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How to Make Comic or Manga Panels the EASY WAY – Clip Studio Paint Pro Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through setting up comic or manga panels in Clip Studio Paint Pro with word bubbles, text, line art and color. You’ll learn how to create a print of web comic page from start to finish. Stay tuned to the end to see my finished digital comic panel.

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Aaron Rutten

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  1. Would you like to see more tutorials about ClipStudio Paint Pro or comics/manga in general? Comment below.
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  2. Question about creating straight panels. What if you were using an I pad and lacked a shift key? what do you do then?

  3. I love that you are straight to the point, this is so easy to understand! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Thank you! This was interesting!

  5. This is really helpful, thank you!

  6. Excellent tutorial!

  7. this is very helpful, thanks!

  8. When you are done with a page how did you share it on Facebook?

  9. ty for this! i should've googled this way earlier..

  10. This is great! Thank you!

  11. i know you posted this over a year ago but holy crap. thank you. i just started getting back into drawing/comics and man this helped.

  12. Thanks for the help, Now I can start doing my drafts properly

  13. How do you drag and drop color in clip studio paint?

  14. Can I do my drawings before putting them into panels?

  15. this is great for beginners – thank you very much!

  16. thank You

  17. Thank you for this tutorial. I have a question. Whenever I make the comic panels, I cannot blur the images inside of the panel. Whenever I try to blur there's a black blotch instead of blurring. Is this intentional?

  18. i have no money to support you buddy but i watched the complete adds in order to help you thanks for your time and show us this

  19. Thank you for the video.

    How do you minimize the border of the frame. Cause even when I put the the size as .7, It's thick.

    I use CSP Ex

  20. THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH! I was finally able to find a good tutorial on this and I've just started using clip studio! This was really helpful and my wish right now is to create a comic, like, a fully fledged comic with story, interesting characters and all! Thank you for making this tutorial! I AM SUBSCRIBING!!!

  21. Why do i have so much weird lines on my paper? I dont want to draw in 16:9

  22. A+ tutorial. This was super helpful

  23. How did you make your tools smaller? Like in India Ink, you have two rows of threes. On mine, it's one giant row. And your tools on the very end are way smaller than mine.

  24. Hi Aaron… this is just a few of Clip Studio's capabilities, it is quite an amazing program and I think their ink brushes are the closest to actual traditional inking. This is the software I use for layout and initial line work. The software does mimic Photoshop's magic to some degree, but I don't think anything has come close to what Photoshop can do. Thanks for an informative view of Clip Studio.

  25. You can change the color of the word balloon after you made it. You just had to head to object tool and change the ground color.

  26. Is this ClipStudio free?
    And if not how much does it cost?

  27. Thanks

  28. Thanks so much for this. I recently got into CPS and I am still adjusting to the panel tool!

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