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  1. 👍🇧🇷

  2. It would probably be a lot easier to draw a page in a day if you didnt have to come up with what to draw from scratch though…

  3. One of my favourite artists

  4. I disagree, if the book can be published by a astablished studio they should be able to pay you. If they think you are good enough to be in something they put out… You are good enough to get paid. The only time to work for free is if you get a learning experience that is worth your time.

  5. I love Ryan ottley

  6. I wonder if he remembers me off digital webbing lol. He’s so relaxed! Gets up, goes to work back at 5:30! I’d love to see his working practice cos he must be fast. Great artist

  7. i wonder what he'll do after Invincible is over

  8. I tried to get into the comic book scene but I thought it would be hard and that I have to work for free a bit… so I decided to go and become a construction painter and draw when ever I can, small little commissions and suff but then I mostly drew tattoo commissions, soon I became a tattoo artist. Well, I love it! I draw and get paid for it, I never actually work .

  9. Just so that the message isn't mixed — he did sequential pages for free for web comics. He didn't make his own webcomic. That's probably a worthwhile difference to notate. And I would mirror his suggestion — finding 8-10 page stories with a capable writer gives the artist an opportunity to hone heir craft in a way that really no other avenue does.

  10. good video , ty for sharing, and for the effort for make the interview.

  11. I have a question can an artist or writer still break into the comic book industry even if they're in their 40s?

  12. Great you finally got an interview with one of my favorite comic book illustrators of all time, the man, the legend himself Ryan Ottley. Now how about getting an interview with one of my favorite writers of all time Mr. Kirkman Himself if you haven't already done so. Now I'm one of your Subscribers and yes it's because of your interview with Mr. Ryan Ottley congratulations you've hit a home run, keep it up sir 🙂 loved it very much, it was exciting to watch, great job .

  13. Ryan you gotta stay on flash

  14. Love this series man so much great advice

  15. James your awesome! I have binge watched all your videos, and they have been super helpful,thank you!

  16. Special thanks to my man Ryan Ottley for doing this for us! Make sure to follow him here:

  17. buenisimo el video

  18. His action scenes are great, but his characters feel like you could reach out and touch them in the sense that you feel like that they are amazingly solid.

  19. awesome, but what exactly is the bottom dollar like? do you get paid per page / book ? is there some contract negotiation? and what do those figures look like?

  20. What if they say self published

  21. hey James,
    I am wondering when will you make a How to draw comic book figures step by step. I think it would be great if you made a book like that.

    thanks again James for all the videos and drawings you do.

    keep up with the awesome job.

  22. Hmmm…interesting thanks.

  23. Hi Sir James can I ask again? Can you draw Thanos because I really want Thanos to see in your own rendition… Thank you in advance! 🙂

  24. Love Ryan Oatley and his work on Invincible

  25. Always useful information, thank you again for everything!

  26. I am actually colouring a piece right now while watching and I wanted to thank you for the motivation you're giving me. I find it hard ro concentrate on what I want to achieve lately because I can't seem to get any closer to any of my goals. But hearing a story like this gives me a teeny tiny bit of hope that all this work won't be in vain. Thank you so much for the motivation and positive energy you're handing out on a daily basis 🙂

  27. hey james!
    In your last live, you told me that loomis is great, and I just bought "drawing heads and faces" and it is soo worth the 40€ I spent on it!
    So yeah thank you for your advice

  28. love your channel man. Content is very inspiring. keep them coming

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