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How to Make Comics on Instagram


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Recording Equipment:
Canon EOS M50 Camera, Movo Microphone, iPhone 7 (for older videos)
Drawing Equipment:
iPad Pro 12.9in (2017), Any sketchbook, pen, or pencil really.
Editing Equipment:
Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie depending on laziness LOL

Fixed Mood –
Old Man Still Walk –
That Day – Joakim Karud
Keep on Going – Joakim Karud
Day 166 –

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  1. Thank you for this!!

  2. I thought u will tell me how the way to post the stories of the comic n i thought it would be beneficial to make comic on Instagram but u were just talking about urs how u did or how u draw n how u sketched ,
    U have saidJust a story of ur thoughts but not explaining us how to post n how to draw , n how to make perfect , how to edit , btw u are not telling us how u create the comics just u r explaining about ur thoughts ,

  3. I don't really make comics but believe me…..

    I have tried

  4. Damn this video is underrated! I always looked up to your work and already started to do my own comics after a total burn out in the animation school. Was happy to see in search on how to publish comics on Instagram — you! Thank you so much for sharing and definitely going to purchase the etsy guide also.

  5. Loved this!

  6. I use an IPad 16GB

  7. wanted to share with middle schoolers…but it starts out with "Hello bitches." Sorry, can't use.

  8. beautiful work

  9. Ive forgotten more comics than I'll ever remember. Barg.

  10. Very inspiring lecture! Best use of profanity, since Samuel L. Jackson, lol! I like all your cool links!!

  11. Thanks. You put in words that it’s okay to do things my way. All the extra stuff that people teach is okay if you are an A to B to C to D person—but I’m an A to D person, as I think you are. We want to work the way we think..we’re already there before some others get to the on ramp. This was an honest , helpful tutorial.

  12. 3:25 Mew started hittin us with bars. "if you want to… continously constantly make comics on a more consistent and conceptually charasmatic cadence in the space time continuum…"

  13. Unless you're a panster, of course.

  14. Can you follow in ing via jimo and i like your video

  15. You're a queen. 👸

  16. Ypu getting likes and all is just a matter of luck though. Whats the point of wasting hours of your life if nobody cares for it, I can just imagine the story in my mind, drawing it is unececery and extremely hard.

  17. Good information! I'd like to try my hand at a web comic again. Not sure if I have enough story ideas though…

  18. Thank you for this.. I really hate the lineart process because it ruin the emotion and it takes soooo much time and then it makes me exhausted meanwhile my comic isn't finish yet. I really glad that you said it's okay that art isn't always have to be pretty line art or pretty color. This video is really made my day! Thank you!

  19. “I like the idea of having colour.” That’s such a mood haha. But for me the least favourite part of comics is inking and I love thumbnailing. I like working fast and inking is just so focused and patience based, haha.
    On the iPad, do you have a file for each panel? My comics are a little too large for the iPad to handle so I have to cut them up to work on them.
    Cool to see your process ! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Ugh these are so cute, I’m self publishing through amazon

  21. White – washed

  22. Omfggg the fuckn LINE ART damn ittt 😠😠😠

  23. My prob is my style kept changing

  24. Dear MewTripled! Dumb question but what dimensions do you use to make your comics fit nicely in instagram posts? sometimes your comics are square, and sometimes they kinda look more rectangular, so I'm just trying to figure this out XD

  25. What canvas size do you usually use on lrocreate?

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