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How To Migrate Your WordPress Website For Free

Learn how to migrate your WordPress website for free using an older version of all-in-one wp migration. Even if your website is 12GB!!! In this tutorial, I show you how I migrate a 12GB website with a few clicks on a button. The end result is that I have an exact clone of my current website. The migration is simple, free, and legal.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Export Your WordPress Website Using All-In-One WP Migration
02:57 GPL V3 License
03:46 Download All In One WP Migration
04:39 Import Your (Big) WordPress Website

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Ferdy Korpershoek

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  1. Hi friend, thanks for mentioning me! I’m happy you liked my video and custom adjustments and I hope your viewers also can appreciate it! Have a awesome day and I see you soon!

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    Do you need to have the same theme installed?

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  4. Great video I think!

  5. Thanks, works great. Subscribed

  6. Ur the KING bro!

  7. Hi Ferdy Great video. I have a question, please. you upload all your videos on WordPress, is it not slow your website? it was not a better way to upload videos on youtube and embed them with your website? what is the proper way so please guide me about this ?✌

  8. Thumbs up.

    Can you make a video where you replicate this design with crocoblock for the functions and elementor for the design.

  9. Nice tutorial, but you really should mention the overall time that this process will take to finish. For example, my 7GB website took me about 4 hours just to create a backup file. Then it took me 7 attempts to download it completely because of the connection breaks, even though my Internet connection is stable and the server is fine. After that, I was stucked at "Retrieving a list of all WordPress files…" when performing import for almost an hour, tried again several times, and still didn't manage to complete the process on a localhost environment (MacOS + Mamp Pro).

    The only reason that I've even tried this plugin is because I'm having issue with manual backup and restore (regarding the database), so I've decided to give it a shot with this plugin, but with no luck.

    Also, there's a whole bunch of scenarios and stuff that probably needs to be done when backing and restoring large sites, like increasing max_execution_time and memory_limit in PHP that you didn't mention in this tutorial.

  10. Hey Ferdy, I really like your all tutorials. I have a problem Can you please help me to sort out that issue. I crashed my server, my all website (60+) databases are destroyed. I want to recover all Can you please help to solve that issue. hosting support is not helping me. I have no backup of websites. Please guide me on what I do to recover all websites. Thank you in advance.

  11. Awesome 😍 Thank you ❣

  12. Fredy, you're the emperor. You made my day even more beautiful. Thank you

  13. Ferdy, thanks for this! Very helpful information!!!
    Question…HOW would you migrate WordPress MULTI-SITE installation?

  14. Awesome! Thanks for this video, what host did u migrate this too, I got the pro version of WP All in one and had a rough time migrating to namehero a few weeks back. Kept timing out

  15. ❤️❤️❤️

  16. you are the best by far, thanks so much. From Chile!

  17. Thanks a lot sir.

  18. Visca El Barca 4 -0

  19. thank you again Mr Ferdy you are the best

  20. Fredy, I need a little help with the blocksy theme. Can you let me know how can I talk to you about this

  21. I really enjoy most of your videos, but this one gave me somewhat mixed feelings… this is just nulling a plugin, sure you can modify it within your legal rights, but 6.77 is like 4 years old, so probably it will fail somewhere down the line, or be prone to security issues. Wouldn’t it be preferable to just support the devs with a one time payment for the unlimited extension? Most who follow you probably earn a living building websites, I guess it’s not too hard to churn out 70 bucks one time, not having to worry ever again about updating and going against WP best practices and risk having your clients websites go bye bye.

  22. Hi I have a news website with over 800 articles that can not be moved through this plugin. I tried a lot with not everyone goes. This is only suitable for websites that have some fixed pages and articles.

  23. How those it deal with the pro plugins like Elementor and others ?? thnx

  24. Good work bro 👍

  25. This is so great, thanks for the Help. Greetings from El Salvador 🇸🇻

  26. Ferdy is very helpful and awesome instructor. Thank you so much Ferdy

  27. awesome as usual – your vid is just outstanding. Keep up the great project – and plz do more videos – that cover WordPress Gutenberg and FSE / Block – Theming and things like that. You guy rock 😉

  28. I'm looking for a way to import-export only all settings, including settings for plugins.

  29. Sir, I like your Videos & channel, if you allow me, I want to make a video, and there I will mention your channel to my viewers as well.

  30. I really love your tutorials, I also publish Ms excel tutorials is it possible to contact you to learn how you make your tutorials ?? You are awesome.

  31. You are amazing ferdy😍

  32. Thank u boss ❤️

  33. Very informative 👏

  34. Who need All in one WP Migration Extensions, i will share for free. If yes reply me below.

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