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How to Make Webtoons and Comics: Page Panel Layout and Thumbnailing

How To Make Comics: Panel Layout and Thumbnailing

I lost my template, but you should be able to use the ones from this website instead.

BROKEN LINK LOOK UP ^ -Get my template at

*This is a series in progress and I will update as I go.* Hit subscribe for more in the series!*
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Here is the link to the Google Docs Heading Numbers add-on

A new video in the How to Make Comics series and in it I talk the methods and mindset for thumbnailing your comic. Tips about doing layouts for your comic page panels.

If you have anything specific you would like me to cover, please let me know in the comments. A very loose playlist is looking something like…

File Setup –
Writing –
Layout and Thumbnail –
Line Art
Social Media and Marketing

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Walter Ostlie

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  1. My story is already fully scripted because I intended it as a stage play before I changed gears and decided to adapt it into a comic. Will this affect what my thumbnail schedule needs to be?

  2. Hello, the template doesn't work. It keeps saying my email isn't valid? I've tried 3 different emails but it still says "please enter a valid email address"

  3. Hey guys 🙂 wanted to share the first episode of my new story on webtoon called THE GIRL AND THE DRAGON SEAL. It's about a girl who loses her whole village because of an attack, and now she's training in combat and traveling around the country to investigate why it all happened, and to find justice. The story happens in a parallel universe in a context similar to Japan in Edo.

    You can read it in Webtoon platform in this link> https://bit.ly/30mX8Uy

    Hope you enjoy it, and I would appreciate feedback for future episodes and stories o/

  4. or you could be me draw it all digitally knowing it looks better if I draw on paper first, 3 day after finishing pg 1 NOPE IM GETTING THE SKETCHBOOK

  5. Thumbnailing is difficult but also so important!

  6. I thought to do a webtoon traditionally,and scan it to to the computer.What step should I do next?I dont have drawing tablet and is there a free drawing app?

  7. Thank u so much. I really appreciate it

  8. I wanted to ask how can I fit 30 to 40 panels on one episode upload? Do i draw smaller or what? Thank you

  9. Its a BLESSING to run across an artist who can convey simply and make his point. Big Ups to you and thank you!!.

  10. Keep doing the technical ones it helps so much!

  11. Hi Walter! I love your videos, they’re very helpful. I have a question regarding webtoon size and overall keep getting mixed answers. I’m using procreate, which I guess doesn’t really matter but I doesn’t really have all these neat cropping tricks and what not so I need to use croppy for file splicing and what not, my question is how you going about sizing the actual comic pages. Webtoons allowed dimension is 800x1280px and when I make that file size is wayyy too small and pixely so I assume I need to go to just make my canvas bigger and use croppy to shrink it down… so my question is what is the ideal page dimensions for the actual drawing part? Is it whatever you want and croppy will do the work for you? Thanks in advanced ! I’m really struggling with finding an answer so anything helps since I’m using an iPad program.

  12. Nice , Walter. Good Advice.

  13. Thanks for this. Im not gonna delay my comic anymore and just start and thumbnailing is my first step.

  14. I would love to hear about whats it like becoming a fulltime "webtooner" whats it like whats the ups and downs. how much do they talk to you about what you make etc.

  15. Love the tips so far. They've got my gears turning. But I signed up at the link but didn't get the template

  16. 👍

  17. Woah!!! Just what I needed! Thank you so much.
    Right now I am working on my thumbnails and this video cleared up a lot of my confusions.

  18. Woah, your knowledge is useful bro, you explained it all easily. One day I guarantee you, you will surely have 10 million subs.

  19. Love the "thumbnail mode" drawing😂 Also really helpful video!

  20. Thank you 👍💖

  21. You looked tired get some sleep when you can 👍

  22. Thumbnailing is hard. Thanks for the tips! This video was very helpful! 🙂

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