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How To Migrate From WordPress.com to WordPress.org 2022

Do you want to move your site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org? Many bloggers start with WordPress.com for a free starting point and then run into the limitations of the platform and want to transfer to WordPress.org. It can seem like a complicated process but, in this video, we’ll walk you through how to transfer your site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

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You would first want to set up hosting through a hosting provider like BlueHost. WPBeginner’s referral link you can use for any discounts as well as qualify for the free site transfer service below.

When you sign up for BlueHost, they install the WordPress site for you to give you a starting point, if they have not we cover how to set it up in our guide below.

For exporting your site’s content, you would want to log into your WordPress.com site and under Tools, Export and use the free exporter option. Unless you want to only export part of your site, you would want to use the option to export all of your content.

Now, on your new site, you would want to go under Tools, Import, install the WordPress importer tool if it is not installed, and run that importer.

You would choose the XML file that WordPress.com gave you and upload that file. If WordPress.com gave you a zip file, you would want to take the XML files out of that zip file and upload them individually.

You should see a list of any authors you had on your WordPress.com site with the option to assign posts to a user on your current site. You would want to ensure you check the option to download and import your file attachments to ensure your images and any other media on your old site are brought to your new site.

With your content imported and moved over, you would want to go back to your WordPress.com site, set the site to private, and redirect the site so your users and search engines will know to go to the new site.

Once you have installed and set up the site we would recommend going through the recommendations in the WPBeginner article below for what to set up on your site.

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00:00 Intro
00:11 Why migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org
00:46 What you’ll need to migrate your site
01:08 Want us to migrate for you?
02:00 How to set up hosting with Bluehost
04:20 How to export data from wordpress.com
05:06 How to import data to your WordPress website
07:58 How to redirect your wordpress.com site to your new domain
08:55 Resources


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  1. How do you keep the same domain and migrate it over?

  2. Hi, helpful thank you. im currently on a iPad Pro. once i get some funds in would like to upgrade. what computer or laptop would you recommend please. for website design and hosting , preferably apple. if you can share a spec.

  3. Hello, thank you for all your help. I have created a backup for my wordpress.com website, do I need to save the backup as a .zip file before starting this migration process? if so, how do i save the .zip file on my pc?

  4. When I tried this it didn't work for me. When I did the importing the screen when white and WordPress never came back up. Any solution for that?

  5. love it love you, thank you so much !

  6. You advise us to uncheck the privacy options around minute 3:22 but how about our personal information such as address, phone number, etc?? What do we do to keep this info. hidden? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  7. Can I do this with Duplicator or WO all migration?

  8. Thank you so much!!

  9. Hello, I tried importing the XML file to my wordpress.org but only 9 out of 15 of my posts were successfully imported. Considering the small file size, I'm not sure why not all posts can be imported 🙁

  10. do you have to reinstall plug ins once you migrate the site?

  11. I followed the steps exactly but it only copied over one of my blog posts instead of all 15. Any idea why this might have happened? Thank you.

  12. Only a fourth of my blogposts have migrated. Any ideas why?

  13. 0:00–0:20 Spot on. Great video. I am new to WordPress and started recently with WordPress com, now I'm gonna go with Bluehost and migrate my site, thanks for the help.

  14. Hi! And if I export it to a new WordPress.org website where I will install elementor plugin, would there be any problem? I want to mainly export the blog posts (and redesign the new website with elementor in wordpress.org)

  15. I'm a little confused. I have a domain through GoDaddy and hosting through HostGator. So if I have a domain and hosting then my site is already .org?

  16. wow, that was easy like a breeze.. thank you so much.. Gratitude!

  17. Is the redirect necessary if I had a domain name already and I'm transferring that to the new host? (Switching from WordPress.com to BlueHost)

  18. I changed from .com to dreamhost hosted .org, but when I try to access the new setup via dreamhost/wordpress.org, I am only led to my old .com dashboard, so I can export, but not import. What am I missing?

  19. Do I need to pay to redirect if I'll be using the same domain name (we bought it when we opened up our WordPress.com website) ? Any actions I need to take?

  20. Thank you very much! You have walked me through this perfectly! Kudos!!

  21. Hi I am a bit confused. I had you guys migrate from my wordpress.com, however my new website is still ,com not ,org??? why is that???

  22. Thanks. Great video. Would you please tell me how does someone become an expert on these things? Is there a college class that covers what you teach and do and maybe a few books. I'd like to learn not just how to operate the WordPress software but also learn the desktop publishing and word processing aspects of web building and the business side of building sites. So all of the bits and parts and how they go together. I ask because I am unemployed and this knowlege would open a lot of doors for me.

  23. If I have 64 posts on my WordPress.com site, will I still be able to run a normal export and import into WordPress.org self-hosting? I have quite a lot of images included and I just want to make sure that everything gets carried over. Thanks for this helpful video 🙂

  24. Thais has been really helpful, very clear and straight forward . Thank you so much .

  25. I used Elementor to build my wordpress. com website. If I transfer the site, will all of my content stay intact without the Elementor plugin?

  26. Nice, thank you. It worked, but my web is totally mixed now…everything is chaotic but I guess I just had to clean it up.

  27. Great 💜

  28. When I move my blog posts from .com to my new .org site will I lose the view counts, google analytics, etc? p.s. Thank you for this video. Very helpful.

  29. I have my domain name from Godaddy and it is linked to my WordPress.com. Can you assist with steps to remove the link from WordPress.com and move it to WordPress.org? I'm also not sure if I need a separate hosting service. I'm very new to this so I appreciate your patience.

  30. Why aren't all my blog posts coming over when I import the data? I selected export all and ticked download and import file attachments, but it's missing a few things.

  31. Hello. Should I cancel my premium wordpress.com subscription before I switch to wordpress.org? I have purchased a domain through wordpress.com. What is going to happen to the domain? Thank you for your time!

  32. If I have a custom domain at wordpress.com and move that domain to wordpress.org by updating the cname with the registrar, will I still need a redirect or will the new site just inherit the traffic if the path for the blog posts is the same?

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