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How To Reset Your WordPress Website

In this video, I show you how to reset your WordPress website to the default installation so you can start building your WordPress website from scratch. Since the WordPress reset plugin only resets the database I will show you how to remove the plugins, images, and themes before your reset your WordPress website so you really start with a fresh installation and not only a reset database.

I will show you how to make a backup of your website using All In One WP Migration and install a new website on your new WordPress website. I will also show you how to put back your old WordPress website backup.

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Ferdy Korpershoek

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  1. afdter type reset and press enter, evreything boom… it show me white page…

    wesite is no more longe… even wordpress admin page.. show me there is not account on this video

  2. Love the video… truly a great help! but your ending was magnificent! GREAT ENDING!!!!!!….. oh yes, I have subscribed.

  3. My question is how to transfer my word press from one hosting to another; or do I need to just to delete the whole thing?

  4. great tutorial!!😊

  5. Thank you! You make all this computer/website stuff understandable to a non-techy person such as myself.

  6. great tutorial ferdy.. thanks

  7. you are great Ferdy – keep it up

  8. The end LOL 🙂

  9. Super duidelijk, dank je wel:-)

  10. Thank you for helping me, you really saved me, THANK YOU!!!!!!

  11. অনেক উপকার করলেন

  12. Does it remove all images also?

  13. GREAT ENDING! Best one! Just improvise every ending! Is so much cooler!

  14. I have a problem with my WP after reseting, but I did a mistake I didn't back up my new website. So I followed one of the Guru and He didn't mention at the beginning that I had to back up my website and because of that I can't log in. I am so mad now! I can't even fix it. So my question is , first I don't know how to fix, I'm scared that will make it worse. So I'm thinking if I could delete my website from my hosting and cancel my membership then move my domain to another hosting like Siteground and start all over again. My domain was purchased from namecheap and I am with Hostinger. Please advice me, what to do? I'm really crying right now that I can't fix my WordPress. Thank you, in advance!

  15. @Ferdy – do I need to index the site again after resetting and changing the content?

  16. Thanks, i really do appreciate this video… thanks a lot

  17. 订阅+点赞~真的 是太有用了,非常感谢你分享了reset wordpress的方法,对新手来说,把网页搞的乱七八糟,最好就是重新开始。太棒了~喜欢你的每个视频~加油ヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙

  18. Thanks so much man! So just by using All in 1 Migration, we can move websites from our subdomains onto a new domain right?

  19. Wpreset pro is the best plugin…….. Do all the job for you. And delete everything….

  20. Awesome video dude…and hilarious at the end.

  21. So useful thank you

  22. Plz make a video about "how to remove unused css & java script in wordpress"

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