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How to Make a WordPress Website for FREE – WordPress Designing MasterClass 2022 – Elementor & Phlox

How to Make a WordPress Website for FREE – WordPress Designing MasterClass 2022 – Elementor & Phlox Theme
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00:00 Introduction & Demo Website
08:09 Best & Fastest Hosting
20:18 Installing SSL & WordPress
23:19 Basic WordPress Settings
27:18 Installing Phlox Theme & Plugins
32:26 Creating Home Page
37:05 Hero Section Home Page
51:14 Download & Edit Free Pro Stock Images
59:16 Advanced Absolute Positioning
01:08:14 Adding Entrance Animations
01:13:35 Home Services Section
01:23:31 Counter Section
01:27:52 About Team Section
01:33:09 Creating Portfolios
01:42:25 Testimonial Section
01:46:57 Creating Blog Posts
01:51:03 Making Website Mobile Friendly
01:56:14 Creating About, Blog & Contact Pages
02:02:01 Menu & Custom Header & Footer
02:58:28 More Customization Options

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Nayyar Shaikh

25 Bình luận

  1. Another issue, when importing the About Us and Contact Page, the text boxes are blue the text is green, icon infox structure is wrong etc

  2. Lots of blessings

  3. Hi, first of all thank you for this video it helped a lot. However, I am getting an error "Warning: Undefined array key "text_align_mobile" in D:Programasxampphtdocssite4wp-contentpluginsauxin-elementsincludeselementorwidgetstext.php on line 1678" on top of the services icons, any clue to fix this?

  4. oh my god you are really amazing dude i never find a tutorial like you man. you are awesome thank you so much to provide this video. go for more

  5. Recommanded Video

  6. Under the button, in Elementor, in the Advanced Tab, there isn't normal positioning. Did I miss a setting maybe? I'd like your comment on this please. It is important because I can't place the other button next to it.

  7. Sir, Header not working properly on some pages. How to resolve. Please help. Thanks


  9. Thank you sir. We want to about fiver video

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    를 클릭하여 홈페이지로 이동

  11. Sir, I am following this tutorial for the last one month and making my website as and when I get time. Now I am stuck at the CSS Code of the TESTIMONIAL SECTION that you might forget to upload under the mentioned tutorial. Please look into this and provide.

  12. Lovely

  13. I Am Getting One Problem Post Future Post Ke Upar Heder Aa Raha He Post Future Post Ko Niche Kese Le Please Create some Videos To Solve this Ishu Or please Give me Some Information how To Solve this Problem Heder ke niche post Future image AA Rahi he

  14. 1:08:18 Where i left

  15. Thank you so so soo much sir…. for this video

  16. Please I'm facing this problem with my WordPress website, can you help me please
    (Your server is running PHP version 5.5.38 but WordPress 5.9.2 requires at least 5.6.20)

  17. Please sir ek cyber cafe ka website banaya help milega please Mera ek request he

  18. Thank you

  19. Bhai share market ki bhi website ka demo le kr aao…

  20. Crome os par kya WordPress website bana sakte hain?

  21. Hello Nayyar,
    I am glad that i am learning from your video, i am making a web for my client but having issue as when i import the template in about us page and click update it shows may Error 403. Please help me Guide me i have been searching for a solution but all in vain please

  22. can you share templates which you import?

  23. I have just withdrawn my bkn but i haven't been paid to my trust wallet yet

  24. Thank you for your efforts, I have problem the featured images didn't showing up in the posts. What i should do?

  25. can you please turn on the caption option???

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