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How To Use Gutenberg for WordPress – Beginners Tutorial – 2021

In this Gutenberg WordPress Tutorial, you’ll learn how to get started using Gutenberg, the Blocks feature, a selection of great free block plugins.

Love it or hate it, Gutenberg for WordPress is here to stay, so let’s embrace what it offers, deal with some of its shortcomings and learn how to build websites with it.

This Gutenberg WordPress Tutorial is aimed at beginners, but even if you’ve used Gutenberg, there are some useful add-ons and free tools included here to make it much more useful.

Enjoy this Gutenberg WordPress Tutorial and start building better looking, fast loading websites today!

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Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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  1. 👉👉👉 Muchas gracias, excelente tutorial. Muy claro y bien explicado. Saludos desde Santiago de Chile. 😃👌👍

  2. You were better than most others I watched but there is still few things missing ie not emphasizing what your mousing is doing than what you are trying to achieve. it is not a problem to mention and emphasize each thing you click and actually mention them.

    So next time the student sees that they remember but when you dont say but just click them and we realize that oh that button does this and that. that is why I watch thousands of videos and go do and realze I couldn't do many of the stuffs. because they are just clicking and designing and that is where their mind is on than who is listening and watch to note where all the stuffs and what they do. even mentioning each time you use them again.

    That is excellent and talented teachers teach.
    I know a few on Youtube other niches. they would teach these things and even child of 8 would get it perfectly.
    No assumption is the key of greater teachers.

    I jsut wanted to share that no intention of hate or anything like that. Just mu frustration with learning anything online.
    Yet I teach and people have become pros just from my Youtube teaching music. because i make super clear and I pretend I am talking to children.
    When a person doesn't know something they are like children and if you teach like that. You quadrule the views and extra ordinary comments. comment like. YOU ARE GOD SENT……. I OWE YOU A DRINK…… GOD BLESS YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY…..THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU IN THE WHOLE INTERNET….. ETC
    Anyways I hope my comment add value and not intending to bring anyone down. its just feedback….these things most people wont say even though that is how they feel…

  3. Wow as well as you try to explain. I find it funny why the layout and the way these things are made to work is kind of strange and weird. okay people have gotten used to them. Why can't there a straight forward web builder that is just like typing in word, or like a simple photo editor. these things need spacial box with weird names just to be able to write a title or something.

    I could become billionaire if I could get to build one like am saying. Because just take they are given and refuse to complain and hence all these.

    I am trying to build a wall of videos. something as simple as that. But the videos stretch till the extreme edge of the after I preview, And not a single soul even mention this with all the videos I have watched so far. Just for something that simple. wow.
    Thanks. But you also like most people. I wish you would be saying what you are clicking than what you are trying to create.
    You just speak without emphasizing where and which button.

    Like. this button does this now I am going to change the color. this button I will click will do that.
    But a bad teacher leaves these things out because they forget that the student might not know those things and they need be emphasized.
    Wow good teachers are very few on Youtube. like one in 10 thousand. But no problem.

  4. Some nice Gutenberg tips here, thanks for sharing! As far as reusable blocks, I tested that feature in the past and experienced problems where the blocks were just disappearing – and as you can imagine, that can be a nightmare – especially if the reusable blocks were a pricing table or something and they all just went missing all at once for no apparent reason. And that's exactly what happened in my case! Not sure what the issue was, but I never really trusted reusable blocks after that. And I'm not the only one who's experienced this issue, others have reported the issue too. Have you ever experienced this?? If so, is there a fix to it?

  5. You are an excellent teacher.!! Do not get me wrong and your work is much appreciated. The comment was not directed to you at all. it is a generic comment. IS incredible the amount of 'things' ( Plug-ins, themes, page builders, gutenberg, SEO , SSL, etc, etc ) that we need to go thru' and is NOT really worth it. These companies are all competing for a share of the market and we pay the brunt of it. Plug-ins that do not work , etc,etc due to the constant changes and the list goes on and on.
    Thanks very much for work dedicated work to your audience , with your brillinat tutorials. Nothing to do with you is the "industry", i am afraid.
    Kind REgards

  6. I wonder when are all these companies going to STOP changing and competing AT ANY COST against each other. They are confusing the H!*#! out of us. They can't stop changing things around … As if we had nothing else to do but sit around and wait to be bombarded with more changes !!!. IS really pathetic. ! they should learn from Microsoft ( the changes/improvements are organised and released in a sequence that can be digested ).

    I hope "Sharepoint" (with its own web interface) takes over all of these 'Web page builders./themes/plug-ins" and all of this ridiculous nonsense. I'm sure I speak for million of us that are fed with all of this nonsense !!!

    Shame on you !

  7. Super useful video! Thanks, Paul.

  8. So if you wanted to avoid using a bunch of plugins to minimize bloat and have more overall control can you DIY create blocks with settings like the kadenze blocks? I"m trying to learn gutenburg but I've just never been a huge fan of using a ton of plugins due to cost and bloat primarily.

