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How to Restore a WordPress Website | Restoring Files and Database

Regret the last changes made on your site? Learn how to restore a WordPress site in this tutorial. Special offer for WordPress websites with Hostinger 👉

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Find out how to restore a WordPress site in just a few simple steps. This tutorial is the perfect solution for when you need to revert changes you made on the website. You’ll learn how to restore backup files and the database on WordPress.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Locating the Database Name
01:28 – Restoring the Files and Database

How to restore a WordPress site?

To fully restore a WordPress website, make sure to back it up first – a WordPress backup includes all your files and database. Depending on your web hosting plan, you can also get weekly or daily backups for free.

For example, with Hostinger, the web hosting plans that offer daily backups are:

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If you are hosting multiple websites on the same web hosting account, be careful when restoring your database – make sure to select the correct one.

Find the database name on the wp-config.php file via the file manager. The line DB_Name contains your database name.

Then, select the creation date of the backup files to download and restore them. Refresh your website to see if the process was successful.

Now, you know how to restore a WordPress site to revert unwanted changes.

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  5. The above name on my channel was of great help. He successfully recovered my website in less than 2hours

  6. The above name on my channel was of great help. He successfully recovered my website in less than 2hours

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