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  1. I’ll just give my opinion on some stuff here as someone who makes comics – comics are like a drug, you get a high from it and you also build a tolerance. When you start 24 pages sounds like a lot then it’s the norm. So I really don’t think the “don’t do long stories” is great advice. Do whatever story you’re the most passionate about and never be scared to change it. – comics aren’t like other art forms, don’t think that just because you’ve storyboarded or done graphic design that it’ll translate- the learning curve of knowing how to panel a comic takes a while to feel comfortable. Paneling is the most important part of comics to tell the story. And everyone has a different process so it’s constant trail and error.

  2. 14:25
    Yeah Hotd is the show I add to this comment.

  3. I have drawn webcomics for four years. A few days ago, I launched a digital comic book for $3 and a ko-fi and no love. You are right. They only love it when it’s free. But they don’t get how long it took me to build the websites and do the comics and make the book!

  4. Doing comics takes a while, I wouldn’t call myself a good comic maker…?? Is that they are called? But I do it for fun and one page can take hours with a fairly simple style and character designs. Especially since I suck lol.

  5. An art topic could possibly be about the arrogance a lot of established artists have and/or how a lot of artists treat newer artists from a ground of superiority

  6. Webcomics are hard work!!!, nice video great talk to listen to while drawing. I think the hardest part of making webcomics is the promoting! :/ wondering if anyone wants to check out my comic Click Track Lolita on webtoons! https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/click-track-lolita/list?title_no=367161 thanks and have a wonderful day!

  7. you should do a video on outlining stories! i don't write comics, but rather novels, and i'd be really interested to see how you map out your stories' plots!

  8. I have been working on my web comic for a year now. It has been really difficult fitting in time to work on it.

  9. Hey, I’m actually making a comic! It is a pretty long one tho, 4 books, but I really like it. Sometimes I worry I’ll abandon it because it’s not perfect, especially because I’m gonna have to wait a while to write the final draft because it takes place in college and I’m in high school and I’m going to have some experience in the setting before I do anything permanent.

  10. I have always chosen that if I subscribe to something I stick to it, like the two kinds webcomic

  11. I remember I made a comic for a final project in class to see if it would be something I'd like to do. As I used to make a lot of comic sketched when younger.
    But damnnn it was only like 7 pages not even really a comic format. Could read it under a minute and it took 3 months :'(

    What I found is, don't go for perfect ! I also need to work on how to do story telling haha.
    I guess its lead me to extra pree plan before I start drawing the panells, script and thumbnails done before anything.

  12. Hello !! Really loved your video and your opinion on art in general . Would you mind talking about your experience on character designing and your process !!

  13. I used to hate the phrase "have your cake and eat it too".
    Then…I learned what it's actually trying to say.

    Schrodinger's cat.
    The only way it can be both dead, AND alive, is if you never open the box. But once opened…its either dead OR alive. Not both.

    Same thing with the phrase "have your cake and eat it too".

    Once you eat the cake, you no longer have it.
    Likewise, while you HAVE the cake, you cannot/have not eaten it.
    So you cannot simultaneously possess a cake, and have already eaten that same cake.

    One or the other..but never both.

    Same thing with high-quality youtube and free content. Most viewers cannot have at the same time no-ad, no-fee content that is simultaneously high-quality and very expensive to produce.

    They cannot eat their cake and have it too.

  14. An art ramble you could do is the rampant self neglect that people do when they become artists. I am talking about the forced lack of sleep, exercise, outside time and forcing themselves to work all the time, also the "coffee addiction" like its normal to consume one's own body weight in caffeine, along side that a lot of artists refuse to unplug once in a while and take a couple of mental health days until they are so burnt out and so overwhelmed that they themselves cannot stand being themselves.

    Just a thought, the lack of self care in the art world is astounding, I have read on many discord servers, about people bragging that they don't sleep, eat, rest, go to the dr when sick (even though they have health care), and they brag about drinking their 20th cup of coffee that day.

