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Introducing WordPress 5.9

With more design options, more blocks, more patterns, and more tools to edit even more parts of your site, we can’t wait to see what you create with WordPress 5.9. Whether you’re starting your very first site from scratch using a block theme or writing your 300th post or creating a landing page for your business, we hope that this release has something that delights you.

0:00-1:08 Introducing block themes, their flows, and 30 theme blocks
1:08-1:35 UX improvements with list view
1:35-2:01 Styles interface and controls
2:01-2:18 Pattern improvements
2:18-3:30 Design tools
3:30-3:47 Closing

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19 Bình luận

  1. Thanks for this update

  2. I’d love to try new options on my site, and don’t want to sound a critic alarm, but after reviewing videos of user experience, I see it is developer friendly, not user friendly. Way to much learning curve.

  3. Looks nice, but y'all said the same thing about the last update and it took me over a month to figure how to use it! I hoping it won't be the same experience! I was not happy about the last Update!!!!!!

  4. Elementor is much better +++ plugins for it, as it solves all problems and any design needs

  5. We need more guides

  6. Your guys and your work is just amazing! Thank you so much for that! For making it so nice possible for me to create websites for my clients! Much love for you guys!
    A webdesigner.

  7. It's just easy for everyone. Great.

  8. In WordPress 5.8 and older you were able to add a new button by clicking on the [+] button, now it's gone. How can I add more buttons in this 5.9 version?

  9. OK, Am I the only one that can't figure out how to search for a new theme or upload a new theme in WP 5.9?

  10. Amazing, no need for expensive page builders.

  11. I can't hear the narrator's voice on a mobile device.
    Compare with the ads the commercial competitors make. You can definitely hear them :-/

  12. Very messy and user-unfriendly.

  13. Ugh. Nice try waving the carrot, but increased customisation options isn't worth the pain of having to deal with the atrocious block editor.

  14. I need to learn Gutemberg, NOW!

  15. Can't wait to upgrade to 5.9 #WordPress #iLoveWordPress

  16. It seems like the default view when clicking patterns is less helpful than is the modal. Maybe the patterns tab could contain better features than a tiny list of recently used patterns. I'd like to see this tab filled with options such as: pattern search, pattern categories, filters, options such as community patterns/theme patterns/personal 'custom' patterns. then these setting would launch the modal.

  17. Wow..That's Great….

  18. Great. I like those features so much. I don't have to buy expensive themes anymore to build a new blog.

  19. Very interesting!

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