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Is WordPress a Smart Choice in 2021?

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  1. The biggest pain with WordPress isthat most of the templates and plugins have a limited use unless you pay for the complete version. I'm just playing about with WordPress at the moment using a Raspberry Pi as a web server.

  2. I don't understand, if it's so helpful why would job opportunities with JS would be ~1700 vs only 60 for WordPress (at least in my country)

  3. So the video starts off with a plug for wordpress forms? That's cool…

  4. I started my role as a software engineer for Automattic in 2021. I used to be the young developer who thought WordPress and PHP were old-hat, getting pushed out by younger, better technologies. But after 18 years in the industry I recognize that even though WordPress isn't hip any more, it brings so much value to business that it's completely indispensable as a tool for doing business. PHP has become a very elegant and useful programming language. Just an FYI, even though WordPress is build on PHP, we use a whole lot of different technologies at Automattic. There's something for everyone.

  5. Critical error and website down

  6. Hello friend, I love watching your YouTube channel.

    Incidentally, I have a new wordpress plugin, how about we collaborate?

  7. Dude, wordpress is Insane right now and on its peak! I dont know when WordPress will have a solid implementation with React as Headless what will happen! My guess wordpress in the next years will take over the mid small projects that are the most common

  8. Headless WP looks promising, blazing fast loading times, native front-end UX clients will love.

  9. Very helpful. Thanks

  10. it probably will die due to inability to adapt to web3

  11. WordPress is not dying but you do, prick

  12. Thank you, nice video!

  13. Was the WPForms bit an undisclosed ad?

  14. Is making a living off WordPress plugins realistic ?

  15. I spend a lot of time to learn html/css and still I am less good then wordpress developers…. so what the point to learn html and css.. I don't understand.

  16. WordPress reputation has outgrown it's usability. The reason a lot of businesses choose it, is that they believe they can get a working webpage for 400-500 USD. The sad thing with WP is that they can, but after a year or two they need to add some fixes, and the page needs updates. This goes one of two ways – they hire a high level professional that spends the required 50-100 hours updating plugins, theme and core, then reapplying code that allows the theme to style updated plugins properly. Possibly removing bugs that infected the site. With 25 USD/h this rounds up to 2500 usd easilly and does not even include the new features that the business want's. An alternative is paying some of the self proclaimed "WP specialist" couple hundreds to somehow add the new features without fixing anything. After a few such hotfixes the site is not ranking on google, falls apart on couple of subpages and it's generally a mess. This is a scenario I face almost everyday. A lot of clients come to us with issues on their WP pages after few years of neglect and they are very surprised by the costs of repairs.

    I don't believe that WP is bad, although a major rewrite of plugin and theme code separation is well overdue, but the reason businesses choose it, it's because they think it's cheap. It's not. The jumble of code changes done to plugins and themes make it a very difficult framework to work with. Keeping it performant and safe requires quite a bit of maintanance efforts throughout the year. If you're not spending more on your WP website than you would on WIX – you'll feel the burn once you need an update or a fix.

    Also once a developer learns enough PHP to see the difference in the way the code is managed in i.e. Laravel vs WordPress – they will quickly drop the latter. Finding senior level PHP programmers (5+ working with code, not clicking through plugins) willing to work with WordPress is very close to impossible. There are few, and they are not cheap (which I applaud, good work should equal good salary).

    Also, since we're global-remote now – there are a lot of WordPress "programmers" willing to work for 10-15 USD / h. Yes their work is not always the best, but they will be your competition and it's on you to explain to a client why you should be paid more.

    So there you have it – there's a major dissonance between clients' expectations and technical/financial reality of WordPress and I believe it's a major issue.

  17. I m not using WordPress to create websites. I'm using the Laravel framework, But WordPress is a very easy (maby the easiest) CMS for people who don't know how to code to create their Portfolio website, blog, and Branding website. also if you are a PHP developer WordPress has good documentation to create your own plugins and themes or you can modify themes very easily. Since it's an easy option for all of these things of course it's not dying yet! Maby Joomla, but WordPress is still famous there

  18. Great content as always. What brand Grape juice do you drink sir?

  19. WordPress is a beast, so easy and user friendly web developer tool, some say 'you don't know how to code if you use wordpress' not true, I could still do backend programming on it, insert some custom html or php codes and let's not forget the plug-ins and themes. You could really create and develop some series applications.

  20. There are so many bad wordpress developers out there. Why would you put yourself in the same boat. CMS's are designed for those who can't code. Usually anyone who uses wordpress, I largely identify as someone who can't design or code a thing.

  21. I have a conflict. I’m new to coding and getting addicted to it. I started learning because I am building a website for my classes in a completely different field of study. The website I need will have a secure login for students, course enrollment and possibly a subscription section for the media content. I’ve felt that when I tried WordPress years ago that it wasn’t customizable to my web design vision. However, now that I am working on coding, my web dev friend is telling me to abandon coding and do WordPress instead. But I don’t really want to stop coding. Any advice?

  22. What about webflow replacing wordpress?

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