress website but I'll love to practice and learn how to design a site without publishing it, I'd love to work for clients. I don't know if there's any means I can use to practice creating a wix website for the meantime without spending. Something like a fake website that won't be launched officially on the web. Something for practice purposes before I try out the real thing.

  24. Need help ASAP on my site. I messed it up while following the video. Is there a way I can contact you for help? 😭

  25. I did hours of research on how to build a website. Wish I had known this video existed sooner! Splendid job! Thankyou so much

  26. this was a very informative video, thank you so much for this, you have saved me honestly!!!!!!

  27. Thank you for your tutorial, it is great help for us starters. Everything is explained for beginners, and easy to use. Keep good work 🙂

  28. Really informative video, thank you sooooo much. I just started a business and it really is helpful.
    I do have a question however, in the beginning you said that we would be able to change a theme later on if we wanted to. How do we do that?
    Thanks in advance.

  29. I added a page but the menu is not transparent like the other ones. Can't figure out how to make it transparent also.

  30. I ended up loving it and pursuing computer science in college

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