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In this episode, Jin takes you step-by-step through publishing your series on WEBTOON with some helpful tips for maximizing your comic’s potential on Discover!

DiscoverMore is the educational series that helps creators make the most out of publishing on Webtoon. Want to know about new Webtoon features as they are released? Sign up for the DiscoverMore Newsletter:

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  1. 🗿 Why I Still Confused

  2. Can a laptop be used to publish on webtoon? If so what brand anyone know?

  3. Thanks 🙏🏻

  4. I can’t find the publish section literally anywhere. Drives me crazy

  5. help I no have laptop what do

  6. debating making a comic, mainly because I’m pretty decent at lineart, but I suck at coloring.

  7. How can I buy the webtoon to puplish in my youtube channel ??

  8. I mean, I want to publish on a phone. But I know that's not possible. But I can't find it anyway because Google has gone nuts and won't tell me anything

  9. writing one rn called “I’ll Think About It” and “Myths” and hoping someday they both get to originals ><

  10. I don't see the bottom "Publish" in the app.

  11. When you only have it on mobile: …

    Wish it were as simple as YouTube, where you can post from any device.

  12. Omg thank you, I’ve been stressed on how to upload my story that I’ve been working on for 2 half years

  13. Oh I thought there would be a real canvas where I could draw within the webtoon.

  14. Wow!!! This helped me alot and want to start my career here…the only problem is that im still a highschool student and my parents want me to focus on school more….

  15. Can i upload using an android tablet?

  16. Im watching this to try qnd hype myself up to actually publish- lolol

  17. Who is watching this in 2022

  18. Resolutions is shit

  19. Well I do have stories but I can't make webtoons because I don't know how to make I wish to collab with someone as I have many stories

  20. If I post cute encanto fan art will you guys read?

  21. I know two series that I’d wanna make, but I’m honestly terrible at drawing 😂😂 I’m learning and whatnot but I have my story all ready, I just need to be able to draw it out

  22. Can I post on IPad or IPhone? I don’t have a notebook or computer to do it 🙁

  23. Who else spent hours looking for the publish button then realizing that you're on mobile? Hah.

    (Searches how to upload comics on Mobile while laughing hysterically at my own mistake)

  24. Me waiting to grow to understand

  25. Wow your name is JIN ?😀

  26. Very informative! Thank you for doing this!!

  27. I don't know what exactly I did wrong, but I don't have a publish button ;-;

  28. Hey can i publish on my phone now its been 2 years


  30. I'm confused. I posted a the first episode of my first series on my computer and I told my friends but they said they couldnt find my series

  31. sweating profusely
    omg everyones an artist on webtoon and are good and im the only one who will be known for bad art

  32. Me rrying to make a webtoon but i only have a phone

  33. i drew everything at a4 just to find out it has to be way way smaller than that… imma die

  34. when the requirements are 72 dpi but you're used to designing at 300 and
    it destroys your webtoon hopes and dreams because you refuse to put out hot
    pixelated crap! >_<

  35. But what if I'm on cellphone XD

  36. How to do that on cp android using the app?

  37. Hi,realy good video its important forna future project, i have a question, does the comic have to be on colours? Or black and white will make it? Thanxs

  38. Um but what if I wanna publish on my phone?

  39. i love everyone who created webtoon pls marry me /j ,, i love webtoon

  40. We don’t have a laptop or computer at home but I have an iPad…so I can draw…but I can’t publish it🥴😪😭😭💀

  41. I draw and read webtoon on my phone since I can't afford a computer. HOW DO I POST ON MY PHONE?!

  42. Lol I wanna make a webtoon cause I already have the whole story planned out but my parents would KILL ME so yeahhh you'll never get to see my extremely gay stick man story 😢✋ /hj

  43. Why am I watching this? I can't even draw that good

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