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I Struck GOLD at a Flea Market – MAJOR Silver Age Key Comic – ft. @Mint-Hunter Comics

Flea markets can really be hit or miss for comics. Sometimes is low grade 90s books, and other times you strike gold! Check what @Mint-Hunter Comics and I picked up over the weekend.

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  1. Nice score. Just posted my latest on my YT channel. I think you’ll like it.. lots of comics 🥰

  2. Stuck or struck?

  3. I grew up reading comics. I read them until the covers fell off. I'd love to have some of those 1980's titles back! As I've gotten older I have switched gears to collecting. I love your channel, not only entertaining but informative as well. Thanks for that. You keep making these videos, I'll keep watching them, cheers!

    What platform do you sell your comics on?

  4. I used to love going out to flea markets for comics but problem with my knees have prevented me from doing it anymore. Love the books you got Joe.

  5. I own 2 or 3 0f those books.

  6. That's not gold, that's a gold mine!

  7. Looks like you got a Great value for the money! (Loved seeing the Doom Patrol 91 on the table in the first vid.)

  8. That was lots of fun! Great format. More please!

  9. Great pick up on the first Havok. That's a book I would love to regain.

  10. I’m majorly jealous!!

  11. Just 200 dollars with that x-men/x-factor bundle including the Havoc?? Are you kidding??? I imagine you were persistent which is necessary. That’s a great looking 58 btw. I always find that it’s a heavily read book and hard to find in a good condition (unless willing to overpay).

  12. Another amazing haul! Congrats!

  13. You hang with Mint Hunter? I'll give you a sub for good decision making. I didn't hear you mention it but those New Mutant #87's are second prints. Still cool to have though. That was a great xmen pick up for sure.

  14. Awesome finds! But let’s get to the real important question….WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SWEATSHIRT!!!! Been looking for one like that for a while now! Awesome man 👊🏻 AN>GUTG

  15. I wish I lived in an area that held flea markets. They are very rare here in the cornfields.

  16. STOP. THIEF!!!! lololololololol

  17. Very nice pick-ups

  18. that's a great Web of Spiderman #9.

  19. Nice haul. I’m looking forward to get back to the flea markets.

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