  15. Comics are just… so great. I’ve been drawing them (admittedly, rather poorly) since I was in like middle school, but only recently started to actually put real effort (and backgrounds) into them. As much as I wanted to be a mangaka when I was younger though, I’ve seen what kind of schedules they have and uh… yeah. 100+ hour work weeks aren’t really anything I could handle. Industry artists aside, anyone who draws a web comic and can stick to a schedule has so much respect from me because I can only dream of being that consistent.

  16. I know this is unrelated to the video but I love you're art a lot, specially the art you're drawing in this video. Someday if I have money i'd love to commission you!

  17. I really love your videos and art but your audio makes my head hurt ;-;

  18. Topic suggestion? I've seen it a lot on Instagram people complain about artists not having enough diversity in their characters or their art as a whole.

  19. I am a comic artist that did start on a big project.

    I'm 3.5 years in and still going. Sure, I don't have a big fanbase or get much money from it, but I'm doing it because I'm entertained by my own story/art. I do think it would be nice if it got big, however I like what I do and I have a handful of people who like it too. That's what keeps me going.

  20. You may have touched on this topic in one of your other videos already, but I'd really like to hear what you think about self improvement and self reflection relating to artists. (Btw, I love your videos! I really enjoy listening to them while I work on homework or draw.)

  21. Good vid. Trying to support!

  22. I’ve had a webcomic going for 3 years, and have an idea on how it’s going to end. I don’t plan out everything before a chapter begins, but I do some planning here and there so it isn’t all loose. It’s definitely gotten better as I’ve gone along, and I’d love to remaster and publish it in the future. I want it to be a starting point for some readers but also for returning fans :3
    I try following other webcomics to see what others do, and that’s really helped my art and formatting.

  23. Establishing yourself on Artyoutube would be an interesting topic!

  24. I love crystal magic! :0

  25. An art topic I think you could talk about is people who take things way to seriously. Like not in a business stand point because obviously that needs to be taken seriously. But like people who get really upset over the skin tone or gender of a fictional character. Most of the time it’s not the artist’s intent to offend people but some people seem to think that it is. I’ve also seen people say stupid things like “You can’t draw this because you are this!” I don’t think art should be looked at like that especially when it’s of fictional characters.

  26. I want to make a webcomic but I tend to lose motivation and confidence very quickly so ik I won’t finish it ;-; as for video ideas, idk if u have done it before but maybe beginner art tips or how to deal with imposter syndrome

  27. A lot of this advice overlaps with game design too, especially the redoing first few pages to tedium! It's difficult to put something down and focus on one aspect of it (writing/functionality/ect) when your brain wants to tweak a thing to make it perfect but you'll wind up chasing your tail if you give in to that stuff. Writing a list of things that need done and sorting the list according to priority isn't something most people learn but it's a useful skill. Some people find it more attainable to pair that with self-imposed deadlines to make sure things are done in an orderly fashion but it's worth mentioning that you shouldn't beat yourself up too much if you don't finish those things in time, it just means you have a better understanding of your own work-pace and know to accomodate for it next time! ;p

  28. Your cat is such a mood lol

  29. I have a comic on a certain art site. hasn't gotten much traction and i think it's what's making me hesitant to start page 4

  30. I always think about this especially since my family or ppl I know ,like a teacher of mine, want me to make a comic. And I'm sitting there listening to them like yeah I hear you but there is ALOT of stuff that goes into making a comic. Not only the fun stuff like making the story but also the actually drawing of it the story,and the technical stuff like actual posting and garnering attention.etc etc. I've been actually wanting to plan out a comic to come out from me maybe this fall or like the beginning of my freshman year of college. And I did think of the things you said do I need to know the end of my story but I always feel like I'm not where I want to be drawing wise.But to ppl who support me kinda look at me like I'm making excuses and such and it's kinda disheartening. I mean eventually you'll get what you want but jeez guys let me breathe first before I get there. This video kinda makes me feel better and sets my plans in stone, it's nice to hear someone who doesn't know me actually give me good advice on how I should proceed.

