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How to Make Money with Tapas (INSTEAD OF WEBTOONS)

In this video I go over how you can make money with Tapas different monetization options including the Tapas premium program which is very similar to Webtoon Originals program where creators get featured and get paid to host their comic exclusively on their platform.

Tapas is a mobile comic platform where you can upload your webcomics and make money with Ad Revenue, Ink, and the Premium Program from studiotapas.com

You can definitely make money with Tapas if you understand the requirements needed for Ad revenue approval. It important to work towards monetizing your comic so you can get paid for making comics.

Here’s a video on Making Money with Tapas or Webtoons:

Check out Studio Tapas submission Guidelines:

Check out Solo Leveling:

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  1. Just thought I would add I know I said ".com" for the email address at the end but you can see the text said ".co" so yeah… woops. lol

  2. Do you have to be 18+ to get some money from ink?

  3. From January 2022 Tapas will not accept any Premium Novel Pitches anymore… I was looking for some info for the Tapas Original since the terms and conditions are a bit vague. Can you make a video on that, if it's worth it or not? Thanks!

  4. This video is amazing! Wish you did a part 2!

  5. Webtoom creators get paid 2000+ per month. It varies based on how popular you are but 2000 is the start pay

  6. I just like to ask if you need to be or have the premium to get in rewards?

  7. You should include a link to your comic in your description.

  8. are the editors in Tapas jerks? You know the type that criticizes or suggests but they lack comic, novel, manga, games, movies etc influences themselves… I'm afraid if that type of person gets my work they will destroy it.

  9. More tapas tutorial, icant find detailed anywhere

  10. Great information!

  11. very nice

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