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How to promote your webcomic to get more readers on Webtoon and everywhere else

Here are my Top 10 favorite tips for promoting and growing our webcomic audiences. If I can answer any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments below!


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Steve Conley

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  1. My webtoons called chosen chaos and I reallyyyy hope some of these work. Currently have 135 followers

  2. Doobly doo! Are you a Matt Coleville watcher or did you get that term somewhere else? Thanks for the awesome video!

  3. Thank you for these awesome tips! I would just like to add that as a teen I loved reading comics and the most common place I would read/find them were Pinterest! I don't know how it's worked for artists, but that was where I was always at (btw I was a teen a few years ago so this isn't super dated info XD)

  4. Just started a webcomic and i will try these tips out!!!!

  5. I agree 100% to Reddit

  6. i wanna live comfortably like the goats !!!

  7. Love this video! SUPER HELPFUL!!

  8. I have a comic on webtoom that is called Hands of War: WW2: Western Front. I haven’t seen many historically accurate ww2 webtoons so I thought it was an interesting concept. 👍

  9. I like the postcard idea a lot— free art that you can take home is always welcome in my book! Thanks for the tips!

  10. Thanks for this video! This will help me promote my future graphic novel! I plan to release it next year, but it's never too early to learn some tips!

  11. Postcard tip made me subscribe!! Love it💕 do u make them yourself? Or do you send the art to a company that makes them? I’m a bit old school myself so I’m very interested

  12. This was a great video and super helpful 😀 I started posting my webcomic on Webtoon Canvas a month or so ago and am struggling to promote it, but I get the feeling that sci-fi comics don't do as well on Webtoon (I was thinking of also posting on Tapas but I couldn't decide if that was a good idea or not, so I appreciate you pointing it out!) As for conventions, I was hoping to find some locally I could get into, but I have nooo idea where to start… Do you have any recommendations on how to find conventions around you? Is there an all-knowing website that has a list or something? Thanks a ton! ^-^

  13. in relation to #3 (or #2), I think it would be great if you can have your comic translated to another language so you can reach more people globally

  14. Would not recommend 'Top Web Comics' the website is a scam. It's becoming very apparent someone's been paid to lie. What sort of scam is the website conducting? When you make an account, navigate to create an ad promo it shows you a list. As the fellow in the video stated, you click on the one that's $1 per day. When you click on that and select for example 15 days, then click to buy the promo in the cart… It shows only 2 days and attempts to charge $2s. Now here is where the scam comes in. Despite the fact you attempt to put $15+ days, it keeps putting you at 2 days $2s so that when you pay through PayPal and end up not receiving what you're supposed to, you'll feel as though 'Its $2s so what the heck?' the thing is… When those $2s are being schemed out of thousands who are not receiving the supposed ad promo, that equals fraud. That equals theft. That is a very nasty dirty scheme. That will definitely catch up to the Bozo's that decided to be petty for no reason other than being parasites that will tend to the consequences. Said what I had to say, reviews coming in. Not the only one that sees the shenanigans. You're not even at 1000 subs yet, I suggest you not get tangled up in that sort of shady corrupt business model scheme. Not a good image pal. Everyone that has a rational functioning brain wants to get whatever they pay for. The other recommendations you made have to be checked out but that 'Top Web Comics' recommendation specifically is terrible trash and a warning had to be made. 🤙

  15. Thank so! So helpful

  16. I remember a time when link trees were the best way find awesome comics and share your own, I kind of miss that community sometimes.
    Good info in this video, i watched it twice XD

  17. Really love your sincere suggestions! They are really useful!

  18. Thanks Steve, this a really a great video.

  19. I REALLY appreciate the tips! Subbed 👍

  20. one thing that really helped my canvas release was reaching out to youtube creators that do "Let's Reads" or Reviews of webtoon. I reached out to creators who read my genre. Another thing I did was have "readers circle" group chats on instagram. You have some great points and seem like you'd have great conversation in this field.

  21. link to where the flyers were made?