  31. veyggyuutyjhcjh

  32. As a webcomic artist I feel this. It takes a lot of hours just to make one page, and how many pages you update a week will effect how many eyes are on your comic. You have to consistently advertise to, so I'd say youtubing and webcomicing are two peas in a pod. More then compering them to industry comics at least.

  33. Could you do an art video on animation and the animation industry?

  34. As someone who reads webcomic frequently and plans on making my own, I completely understand the troubles that come with being a single person company. I won’t announce a name, but this one lady who makes one of my favorite webcomics hasn’t been able to update it for months at a time. But that’s the thing, she has a job at Cartoon Network and has to support herself which is very time consuming. Sometimes webcomics cannot be a main priority if the artist doesn’t get paid for it. When she’s opened her shop asking for help, I’ve bought things from it because I know she needs that support and I love the webcomic anyways. The point of my story is, respect the artists and understand the fact that they have to live life too. If you are not paying them to throw up pages every week or so, don’t treat them like they’re your drawing slave that owes you. If you want to help them make content consistently for your enjoyment, pay them to do so. Patreon is a great way to show your support and get early access and just in general to show appreciation for what they do.

  35. When I finally get a job after all this, I'll be there to donate! I love your work and all your rambles!

  36. The Glass Scientists is a great web comic. If you guys liked Star vs. The Forces of Evil, it's written and drawn by one of the artists that worked on that.

  37. As a webcomic artist, this hits home hard. Glad you made a video about it, keep up the good work… and make a comic! lol >w<

  38. Damn I got two comics I wanna do, but both are pretty big ones, well one a LITTLE more then the other…. both action like hehe

    But yeah, I've come across sadly a lot of artists who do comics, get tons invested, then just….throw it to the dust. It's saddening, and too some it's understandable! However, it does get a tad irritating (at least to me), when I see artists do this constantly then wonder why people don't get so invested in their new stuff and/or lose followers. You can't just expect people to follow you blindly lolol

    It's like dangling a treat in front of a dog to do tricks, but then getting mad at the dog for it realizing that it ain't gonna get the treat after all.

    Though I don't agree with shitting on artists for taking their time/taking breaks either. Not cool under any circumstances

  39. I have a topic to suggest: YouTubers taking advantage of their artist fans! I used to dedicate my free time to making fan art to YouTubers, and I got noticed by a few that would ask me to make thumbnail art or take my existing art for assets. Now, obviously because it was fan art from me, I wasn't paid. But when the YouTubers started saying they'd pay people for art, they stopped talking to me and stopped being my friend… Obviously I'm not entitled to be chosen by them but it just mega sucked. I've moved on to my own projects that have been working out really well!

  40. Topic: working with art galleries, pros and cons

  41. Bruh, can I say how much I love your facking art? like, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE For real though, your art be poppin

  42. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm could you maybe do one about gacha edits. im 50/50 on them, they help you improve but your tracing over senpaibuns art (he is the artist for gacha not luni) and i don't know what to say about that.

  43. My favourite webcomic is Stand Still Stay Silent, and the author now has a youtube channel where she sometimes talks about how she organizes her work and her business as a full-time webcomic artist! The channel's called hummingfluff, and I've found it really insightful. For instance, even though I've bought one of her books through kickstarter, I had no idea that that's actually the income she lives off of for several years at a time!! Sorry to gush, but I actually find the project and business management aspects of webcomics to be really interesting…

  44. Something I noticed about your art style and it's the way you draw your heads. The forehead seems to be… pushed back a little too much, if you know what I mean. Maybe you can push it a little forwards? Now, I'm not saying that your art is terrible because of it, no, it's wonderful artwork that is eye pleasing. I love your art that you have here on YT, I'm just saying "Hey, this is a little thing I noticed, can you fix it a little?" Like, I don't mean to offend you in any way, shape, or form, but it's just something I noticed about your art…

    Please don't kill me-
    I absolutely love your art-

  45. I'm curious on how difficult and complicated it'll be to start one's own television series(cartoon) and if you have any advice or info, it'd be greatly appreciated!

  46. Your videos rn are the only thing helping me keep track if my days.

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