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How To Use Dynamic Content in WordPress – Beginners Guide 2021

If you’re new to the world of Dynamic Content in WordPress, this beginners guide will teach you the foundations, terminology and how to get started.

Don’t get confused by the overwhelming amount of jargon surrounding dynamic content in WordPress. Learn what it means, how to integrate it into your workflow and kick start your learning.

Dynamic content can help you create all manner of WordPress based websites. From listing websites to online portfolios, affiliate websites and so much more. All with total flexibility and modularity.

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► Plugins Mentioned and used
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✅ Elementor Pro:
✅ Metabox:
✅ Toolset:
✅ JetEngine:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:32 – What is Dynamic Content?
00:01:23 – Where does the information come from?
00:02:02 – Why you should care
00:02:35 – How to get started
00:03:05 – Posts & Post Types
00:04:35 – Taxonomies
00:06:15 – What are Meta Fields?
00:07:11 – The Tools We’ll Be Using
00:08:28 – Creating a Meta Field Group with ACF
00:15:49 – Creating a Custom Post Type
00:23:27 – Creating a Custom Taxonomy
00:27:54 – Adding Sample Dynamic Content
00:31:02 – Building the WordPress Post Archive Page with Elementor Pro
00:36:05 – Building the Single post Template with Elementor Pro
00:44:45 – What Next?

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  1. Thanks Paul, great video!

    Do you have a video on how to create dynamic links, using more than one ACF field in Elementor (if that is possible)?

  2. The method of your explanation is very simple and understandable. Thanks, you keep it up.

  3. Being not a programmer it took me some time to understand how wordpress is working. Now with this video I made a big step forward. Thanks

  4. Your work is really appreciable and the way of your teaching is amazing. Thanks for helping me to make my dream website.

  5. great tutorial. How do I do this without Elementor Pro? Thanks

  6. Excellent content. Very well organized and easy to find the info I need. Thank you.

  7. Hi, I want to create a content site like a magazine .. I do not want to use the standard option of posting posts .. Is there a possibility through jet engine to create articles and template for articles. In general what do you recommend?

  8. Hi Paul, I would first like to thank you for the content but also ask if you know of a way to create a master template, create several copies with employee bios, but be able to change all templates by changing the master, sort of like cascading template changes, is this possible?

  9. Best of best Paul videos!

  10. I'm planning on selling online courses on my website and creating a YouTube channel. On my website, I need to create a Blog that will include YouTube videos from my YB channel and their transcription, comments, etc. plus some other type of posts. I need a multi filter to search between different types of categories (main categories, secondary categories…), tags, etc. Most of the dynamic plugins offers lots of things I don't think I need. Can you recommend me the best solution for me. Thanks for your content.

  11. @30:02 – Property Type was changed from Selection to Checkboxes. This just drove me nuts because I redid the entire thing but couldn't find where I set this up.

  12. could release the subtitle in brazilian portuguese

  13. Hi Sr. Is this method useful to create private content pages per WP user?

  14. Super advanced topic explained very clearly. I've done some of this stuff before as a working web developer, but I barely understood it as I went along due to not working directly with code. WordPress is a very powerful framework with an abundant ecosystem of tools. The recommendations are greatly appreciated.

  15. Thanks Paul! It would have been incredibly hard to figure out custom fields, post types, taxonomies, archives and so on, all on my own. You've made it very simple!

  16. An excellent introduction to dynamic content in WordPress – thanks a lot for your effort, Paul!

  17. As you do some excellent tutorials I am wondering if you have one that can be applied to this problem?. I want to set up a multi vendor site that allows for the buy sell of video games. I have most of the needs meet on the construction except for one problem. I need to have/create/import a list of video games with description and image. These will be used as a reference and addition to a user wanting to sell a game. The reason is so that we don't end up with a 100 entries same product but all slightly different. Have you covered this in any video or suggest a simple way to achieve it ? Cheers!

  18. How can I design the archive page using the wpbakery??

  19. Thanks Paul for this great effort!!! I Now have a full understanding and skill with dynamic content😉

  20. hey, im building an ecomm store whre there's a CPT of promotions. which in the promotions tab, there are many different promotions like year end sale, new year sale etc. the problem here is how do i want to add products dynamically to each of the sales event? because each sale surely has different products on sale right? so im kinda stucked.

  21. Next Video Custom Order Details Page Please 😁😅

  22. Hi Paul. I love your videos. How did you make your channel trailer not autoplay? Thanks!

  23. Good work as always Paul!

  24. Brilliant and I am only at minute 3:53

  25. LOL You started off Great – nicely aimed at people new to Dynamic Content that you was off with terminology that's not explained or demonstrated dozens and dozens of options that were not explained or glossed over or simply ignored. If you had started with the end product and then showed what it was you're creating it might have been easier. You obviously know your stuff but you could make a 5 or 10 video series going through all of the options and terminology step by step. That would explode your view count – but thanks for what you did

  26. It would be great if you would integrate all this technical detail to why you want to use it in the first place as in a sample use case – not just in general terms. Such as – we have a site that does X but we want to do Y and this is why, when, how you would use these technical details to accomplish the task. At 21 minutes in – I have no idea how this is being used in context and none of it is sinking in as such. It's all just a bunch on abstract concretes that has no bearing on solving a particular problem. I am more or less a beginner to WP – so maybe with a better understanding of WP this might make more sense – but your explanations also seem targeted at the beginner – so it just isn't cohesive.

  27. I am struggling on the task on wordpress, I am new to wordpress, hope someone can help!

    Currently I have to build a website that basically doing a matching between service providers and customers. And there are the steps:

    Both Service providers and customers need to register the site.

    There is a page that list out all service providers, customers can find their desire service providers by filtering.

    There is a button next to each service providers icon maybe named "Interested".

    User can click the "Interested" button, and will create a request for that service providers. (Not sending mail)

    There is a page for the service provider to view the all the request about itself.

  28. So clear and well-structured. Thanks a lot!

  29. This video is absolutely crazy useful. Thank you v much Paul 😍

  30. Great one, thanks. How to go about if i want to add items from "draw attention" into custom fields and have it filtered hierachically on the frontend?

  31. Sir,

    Your videos background music is awesome.

  32. Couldnt add / properties/ to the menu for some reason

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