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How to Make a WordPress Website with Elementor | (Best Elementor Tutorial)

Learn how to make an awesome WordPress website using the Elementor page builder plugin with this step-by-step tutorial!

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What is Web Hosting? Explained!

What is WordPress? Explained!



What website are we making? 0:37

Step #1: Secure Your Domain Name and Hosting 5:34

Step #2: Install WordPress 11:35

Step #3: Activate a New Theme 15:35

Step #4: Activate the Elementor Plugin 17:12

Step #5: Customize Your Website 18:59

Step #6: Add Your Contact Form 1:12:49

Step #7: Create a Header Menu 1:22:02

Step #8: Publish Your Website 1:35:01


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22 Bình luận

  1. Great video!
    I made a great start using my own static page. Then wanted to see how i looket in another theme.
    And turned back to OceanWP and suddenly I have a Blog in the right side. I dont want a blog. How do i remove this from the settings?

  2. does hostgator not offer the free SSL anymore?

  3. Thank you! This was very helpful 🙂 I picked a template from the Elementor Kits and following your guide, I pretty quickly got a hang of it and built my very first portfolio website 🙂 Wow, I never thought I'd manage, but I did! So, thank you very much for making this video!!

  4. following your tutorial today and there is no "Elementor Essential Addons" plugin…maybe it was deleted or incorporated into Elementor now?

  5. This tutorial is brilliant. Way better than trying to read instructions to figure stuff out – wish I'd found this 5 days ago when I first started trying to make a website. One question if anyone can answer – for the pictures in the 'i take a lot of photos at night' section – does anyone know how to change the size of the white boxes that have the images on them? I have just a little too much text and the white box border hides part of it. I can get the images to shrink but the white box remains the same size. Being able to shift them down a little would also solve my problem but can't find a way to select them.

  6. Bro thank you so much , I had a massive problem in one of my projects and your tutorial really helped me alot ,keep up the good work keep inspiring people ❤❤❤

  7. Can you please link me to the video on how to host a website

  8. thanks sir

  9. Just started learning WordPress (used to use Drupal) and i see Elementor is a life saver!

  10. This really helped me make my first website, thanks a lot for this! Kudos to you!!

  11. This is a lie. You need business plan on wordpress to install plugins.

  12. Hi Dale, how do you remove the search bar on the menu next to clients?

  13. 19:10 Elementor starts.Thank you for this video.

  14. Hi Dale, I know you posted this video a long time ago but just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make it with clear instructions and great tips.

    It really helped,

  15. Hi, great vid! How do you move an entire section up or down on your site? Thanks!

  16. Great 😊

  17. This is THE BEST tutorial for learning how to create my own website. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Awesome tutorial!
    I had problem finding my WP password and how to log in for so long 😀 that it's not even funny :D.

  19. Awesome tutorial

  20. Does the tutorial include woocommerce? I have to do it for a study 🙂

  21. Hey man great video! I just got one question. I deleted the section with contact adress but when I search my website via google it still displays the adress at the result page in google. Why? and how to get rid off it ?

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