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Ingredients for a great web comic from 2danimation101


There are more than half a million web comic creators on Webtoons, so how can you stand out?
2danimation101.com recently posted a blog that really resonated with me on 4 important elements of animation.
The most important ingredient is the story. You won’t succeed without a great story line that engages your readers.
Next, camera shots matter. You need to change it up, make it visually interesting, unless the content is really short.
Third, sound quality matters, including background music and sound effects.
Finally, voice acting quality matters.
Did you notice the quality of the drawing and animation did not make his top 4?
From this, here are my top 3 ingredients for a great web comic: Story, story, story!
If the story is boring, you are dead in the water.
The artwork? Even stickmen can be entertaining!
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