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H*rny on Main – Bad Webcomics Edition

Reviewing Legacy Control and Living With Hipster Girl and Gamer Girl.

I’m so sorry you have to witness this stuff.

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Anyone else think the Legacy Control guy looks like a thristy Wal-Mart version of Adam Ellis?

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  1. Oh god. Hipster girl. The pain and cringe came back

  2. Jago makes over 3k on patreon alone. Considering hes a Colombian, thats a pretty good income for drawing softcore "pornography".

  3. I thought that dude fro. Gg and HG was the HG to be honest for some reason


  5. I watched your video on Shadman and I have no clue why he has the reputation he has. Don't loads of artists do exactly the kinds of art he does? Why does Shadman get all the attention for the edgy art?

  6. i dunno, the old art style for the first one felt a lot more stable, even for its lack of polish. at least the ladies's lordosis hadn't progressed so far yet..?

  7. 1:55 my god, are those supposed to be her shorts or the censor bar

  8. Man, both of those are just atrocious. To me the first one is so unappealing and unfunny that I can't even bring myself to form an opinion, based on the sheer amount of disinterest that I have on it.

  9. Ugh, I was wondering if you will ever talk about that colombian comic….and here it is, I am so glad you did it, and I find the same issues as you with it, I speak spanish and you are right, the jokes and some statements dont work no matter the language…so yeah.

  10. I like Jago's art style but the poltical cartoons he makes are pretty lame. One kind of scummy thing he does is putting some of his English comics behind a pay wall. If you don't speak spanish you have to pay.

  11. Complaint about exagerated female proportions
    Firts Place

  12. Horny people have no rights. Horny people are NOT protected under the constitution. If you are horny I WILL find you and then you will be SORRY buster! Unfollow me right fucking now if you are horny. This is not a joke. Please leave.

  13. Review incase

  14. Go HoMe GaMeR gIrL

  15. Have you thought about reviewing Holly Brown? Shes definitely worth looking into.

  16. Hey man, may i ask why that artistic direction bothers you so much?.

  17. I tried reading some of the nipple comics a while back and had to stop, this guy is incapable of writing an actual relationship. All his wife is there for is to get him horny and make jokes about how horny he is. He makes reference to her having issues, not showing it just saying so but there's like 5 strips where he says "how did I get a girl like you?!" In regards to her looks where the punchline is why would she be with him. There's no actual chemistry between them.
    And rape jokes galore!
    Y'know I actually like jokes in media where spouses still lust over their wives/husbands but it's like, have an actual relationship present in their story and just add that they are very attracted to eachother. That should be writing 101!

  18. Review Angel Corps

  19. so which one was worse? I think the first one was worse….Adam Ellis+ Penny Arcade(rip-off) sounds like a nightmare.

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