  9. The file I downloaded but "local" will not install. Even though I downlaoded the Ubuntu version.

  10. Sir can I add so many products using only Gutenberg….without woocommerce

  11. Thanks for great video! I am having trouble finding the Stackable Design Library button. I installed Kadence theme and still can't see the button above. Where can I find this?

  12. Great video Paul! please do more gutenburg tutorials exampel how to build website/ecommerce with kadence blocks or stackable design libary

  13. Paul, this was SO useful, thanks so much for posting it! I have a couple of questions: What do you think would be the speed benefit (or loss) using Blocksy and block plugins like the Stackable or Kadence ones over using, say, Kadence theme with Kadence blocks? Minimal? And if I need dynamic sidebar menus for certain pages, would I be better off using something like Kadence over Blocksy, or does it matter? Thanks for putting out such amazing content, I'm learning so much!

  14. thanks

  15. it so sad that i have to watch a tutorial on how to use Gutenberg as I am old school been using the classic editor since WordPress started. After watching this gutenburg sucks its a hassle the classic editor is superior

  16. Awesome video demonstration as usual! Thanks.
    Now, we are waiting a higher-level video on this topic +troubleshooting session 🙂

  17. Coming from Divi I had a hard time to figure out the "point" of Gutenberg, but in its current state it's a very efficient writing tool. As a replacement for a page builder? It does not matter, what's important is that I can let people create content and have it integrated easily, add a few "special" blocks and your writers are ready to go! Which is better than Divi or other page builders, they are very intimidating to the average user, and the extra features are of little value if you work on contents as opposed to a marketing site or anything that requires more punch.

    Remember, your styles should be controlled by the theme (I.E. use Divi/elementor to build the shell of the site).

  18. Hello, Can we use Pods for dynamic content with Gutenberg wordress? I know that works great with elementor , how about Gutenberg?

  19. Sir Line Height missing in Typogrophy?? What to do??

  20. Hey Paul, firstly thanks for your continuing contribution to the wp community. Big up. And my question.. What are your thoughts on kadence pro with Hooked elements etc in conjunction with Stackable Blocks? Do you think they would play nicely or best to avoid?

  21. Darnn Paul now you've gone and done it! Lol

    Now I'm going to have to attempt to jump in on the Gutenberg band wagon. Truth be known, I've been hesitant as I found it clumsy to work with early on. However, some of the additional block plug-ins make it seem more usable like many of the page builders that so many of us may be coming from.

    Awesome video demonstration as usual! Thanks for the great content you always provide to us!

  22. Hello Tutor. Please this Gutenberg editor is nightmare, the blue plus button is not working in my case. And I don't know why, I have done everything possible to fix it by changing the theme, disable couples of plugins to troubleshoot. Added Classic Editor, it changes the appearance to a kind of HTML editor but no regular formating features. Please I will be very grateful if you can direct on how to fix it. I dontblike to use the Gutenberg editor because its not working in my WordPress. I always enjoy your Tutorial Sir. Thanks for taking my dynamic knowledge to another level.

  23. I started with Gutenberg about 3 weeks ago and love it.

  24. Smashing tutorial as usual. many thanks !

  25. .
    I have yet to determine how to enter a block that is a <div> element in the source code. Even more lacking is no way to add CSS class or id to the <div> nor inline CSS style attribute or any other attribute to the <div>

    And we must be able to put other HTML elements into the <div> block, edit their attribute collection(s) and nest the HTML elements.

  26. Astra Pro and Ultimate Add-ons For Gutenberg is a great combo. Also has header and footer builders 👍

  27. Hi Paul, This video is a great starting point for people moving over to Gutenberg from one of the old page builders. Very nice and easy to follow. Cheers John

  28. Random question but how do you make tour cursor have that nice red circle when you click on your mac?

  29. Hi Paul, Thanks for the videos been really awesome learning alot from you. I want to switch from elementor for several reasons like cost, bloat and extra plugins. what would you recommend ?

  30. Haven't even watched yet (will do shortly). But still given a thumbs up as I'm about to embark on Gutenberg (purchased Kadence blocks). Intending on creating future client sites in Gutenberg / Kadence and possibly move existing Elementor ones too. (Not 'jumping' from Elementor, good to have both skills).

  31. Thanks Paul, a great starter video. You didn't mention the plugin "Ultimate Addons for Gutenburg" from Brainstorm Force (makers of Astra, etc.) Comments on this Plugin?

  32. You're all most there, Paul. You've stopped short of saying "I love Gutenberg," for now. But, the day is coming soon when we all may have to say that "L" word.

  33. As usual, great video – thank you for! I see myself more and more switchting to Gutenberg (with addon blocks) from Elementor…

  34. First 🙂

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