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How To Make a WordPress Website

Learn how to create a website in 27 easy steps. The new updated way to make a website will change your life, it makes creating a website fun and fast.

You will be making your website on the best platform (WordPress) in the entire world, using the best theme (Astra) and the best visual designer (Elementor) while learning how to design like Apple and Disney.

Hope you love it as much as I do.


1.) Intro – 00:00:00
2.) What is a Domain Name & Host? – 00:03:37
3.) Get Your Domain Name & Host – 00:05:24
4.) Install WordPress – 00:13:58
5.) Login To WordPress – 00:16:43
6.) Change Password – 00:18:03
7.) Delete Plugins – 00:18:38
8.) Update WordPress – 00:21:00
9.) Check Permalinks – 00:22:03
10.) Change Title and Tagline – 00:24:29
11.) Install Astra – 00:27:12
12.) Install Astra Starter Sites – 00:28:56
a.) Choose Your Design – 00:30:01
13.) Theme Style – 00:34:28
14.) Delete Pages – 00:40:36
15.) Add Pages – 00:42:21
16.) Navigation – 00:47:40
17.) Create a Logo – 00:54:14
18.) Favicon – 01:02:41
19.) Editing Your Website – 01:05:37
20.) Design Like Apple – 01:11:12
a: Heading – 01:11:12
b: Background Image – 01:16:20
c: Paragraph – 01:18:17
d: Duplicate Section – 01:20:32
e: Text Over Image – 01:21:46
f: Video – 01:27:15
g: Undo / Revisions – 01:29:53
h: Video Background – 01:30:20
i: Text Block – 01:32:31
21.) Design Like Disney – 01:35:20
22.) Content Blocks – 01:39:07
23.) Contact Page – 01:42:00
24.) Mobile Friendly – 01:49:49
a.) Mobile Menu Fix – 01:55:11
25.) Footer – 1:57:34
26.) SSL – 02:04:18
27.) Congrats – 02:10:45

Download the Google Sheet:

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Tyler Moore

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  1. Hi, Tyler. How can I do a multilanguage website in context of your video instructions? Thanks in advance.

  2. Can you put ads (like google adsense) on this type of blog?

  3. Can't believe you have been here for 10 years. Really helping me for my next job.
    I wish Youtube Recommended your channel to me instead of a bunch of Tiktok sh*t.

  4. You're the best, thank you very much! This is really helpfull 👍

  5. hiya, do you have a video lesson going deep into Advanced setting( motion effects, ecc.)??

  6. Hey Tyler, brilliant video. Thanks so much for this.

    Just one question, when you edited the footer you hovered over Edit with Elementor and then 'Site Footer' appeared. For me, it doesnt appear, just 'site settings' and 'theme builder'. Do you know what i'm doing wrong? Thanks!

  7. You are literally amazing

  8. Hi Tyler
    I just got a notification to update to WordPress 5.8.3 but I am worried about losing my customizations when updating the theme of my WordPress website.

    I customize my WordPress layout using a WordPress page builder Elanor so I'm not sure is those change will be impacted with update.
    do you have any advise on this subject ?

  9. After hours of trying to decide which web builer to use i thought there must be a cheaper way, thankgod i found your video. great tutorial and now i have hosting and design for a 1/3 the price i was expecting to pay. Thanks for the time its taken you to do this video. Obviously since the video was made it seems WP has changed the template slightly and i cant change the footer. Can anyone give some pointers to how to. Ive pressed all buttons and stretched my knowledge to the limit. thankyou

  10. Can't install wordpress?

  11. 😱😱😍😍😍 Just awesome!! 👏👏👏

  12. HI Tyler im pasting the msg i get when i install and activate Astra.
    "There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

    Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress." please help.

  13. hi Astra does not work, i have tried it several time, an error show when i install Astra

  14. love your work 🇻🇳 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  15. Is elementor free? It seems like that in order to edit the site, I need to upgrade?

  16. thank you so much !

  17. you helped me alot!

  18. Hi Tyler,
    The Astra theme is not allowing me to edit my title & tagline. It sends me to a
    Astra subscription page and I keep going around in a circle. Suggestions?

  19. how can you protect your website from hackers?

  20. Even in 2021 Tyler's advice on websites are Class A for sure!

  21. Hi Tyler, I have to repeat what everyone said: thank you. I saw the video twice.
    it was a rollercoaster of being overwhelmed to: I think I can do it.
    I appreciated the fact that you keep repeating the instructions over and over.
    For someone that never heard certain tech words, it is important to have them repeated,
    along with the explanation of the acronyms.

  22. I enjoy learning from your superb teaching, and you make me feel so awesome about my knowledge intake! Thanks, and keep the training fire burning.

  23. Congratulations! my guy. A lot is learnt from your videos. Keep it up bro

  24. Awesome, thank you sir for making easy.

  25. This has really helped me to sett out on my web development journey.. Thank you from KENYA AFRICA

  26. Loads of gratitude. This is the best tutorial video ever !!! Simply perfect. Wish you all the success in all you desire. Biggggg likeeeeeee.

  27. How much could I charge for a website like this?

  28. Look… I watched this like a year ago and the journey started exactly right there. Now I'm a developer and don't use WP but accidentally I saw this video and I'm here to like and write about this. Thanks, you're amazing.

  29. Thanks Tyler! 👍🏾

  30. Super informative video! Thank you for your help!

  31. All you have to do is subscribe, like and share. Thanks Tyler

  32. Thank you sooooooo mutch you are ammazing

  33. Incredibly helpful. Thank you.

  34. Thank you so much for your effort!

  35. Great thanks so much 💓💓

  36. I can’t thank you enough for this. Do you know that I got more value from this than the video I paid for! My website is looking so great. Thanks again Tyler. One Love 💕

  37. i love you, my first WordPress teacher.

  38. This is too loaded! The best I have seen so far. You are so calm and you teach excellently. Thank you so much. Do you have other resources I can explore?

  39. Created my first nice Profesional website from just watching your videos and now I am building websites for people ✌.Thanx

  40. Happy Birthday Tyler!!!! 🙂

  41. best video on youtube.

  42. Impressing !!

  43. this man is going to heaven

  44. Hi Tyler….This is my second viewing and have still learned a lot… Will wacht it again and for sure will enhance my knowledge further !! Regards from Australia !!

  45. Thank you so much sir. Your video is so elaborate and it's absolute fun and fast way to create a website

  46. This is a complete and very informative tutorial for people who are just started creating their website so thank you so much 🙂

  47. I agree. I've been watching tutorials for months, and this is the first one that tells me EXACTLY what I need to know. Thank you!

  48. This is a great tutorial for beginners and Thank You Tyler for this Effort and for giving such honest content for free!!!!!!!!!!❤❤👍🙌🙌

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