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How to Make Money with Webtoon Originals, Discover, Comics, and Commissions

How to you make money on Webtoon? Well, you can make money with Webtoon, but you have to be creative and hustle. Here are some current avenues of pulling in money with your creative endeavors and getting commissions.

Please read my webtoon Ghost Bats

Also you can support this channel via Patreon and Ko-Fi

– Raise money for a project
– Raise support from superfans
– Create t-shirts and other wearable print-on-demand merchandise
– Create t-shirts and other wearable print-on-demand merchandise
Sell digital goods
– Sell digital comics.

Need help with your comics and art? Check out the Illustrati Discord.

My WEBTOON comic:


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Walter Ostlie

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  1. I want to start my webtoon too but i am scared , what if i fail 😐

  2. How do I make a comic as a 14 ye and still have ppl reading ?

  3. Loved the honesty 👍👍

  4. Do I need to sign in my card

  5. Afro Ninja approved 🥷🏾🤙🏾

  6. thank you for sharing and giving your wisdom, sir

  7. Wait we can get money by publishing on webtoon canvas? I heard webtoon doesn't pay artists who aren't featured.

  8. Heyy.. I'm planning for a webtoon. I have a story but the problem is that I don't know how to draw well. So if there is someone who can draw webcomic can contact me, we'll both get 50% percent of shares whenever the monetization will start.

    For more, you can contact me by my Instagram @raizah.r or by my email @[email protected]

  9. The only way to make money on webtoon is by making your characters look anime, or korean. Stories predictable and vanilla and exactly what the readers wants to hear.

  10. Hey I have a question, can I upload on tapas and webtoon at the same time and still get featured, will webtoon notify me to remove my comic from tapas if I got featured

  11. What I like about this channel is that he has helped everyone by answering question not only on video but also in the comment section. I really respect u

  12. I wan planning on making a webtoon in near future…for now, I was sketching my characters and make the storyline 😊 btw, thanks ❤❤

  13. do I need bank account to create and get paid on webtoon?

  14. What goes in reveneu shareing contract like do they own your manga and how much on average in percentage does a person get

  15. I'm just here to know how much the webtoon artists earn and I feel like its win-win situation, I enjoy reading and they earn money

  16. Hey man what do you use for your digital art?……I wanna start webtoons too

  17. Really grateful for the tips! And really appreciate you sharing all the info in description really helpful!

  18. Iam from the middle east can I get paid from weptoon or not and how much

  19. Solid art and tips.

  20. Is there a site that pay you for making a script for a comics story

  21. Hi btw i have a question

    Can i upload a boys love genre in webtoon app

    Is it ok or not?

  22. i feel like staring at your face was less distracting.

  23. I need your help, its important.. Can i publish my manga in webtoon? I made a manga but i just realized that manga & webtoon are different… Can i publish or will there be an issue… Help pls

  24. I was recommended here by a friend who suggested I should use webtoons for my own manga work. The problem is, I don't a laptop nor a tablet to do digital art, so Im stuck with traditional stuff by hand. But my question is, can I use my hand drawings on webtoons or is it only for digital stuff?

  25. Only like two or three of those were actually making money via webtoons. The rest seemed like ‘go fined money elsewhere’ kind of options lol

  26. can you publish your comic outside of webtoon (as a paperback, kindle etc) after you signed a contract with webtoon or do they restrict you in that way?

  27. How to get signed and be a webtoon original series creator?

  28. I'm glad you are honest about telling us it isn't easy

  29. Is uploading on webtoon free?

    Ps: sorry for the late ques i kist find this vid now

  30. I'm getting started to make comics, so I start thinking if i can make money for it.

  31. Muito obrigado, não consigui encontrar um vidio que fala assim tão detalhado em Português, mas encontrei esse legendado, obrigado

  32. this is great. thanks for sharing ❤

  33. Awesome picture and how do you do colabs? Like mermay where different canvas creators make a comic together with special drawings?

  34. Wow these are some great tips! My side hustle has been offerup for the last two years and I sell 95% of my inventory locally. I still make 4 figures a month by going to garage sales near me and selling stuff without even shipping. I enjoy your side hustle knowledge and was thinking it would be great to hop on a podcast that I’ve been working on. DM me on Instagram @flipmandan

  35. Don't forget Onlyfans

  36. I like more this timelapse watching you drawing, and go check KOFI is similar to Patreon the difference is you do not pledge for a monthly subscription, you just invite a KOFI to the artist you like, is a one shoot contribution, some artist share rewards to the ones that back them up there with access to special content or even promotional items, discounts and many more, they are getting day by day and growing, and the artist are running rampage with creativity to reward the people that support them, videos, image galleries, tutorials, KOFI is becoming a great platform ;3

  37. Well I do want to published but kinda sucked in drawing

  38. You actually gave me an idea on how to make katanas faster lmao

  39. how can I sign a contract with webtoon to publish my original comic , the only way I know is the second way ,ad revenue share
    please answer

  40. I'm from Brazil, any dollar is a lot of money >D

  41. like the video

  42. bruh I can't be the only one who screening at the screen for him to fix the right leg

  43. Can i publish my comic in two plataforms or more?

  44. What about translating a webtoon

  45. Loved the timelapse!

  46. Hi im 13 but i want to start a comic maybe in summer but just incase how can you like publish your comics on webtoon??

  47. : But it isnt easy
    me: Oh , well Im screwed

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