  22. Thanks for all these great tips 🙂 I've thought of doing fanart for other comic's who have an animal character that I can highlight a fact of, but never knew how to go about doing it. Should I run it by them first, or just do it and be like "tadaaaaa?"

  23. Will start try it that's very useful


    That's my own webtoon please take a look at it if you have time and tell me your opinion 🙏

  24. I'm legit gonna binge watch every vid u have this is so helpful! Thank you!!!

  25. Fantastic tips! I can't thank you enough for being real and honest about real tips to promote your comics. So many people post the same social media and thats it. This is great.

  26. Thank you for these awesome tips! It's hard to believe but I'm definitely giving all of them a shot. A dollar an episode makes so much sense 😂.. thank you for allowing us to share our webcomic here so here's mine –

  27. Please make more webtoon videos

  28. This is fantastic advice, thank you so much! <3

  29. that why i have lot social media, when i see merryweather comic, he everywhere for post his story commish by other artist and it seem work, i follow the way he made. but im still slow.

  30. Thank you so much, it really helps me.

  31. Thank you for all this information. I don't know the progress I'm making but I will try my best!! My webtoons are "IS THIS LIFE WORTH LIVING OR DYING?" and "WORDS". Hope you have a good day!

  32. These are so helpful..ps not to sound weird or anything but u have really smooth skin 😂😂

  33. me who draws mature webcomics

    Steve: ''Postcards!''

    Me: 👁️👄👁️

  34. If anyone is interested :

    I have a webtoon called "Site-Alter", it would mean a lot if you could check it out! It has drama, superpowers, manipulation and forming close friendship! Thx in advance if you check it out! 😊

  35. Super helpful advice! Thanks so much for sharing and definitely gonna try some of these out!

  36. Thanks for the tips making a Best Comment for Week on my Webtoon. I am slowing getting subscribers.

  37. Your vids are soooo helpful!! THANK YOU!

  38. Thank you, I really needed this!

  39. I'm really looking forward to the return of conventions… I've never tabled at one, my first was supposed to be last year, but I am BEYOND ready at this point. I'll be running around with SO many postcards for Blue Star Rebellion, and hopefully drum up some interested readers.

    I'm also going to leave some in the new library once it's completed. Slip 'em into the manga sections and such. 😀

    Reddit still works very well for promo; I'd just advise caution for very new creators though, as there are trolls on Reddit who will one-star your WEBTOON simply because they're out to ruin a person's day. It's not a concern if you already have a sizeable readership, but I had my rating plummet from 9.6 to 5.4 due to one bad rating when it was quite new. It's only recently recovered. (Sitting on 9.2 now.) It's apparently quite endemic there, I spoke to a number of other creators who had the same thing happen. It's still one of the best places available to promo, it's just important to be aware.

    Making fanart for other webcomic creators sounds like a brilliant and wholesome idea!

  40. Another way is to answer that eternal question on YT where you take the opportunity to promote your actual comic. You're good Steve, you're goooood! : )

  41. I saw your webtoon series being on the recommended series and got super excited for you! Thank you again for sharing these tips with us! always nice to watch your videos when im feeling a little down. Your passion for comic gives me hope T_T <3

  42. I am dying to know how you make those dope ass hard cover books and other merch.

  43. i think people gloss over your tip on advertising. i see a lot of ads from artists who aren't selling anything. not even a call to action to like their page or anything. like… why?

    i've been doing this for just a bit more than 5 years with some successes and i still keep discovering other creators. webcomics is such a diverse space. 😀

  44. 4:10 I tried going into Topweb comics and although there seems to be some nice comics there, there r a lot of nsfw…weird comics? Not digging the site. I don't know, it feels weird advertsing my comic next to these adult nsfw +18 stuff. They should have a separate section for nsfw. Really unpleaseant tbh haha

  45. The postcard thing is actually so smart and I've literally seen postcards around conventions and not thought much of it. I've always assumed they're materials that the cons are giving out and that whatever is on them is like… a PAID advertisement. Honestly that just for real blew my mind. I do (well did because of covid) artist tables at a number of local anime conventions and when they exist again I'll maybe try that out!

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